A Free Fall Into The Darkness



Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the show last night.  Many of you listen on different stations, and that’s the beauty of the whole syndication thing. Sometimes a station goes down or has trouble with the transmission. That was the case last night with LOCALIZED MUSIC.  We know it’s one of our most popular stations to listen to the Rock Solid Pressure Show. The broadcast ‘did’ air on Localized, but at 8pm (est). An hour later than our usual timeslot. These things happen. So, just a reminder, if you don’t hear the new show on Monday night at your favorite station, just go to another one. Gotta love choices. And if you missed the show entirely last night, it will be posted on our player soon at http://www.rocksolidpressure.com

So last night was certainly a free fall into the darkness. We were in rare form, and it seems we’re getting our edge back lol. At the top of the Nocturnal News, we announced the lineup of panelists for the Industry Showcase 2013. A few weeks ago we announced the lineup of bands that will be playing the event on Sept 28. And last night we revealed the panelists. Well, who we have so far anyway. You won’t see this in print anywhere until the press release is dropped in late July. It pays to listen to the show. Not only do we fry your brain with the coolest music on the planet, but we occasionally let you in on sneek peeks


ANURYZM: Breaking The Ballot (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

ORPHANED LAND: Fail (Century Media Records) debut

DARK TRANQUILLITY: Weight Of The End (Century Media Records) debut

MINISTRY: Just One Fix  (Sanctuary Records)

SKINNY PUPPY: Curcible (American Recordings)

ST. MADNESS: Carl The Clown (Nasty Prick Records)

A(K)NEW: Namaste (debut)

DEVILLE: The Knife (Small Stone Records) debut

RONNY MUNROE: Let Them Feed (Rat Pak Records)


NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual 4th Of July Special. We’re going to be firing off the battle hymns as we celebrate our country’s independence. Wear a helmet, it’s gonna be a Patriotic Pummeling!!



Friday 6/28: The Local 662: REHAB w/ Hero Chincillaz, JackMantra, and more


Both of these events will be asskickin concerts. Expect a packed house at both venues. For more info visit http://www.statetheatreconcerts.com

Cya At The Shows



Frightfully Fun Night



Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in to the show last night. It was a frightfully fun night in the ‘ol catacombs. The Dungeon rocked to its its foundations, and yes, we were in rare form. We unleashed a monster mix of debut tracks, and our creepy congregation rejoiced in this mind blowing session. We’ll be posting this show on our player at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com in the near future. So if you missed the show, or just want to relive the monstrous magic, you’ll get your chance to hear it again soon..

The top of the ‘Nocturnal News’ last night was all about the planning stages for the Industry Showcase 2013. We revealed a sneak peek at the lineup last week, and next week on the show, we will reveal our industry panelists. Most of you know, it’s the 11 year anniversary for the Showcase, and you should all have your calendars marked for Sept 28th. This year, its one of our strongest lineup of bands in our 11 year history, and we’re all really excited. Look for the official press release to drop in mid July..


TELLUS REQUIEM: Twilight Hour (debut)

LEPROUS: The Cloak (debut)

SCENT OF REMAINS: Shepherd (debut track)

MURKY RED: Black Beast Rising (debut track)

MOTHER OF GOD: The Forest (debut track)

PAMELA MOORE: Wide Awake (debut track)

MONSTER MAGNET: Cry (debut track)

GOJIRA: Liquid Fire (debut track)

KYLESA: Drop Out (debut track)


Months ago, we cleared our schedule for this weeks concert events. We were anticipating a trip to Michigan to be with a lot of our local Florida bands at ROCKAPALOOZA. Unfortunately, we did not receive any plane tix. It’s a shame because so many of my bands are playing the event. Our good friends in the band THE DEFIANT offered us a ride in their tourbus, but if you know my history, I toured for 20 years, and I’m too old to be going on the road like that again. These days, the promoters usually fly Patty and myