A Shocktober Splattering


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. Obviously, we’re going off the deep end with the dark music. We’ve been doing ‘Shocktober’ celebrations on the show for the past 12 years. The Rock Solid Pressure Show has always had a dark edge, but in Shocktober, everything is a bit more sinister. And I find we share a common bond with a ton of Rockers and Metalheads. We constantly get messages from around the country, and the world, praising the broadcast. And yes, I’d say 80% of the listeners are Horror Movie fans (lol). But what was extremely funny to us, someone messaged in to the show last night stating ‘Why Is Your Show So Grim?’ Obviously this person should ‘not’ have been listening to The Rock Solid Pressure Show. And they ‘really’ took a bad time to listen in ‘SHOCKTOBER’. I’m thinking, we may have scarred them for life (haha). Anyway, I replied to the message saying ‘Because We Broadcast From HELL’.. Was I wrong? Were not Satanists ferchrissakes, we’re ROCKERS!! We love the dark demented stuff ALL YEAR ROUND!! We love anything that’s ‘out of the box’ and relevant as well. We will not stand for any type of ‘Happy’ songs or ‘Relationship’ songs. We turn you on to music that has substance. And I’m proud to say we have been enlightening the world for 12 years with the coolest, and most relevant’ music on the planet. I feel we stand alone in our many accomplishments. If you want ‘Happiness’ and ‘Relationship’ songs. Turn on your FM dial. You certainly don’t belong in our world..Especially in SHOCKTOBER!!

INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: Besides all our ‘on air’ accomplishments. I also work in the Music Industry (For the past 30 years). I work for many Record Labels, and we tie in my Industry work with the broadcast every year for THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. This gives me a chance to get bands I work with at concert events to pick up Record Contracts, Producer deals, Mgmt deals, and lot’s of other cool things to further their career. We started the Showcase in 2002 in the Northeast when I worked exclusively for Sony Records. Every year bands get signed, and lot’s of other cool stuff happens for them. Basically, their name get’s put on the map by performing for a panel of Labels and Industry Insiders. It’s always a huge event, but this past Showcase in September has proved to be our most productive EVER! So much has happened for bands, and it’s STILL happening. We blasted our facebook walls with some huge announcements of recent signings yesterday. We were extremely honored to be asked by the bands, and the respective labels to be the first to announce this great news..In case you didn’t see our post..Check it out

The bands THE DEFIANT, PSYKOTRIBE, JUDICATOR were all signed by WILLPOWER ENTERTAINMENT from Canada. The band DRASTIC FALL was signed to MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS. The bands THE HANGING CHADS, LEFT OF REASON, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM are all now working with Mega-Producer MATT LAPLANT. The band PSYKOTRIBE was endorsed by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS. The bands THE DOOD and JACKMANTRA were awarded recording time at FULL WAVE SOUND. The band FROSTFANG was awarded a huge merch package from nationally known ACE HIGH PRINTING..And believe it or not, MORE results are coming in. We can hardly keep up. This is what the Showcase is about for 20 hand picked bands every year. My goal is to get ‘every’ band in that lineup every year some sort of deal. Unfortunately that will never happen, but it’s been close this year. I just want it to be on record that the Industry Showcase of 2014 was our most productive in our 12 year history. I believe we had 3 signings before. I think it was in 2007 or 2008. But we have never seen anything like this. It’s almost a perfect world for us right now. Oh shit, I’m feeling HAPPY..I’m quitting while I’m ahead


NECROWRETCH: Called From The Grave (Century Media)

HELLOWEEN: The Dark Ride (Nuclear Blast) debut

KING DIAMOND: Digging Graves (Metal Blade)

BLACK SABBATH: Megalomania (Universal)

MURDERDOLLS: Chapel Of Blood (Roadrunner)

LORDI: Devil Hides Behind Her Smile (Sony / BMG)

ROB ZOMBIE: The Devils Rejects (Geffen)

OPETH: Goblin (Roadrunner) debut

SANCTUARY: Exitium (Century Media)


*SHOCKTOBER STUFF: Like a lot of people, it’s our favorite time of year. As Horror fans, we revel in the madness that’s on TV right now. THE WALKING DEAD is really kicking ass this year. AMERICAN HORROR STORY: FREAKSHOW also has our full attention. But we’ve been bitching and moaning about the lack of theatrical Horror Movies in 2014. Oh, they’re out there, but they have become so politically correct and TWEENIE oriented, that it’s pissing off Horror fans across the globe. The REAL Industry has been driven underground. This is where you have to go to catch a good Horror flick these days. The trouble is 90% of the Pay-Per-View, Netflix, etc films SUCK!! You have to be really careful what you buy these days. We kinda fell into a trap the other day..Read on

MOVIE REVIEW: HOUSE OF THE WITCHDOCTOR: So here’s a brand new release which stars BILL MOSELEY (Chop-Top) and LESLIE EASTERBROOK. Two giant names in the Horror Industry. We’ve had Bill on our show tons of times, and we even had Leslie on the show once. So Immediately we thought we could do no wrong with this movie. This movie is gonna kick almighty ass, right? WRONG!! It’s a sad day when we have a negative review for a film that stars BILL and LESLIE, but we call ‘em as we see ‘em..Here goes

MY REVIEW: It pains me to not give this a glowing review. The script was great, but the ‘no’ budget bad effects, and poor acting from the cast really blew it for me. Bill and Leslie did a good job, but they’re only in the movie for about 20min. The entire thing is real cheesy, but not in a good way. I feel with a better cast, and better equipment to film with. This could have been a good movie. The story revolves around two maniacs who are on a raping and killing spree (and it’s kinda laughable). They break into a house where Bill and Leslie, and their Daughter, are having the Daughter’s friends stay the weekend SPOILER ALERT: It turns out that Bill, Leslie, and their Daughter were also planning to kill the Daughter’s 4 friends in a Voodoo Ritual. Great plot, but it was executed in such a low budget way, it totally ruined it for me. I’m really into low budget films, but this didn’t work at all. I’m almost kind of amazed that Bill and Leslie were even in this movie. It seems the entire budget was spent on hiring them. If you’re a Bill Moseley fan like us. You’ll be disappointed.

PATTY’S REVIEW: The House Of The Witchdoctor was difficult to watch. As a fan of Bill Moseley and Leslie Easterbrook. I felt they just walked through this performance. It seemed they were not into this movie either. Guess I should be blaming the writer and Director, but the script actually had some promise. It was poorly acted and that certainly did not help. This film just lacked budget, and the effects were beyond terrible. I wouldn’t watch it again



Friday 10/24 : The Coliseum: REMAINS OF JADE, NINE MILE DRIVE, THE DOOD, BLACKLITE, FROSTFANG: Well you know this is gonna be a PARTY!! We expect to see the scene out in force for this show. Doors at 7pm

Saturday 10/25: The Coliseum: ROCKSTAR KARAOKE with THE ROCKSTAR GIRLS. This is going to be ‘huge’ and quite different than anything we’ve experienced this year. The promoter is promising to pack the place, and we’re excited. Local FM Jocks will be in the house, and lot’s of prizes to be had. Winners will also get a chance to compete nationally. Shit, I might even get up there and sing lol..Doors at 8pm

Get all the info on both of these events at The Coliseum Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll wrap up our Shocktober Celebration with a massive splattering of the masters of shock and grue. All the monstrous music you can handle in one giant bucket of blood. Yes it’s true, we will not be airing THE DANCE OF THE DEAD special this year, but we’ll still defile your senses with a horrendous monster mix..You’ll see

That’s all I got..Cya At The Shows




Dungeon Fun with JOHN 5


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. It was another sinister shocktober evening. We welcomed back the dark lord of guitar ‘JOHN 5′ to the Dungeon. It’s always a blast having John on the show. He has been coming on The Rock Solid Pressure Show since 2003, and we’re extremely honored to say he is our most frequent guest. So much going on in John’s world these days. He just came off the road with ROB ZOMBIE, and they are putting the finishing touches on the new album. John will also be scoring Rob’s new movie. And YES, it’s a Horror Movie. Rumors were swirling about that Rob was going to do a film about Hockey (What?) Thank the Gods that is not going to happen! John is also celebrating the release of his newest solo album ‘CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE’ which is getting rave reviews. It’s certainly another monstrous masterpiece which showcases John’s Guitar virtuosity. ALSO, I’ve been screaming at John for years to get a solo band together AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! Yes Fiends, be on the lookout for JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES. They made a wildly successful debut at The Whisky last month, and you can ALL see the band live on a Pay-Per-View Special on Sat night (Oct 18th). It’s a totally interactive multi-media event. You’ll be able to talk with John and the band, and rock out to tracks from his new album..Pretty cool huh? Ah, we love Shocktober!!


JOHN 5: First Victim (Chrysalis)

MARILYN MANSON (w/ John 5): The Fight Song (Interscope)

STATIC-X (w/ John 5): Cannibal (Reprise)

ROB ZOMBIE (w/ John 5): Jesus Frankenstein (Roadrunner)

ALICE COOPER (w/ John 5): Disco Bloodbath (Universal)

JOHN 5: Six Hundred & Sixty Six Pickers In Hell (60 Cycle Hum) debut

JOHN 5: The Portrait Of Sidney Sloan (60 Cycle Hum) debut

STARKILL: Before Hope Fades (Century Media) debut

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Silent Militia (Inside Out Music) debut

TRIPTYKON: Demon Pact (Century Media) debut


*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: So we’re still coming down from a hugely successful Industry Showcase. So much has happened for a handful of bands, and the results are STILL coming in. This could possibly be our most productive Showcase EVER! We have been announcing results from the event every week on our broadcast, and of course, putting it all in print over here. So here’s where we’re at right now. The band PSYKOTRIBE was endorsed by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS, and we have another HUGE announcement about Psykotribe, but we can’t say anything yet (damn). The band’s THE DOOD and JACKMANTRA were awarded free studio time at FULL WAVE SOUND. The band FROSTFANG was awarded a HUGE merch package from ACE HIGH PRINTING. The band THE HANGING CHADS are now working with Mega-Producer MATT LAPLANT. And we hear the band SAHE is also in talks with Matt. We also have a couple more HUGE announcements from the DRASTIC FALL and THE DEFIANT camp. We can’t say anything about that at the moment (damn again)..But STAY TUNED!!

*HORROR MOVIE REVIEW: THE CALLING: It’s been a tradition on The Rock Solid Pressure Show to review a ‘new’ Horror Movie every week throughout our Shocktober Celebration. Only problem with that is..There are no good Horror flicks at the theaters AT ALL this year. There ‘are’ Horror Movies that are getting theatrical releases, but THEY ALL SUCK!! It’s all politically correct bullshit targeted for Tweenies. The REAL industry (and fans) have been driven underground on Pay-Per-View and Netflix. The Horror industry is booming over there. Only problem with that is, 95% of those flicks are TERRIBLE! You have to really be careful what you spend your money on. Well, we’re careful (lol) and we dug up a new gem this week..

The movie is called THE CALLING. It’s one of those ‘Religion Gone Wrong’ slash ‘Evil Priest’ movies (which is one of our favorites in the Horror field). This film really delivered. It’s about a religious serial killer (who is working with a Priest). He has to kill 12 people (Which he call’s Disciples) to resurrect his dead brother. All these ‘Disciples’ have incureable diseases, so they let him ‘deliver them to God’..Pretty creepy huh? And oh yeah, he slices up his victims and poses their dead bodies (for more horror impact I’m sure). Yes, it’s gory, but not over saturated, which I admire. It’s all about the story here. This is also a slow mover in the vein of ‘Seven’ or ‘Manhunter’. We also loved the backwoods bumbling cops that try to solve the murders. It also lent some comic relief in a weird way. This movie also has an A-List cast that you rarely see in Horror films. we have SUSAN SARANDON, DONALD SUTHERLAND, ELLEN BURNSTYN, TOPHER GRACE (That kid from That 70’s Sow), and more. It’s a new movie, and I’m not sure it had a theatrical release. It SHOULD have. This movie could have easily saved the industry from going in the wrong way..which it has. I really suggest you check it out, but again, it’s a slow mover. Not much action but lot’s of Horror and a gripping script. It’s a really freaky tale, and the very ending ‘might’ lead to a sequel. If you’re a religious person, I wouldn’t suggest this film. But then again, if you’re a highly religious person WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING THESE TYPES OF MOVIES ANYWAY. We’re just glad we’re discovering some kickass Horror Movies this year..All is not lost!!


Friday 10/17: State Theatre: JACKYL, w/ Wayland, Luvdogz, Den Of Thieves, Bullets First: All we can say is ‘PA-POW’. Gonna be a helluva time. Always a blast when Jesse James comes ridin through!! Watch out for flying wood chips!! Get all the info at The State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Sunday 10/19: State Theatre: THE TOASTERS, THE ATTACK with UNRB, Soma Riot. It’s a bit weird that we’re involved in this one. We’re the farthest thing from ‘Ska’ fans (lol), but it should be interesting. I predict we will be leaving early lol. Get all the info on this event at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Cya In The Field


Ah, Shocktober


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all tuned in Monday night for the kickoff of our ‘Shocktober Celebration’. It’s our favorite time of year, and we’ll be crankin out the terror tuneage all month long. It’s always a dark journey on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, but in Shocktober we go one step beyond. We can almost ‘guarantee’ a paranormal experience on every broadcast. Lot’s to talk about in this edition, so let’s get to it


WINDS OF PLAGUE: Open The Gates (Century Media)

CRADLE OF FILTH: Godspeed On The Devil’s Thunder (Roadrunner)

ROB ZOMBIE: Everybody Scream (Geffen)

SPIDER MOUNTAIN: Stupid Life Of A Mom Eater



THEY MIGHT BE ZOMBIES: Roadkill (debut)


JOHN 5 : The Dream Slayer (60 Cycle Hum) debut


*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: We’re slowly getting back to normal after the Industry Showcase. Once again, it was an amazing event. Our 12th annual gala was another smashing success for the Florida music scene. The band bonding and networking, which the Showcase is all about, was in full force this year. It was almost like a ‘family’ event. And all the bands in the lineup were part of  the huge RSP Family. We really enjoyed this one. It was also another productive year for the panelists. The results are coming in FAST!! We announced a few results on the broadcast on Monday night, but in case you shamelessly missed the show, here’s what’s happening so far.. PSYKOTRIBE (Tampa) was endorsed by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS.. THE DOOD (Sarasota) and JACKMANTRA (Brandon) earned themselves free studio time at FULL WAVE SOUND…FROSTFANG (St. Petersburg) earned themselves an incredible merch package from ACE HIGH PRINTING. We have also just learned that the band THE HANGING CHADS (Tampa) are now working with mega-Producer MATT LAPLANT..We have also just heard some rumblings that DRASTIC FALL (Tampa) and THE DEFIANT (St. Petersburg) will be inking deals soon. I’m sure there are more results coming, and we’ll announce them when we find out. Things don’t really happen this fast at the Showcase, so yes, it was a very productive year..So far

I’d like to thank all the bands that performed. Every single band kicked major ass!! In fact, it was probably our best lineup to date. Gotta thank all the panelists.. JASON BIELER (Bieler Bros Records / Saigon Kick), MATT LaPLANT (Bieler Bros, Roadrunner, Atlantic, etc), NICK & JEN KATONA (Melodic Revolution Records), MATT DAY (Willpower Ent / STM Records), FELIX DELUNA (Ddrum) REJEAN GERMAIN (High Sonic Records), VOODOO RICK (Ace High), STEVON GARDNER (Sinister Guitar Picks)..They all did an amazing job, and we had mega fun with the panel this year

Also big thanks to our sponsors for this years event FREAKSHOW FOLLIES (who crafted cool keychain souvenirs for this years Showcase), ACE HIGH PRINTING, SINISTER GUITAR PICKS, FULL WAVE SOUND, REVERBNATION, LOCALIZED MUSIC, GENERATION FOOD TRUCK, DDRUM, FULL ACCESS MAGAZINE, MUSIC GO ROUND


All in all, it was a fantastic year. I don’t know how we’ll top this one for next year. But remember, next year is THE BIG THIRTEEN (lol) I’ll think of something..


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Well, it’s Shocktober! You know what that means! Yes, our good friend ‘JOHN 5′ makes his annual return to the Dungeon. John is one of our most frequent guests. Weve been having him on the show since 2004. LOT’S to talk about with John this year. His new album ‘CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE’, The new ROB ZOMBIE album (which will be dropping soon), His new solo band and ‘Pay Per View’ concert on Oct 18th, and lots of other stuff in John’s wicked world. So make sure you tune in on Monday night

*HORROR MOVIE REVIEW: So yeah, it’s been the WORST year for Horror Movies that we have seen..EVER!! Everything at the theaters is BULLSHIT POLITICALLY CORRECT TWEENIE CRAP!! Horror Movies have seriously died an untimely death at the movies, but the industry is BOOMING in the ‘Direct to DVD / Netflix’ department. Only problem with that is. you have to search through TONS of crap to find a good one. Maybe its a little bit over-saturated. We enjoy a steady diet of Horror Movies ALL THE TIME!! But in Shocktober, our creepy ways have meaning. And it’s tradition on The Rock Solid Pressure Show to review a Horror Film for every Shocktober broadcast. Since there is nothing worth mentioning at the theaters, we went underground to find some new releases, and we came up with a gem called THE BUTTERFLY ROOM. We both really enjoyed this Terror Tale…

First off. It was a total joy to see veteran Horror Scream Queen BARBERA STEELE in the lead role as a psychotic psycho-bitch Grandma. She kills and kills again to get herself a new Daughter. This is ‘Mommie Dearest’ on Steroids!! And the entire cast is made up veteran horror actors. Seriously, what more could a horror fan want? If you only see one new horror film this year (and it IS the worst year for horror), make it ‘THE BUTTERFLY ROOM’..You won’t be disappointed.


Sat 10/11, State Theatre: EYES SET TO KILL, SCARE DONT FEAR, LIKE MONROE, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, UNSUNG HERO..This is gonna kick some serious ASS!! We’ll cya there!! For more info, check out the State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Sat 10/11, The Coliseum: VIRGIN DIRT, AUTUMNS PAIN, DARK SAVVANT..This is gonna be another cool event. Hope you can make it out. Join the event page at The Coliseum site http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL


That’s all I got..Cya in the field





Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short and to the point..The Industry Showcase is THIS SATURDAY!! Needless to say, we’re extremely busy getting this years event together. It’s been months of hard work, but it’s finally here. Hope to see ‘everybody’ at The State Theatre for the 13 Year Anniversary. We had a killer weekend, and really let loose at The Showcase Pre-Party on Friday night..what a ‘killer’ time. We also had fun at the 3rd Annual Falling Axe Fest on Sat night. But last night, we filled up the Dungeon with some friends and let loose with a rip-roarin’ drunken broadcast that will live in infamy in the Hallowed Halls. We had a few Showcase bands down here that you will see perform on Saturday. We had the entire DRASTIC FALL and SAHE band on the slab with us. We also had ROB, PJ, and JOHN from PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY with us. It was one helluva party for our last Showcase special. Hope you all tuned in!! NOW let’s continue the party on Saturday


DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM: Post Human Chrononaut (exclusive debut) You’ll see ‘em at the Showcase

AMPLIFIER: The Meaning Of It (exclusive debut)

SAIGON KICK: Acid Rain (You’ll meet Jason Bieler at The Showcase)

DRASTIC FALL: Crown (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Inside You (You’ll see em at The Showcase)

SAHE: Judgement (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

AT SHOVELS END: Collapse (You’ll see em at The Showcase

THE HANGING CHADS: Oneiro (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

JACKMANTRA: Why I Am (You’ll see em at The Showcase)


That’s it for this week. We’ll see everybody at The Industry Showcase on Saturday. Doors are at noon, so make sure you’re there early to support every band. Make sure you join the event page on facebook. If you need more info, check out the State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Cya Saturday!!


Showcase Special #2 w/ THE DEFIANT, DECEPCION, EYES LIKE 20, LEFT OF REASON / Showcase Survival Tips


Hey Fiends,

Well, we’re 11 days away from the 12th Annual ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. This is the biggest event of it’s kind in Florida. And easily one of the biggest Showcases in the country. The anticipation is at a fever pitch right now. It’s crunch time for all the performing bands, and it’s crunch time for US in getting all the last minute loose ends tied up. We work hard on this event for about 5 months, and we see great things happen for a lot of bands every year due to this one event. Our hard work pays off in the form of signings, endorsements, media interviews, management deals, tours, and lot’s more for the performers. Over the years the Showcase has become a networking juggernaut for bands that have worked hard to make a name for themselves. This year we have one of the strongest lineups in our history. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Last night on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, we unleashed our 2nd Industry Showcase Special. We had our friends in THE DEFIANT and DECEPCION in the Dungeon with us. You’ll see both of these acts perform at the Showcase this year. It’s always a blast having THE DEFIANT on the show. We’ve been behind this band from day one, and we’re proud to say we have been behind a lot of their success in the last two years. They are a big part of the RSP Family, and we are so overjoyed that they have become one of the number one buzz bands down here. We’re also overjoyed that DECEPCION is back on the scene. We have been friends with the band since 2007. They played at our 2008 Showcase, and we can’t be happier about their reunion and their appearance at this years event. They have only done a few shows since their return, and the entire scene is talking about them. So, it was a crazy night in the Dungeon last night with some good friends, good conversation, and a good buzz (lol)

We also chatted on the hotline with EYES LIKE 20 (Alabama) and LEFT OF REASON (Wisconsin). They were the Grand Prize Winners of the RSP RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014. You’ll also see both bands perform at the Showcase this year. This is 2 amazing acts that are hometown heroes in their respective states. Both bands tour regularly, and we’re excited as hell to present them with their awards for doing such a great job in the competitions this year.


DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM: Darkness Inside (You’ll see em at the Showcase)

SLIPKNOT:The Devil In I (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

OTHERWISE: For The Fallen Ones (Century Media) exclusive debut

THE A-BORTZ: Walking Dead (debut)

JUDICATOR: Living End (You’ll see em at the Showcase too)


EYES LIKE 20: Birth To Earth

LEFT OF REASON: Killer Mustache


*SURVIVAL TIPS OR THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE: To get the maximum ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ at the Showcase. It’s best to be there at noon when the doors open. The ‘Opening Ceremonies’ at 1:00pm is a huge part of the event. This is where we talk with the industry panel. If you want a better insight on how the industry works. it’s best to be in attendance for the opening. It’s a long day, and yes, its kind of a ‘Survival Test’..There are many awesome pizza shops and restaurants along Central Ave, and we’ll even have a couple food trucks in front of State Theatre. So make sure you eat and stay hydrated. If you need info on Hotels, Cab Companies, or any questions you might have, hit me up personally at RockSolidPressure@yahoo.com and I’ll answer your questions. To get the info on set times, names of panelists,sponsors, etc. just go to the Official Event Page at http://www.facebook.com/events/1453877424850220/

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our 3rd, and final installment of the Showcase Specials. We’re gonna go out in high fashion and PACK the Dungeon for a huge blowout. It will be an 90min special. We’re going to have our friends in DRASTIC FALL, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, and SAHE joining us. You’ll see all 3 bands at the Showcase this year. We’re anticipating a HELLUVA show!! Make sure you tune in!!


Friday 9/19: The Coliseum: THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE PRE-PARTY: INVASION OF THE BIG D’s featuring THE DOOD, DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM, DECEPCION, DRASTIC FALL..and we might even have a ‘surprise’ BIG D band performing as well (shhh)..{{FREE ADMISSION}} Come out and party with ALL the bands that will be performing at the Showcase. This is our annual blowout before the big event on the 27th. BE THERE!! Doors at 7pm. You can find the event page at The Coliseum’s site at http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

Saturday 9/20: State Theatre: THE THIRD ANNUAL ‘FALLING AXE FESTIVAL’..Here we go again metalheads!! it’s a killer lineup this year!! We have KADAVER DOLLS (Who were signed at the Industry Showcase last year) headlining once again with BREAK THIS CURSE, A GOOD DAY TO DIE, DARK SUMMER, PREVAIL, BANE OF KINGS..It’s gonna be insane, and yes, HEADS WILL ROLL!! Admission is $10, Doors at 7pm. ALL AGES!! Get more info at The State Theatre website which is http://www.statetheatreconcerts.com

And if you want to see the cool flyers for both of these events, just go to our website http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Cya in the field this weekend


Industry Showcase Special #1 with THE DOOD


Hey Fiends,

As we march closer to the RSP Industry Showcase on Sept 27th. We’re unleashing weekly specials on our broadcast every Monday night. Last night was our first installment (2 more coming). And not a finer way to kick off the specials than with our friends in THE DOOD. Every week we will be featuring ‘Showcase Alumni’ in the Dungeon with us. These alumni bands will also be performing at the event this year. We had JONZEY (bass) and ROB (drums) in the Dungeon with us last night. This band is one of only a few bands that we actually call ‘Family’..They have been with us since 2007. Their name is legend down here in Florida. They have conquered the state many times over, and we love this band to death!! The addition of their new vocalist ‘Brian’ has really put this band over the edge and they are ready to take on the world. Their new music is beyond incredible, and you are all going to witness it at the Showcase this year. This band is also known for being the biggest supporters of the Florida music scene. They go to everyone’s shows, and I really hope that many bands follow their lead. It’s important for ALL bands to support one another. There are tons of bands out there that just don’t get it. If your band is not gigging on a particular night, then go out and support your peers. This is essential for your respective scene to stay alive. Jonzey and Rob really laid out some great advice last night. and for a lot of you out there, that advice is needed. This band survived and still commands a huge following by doing everything RIGHT!! It was a pleasure to have these guys in the Dungeon last night..NOW, everybody come out to the Showcase and support ‘em..Like they supported YOU!

We’re going to be posting the annual ‘SHOWCASE SURVIVAL GUIDE’ in this blog within the next few days. Keep checking in. But for NOW, all the info you need is at the ‘Official’ Event Page at Facebook http://www.facebook.com/events/1453877424850220/


OPETH: Cusp Of Eternity (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

WOLF: Shark Attack (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Turn To Stone (Spitfire) debut track

IRON MAIDEN: The Clairvoyant (EMI) *For RAYNUS from THE DOOD

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (Columbia) *For CHRIS from THE DOOD

FROSTFANG:  Death Eagle (You’ll see this band at the Showcase as well)

THE DOOD: Jagerflow

NONPOINT: Dangerous Waters (Sony Red) *Rob’s pick

EYES SET TO KILL: Killing In Your Name (Century Media) *Jonzeys pick



Saturday 9/13: The Coliseum: THE PANDA PARADOX w/ POLAR SUMMER, SHORE DOGS: Come out and experience something ‘completely’ different. Doors are at 8pm. Get all the info at the Event Page on the Coliseum’s site http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s ‘ROUND TWO’ of the Showcase Specials. We’ll be featuring our good friends in THE DEFIANT (2013 Showcase Alumni), DECEPCION (2008 Showcase Alumni), plus we’ll be doing a phone-in with our 2014 Radio Competition Winners EYES LIKE 20 (AL), and LEFT OF REASON (WI). Gonna be a fully loaded show..Make sure you tune in

That’s all I got..Cya in the field


Labor Day In The Dungeon



Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short this week. We’re running around like crazy people getting the Industry Showcase together. I’ll be talking about that event next week in the blog. We will also be starting our ‘On air’ Showcase Specials next week (see below) on The Rock Solid Pressure Show.  But man, I’m really worn out from working 3 kickass concerts for the long Labor Day weekend. Last night’s broadcast really was the final nail in the coffin though. After that, it was comatose city. Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for the Labor Day Special. That’s the joy of broadcasting on a Monday night. We get to celebrate all the long Holiday weekends with you. We’re the last thing you hear before you pass out in a heap…


OPETH: Eternal Rains Will Come (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

THE HAUNTED: Trend Killer (Century Media) exclusive debut

KING 810   Carve My Name (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Valley Of The Stones (Nuclear Blast) debut track

ANTHRAX: Revolution Screams (Megaforce) debut track

ARCH ENEMY: Time Is Black (Century Media) debut track

MALEVOLENCE: Reign Of Suffering (Siege Of Amida) debut track

A GOOD DAY TO DIE: Helen Keller (debut)

SUNNA: Power Struggle (Astralwerks)



Saturday: 9/6:  State Theatre: ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE BY THE VOCALISTS FOR ‘SALIVA’ & ‘HINDER’ featuring AARON LOVELESS, BET ME I’M LYING, BEARWITHME. Doors at 7pm. Get more info at the State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Saturday 9/6:  The Coliseum: ALEX LODA, UNSUNG HERO, ALMOST SOMETHING. Doors at 8pm, Get more info at http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll be kicking off our ‘Industry Showcase Specials’ next Monday night. The countdown is on to the biggest networking event on our Florida shores. We plan on having three huge ‘On Air’ specials before the big event on Sept 27th. We’re going to be featuring a couple Showcase bands in the Dungeon with us every week. Next Monday night, we’ll have our friends in ‘THE DOOD’ causing havok with us down here. We haven’t had them in the Dungeon in awhile, and I’m assuming the JAGER will be flowing..along with the blood. Make sure you tune in next week. You know it’ll be crazy

That’s all I got..crawling back into my tomb now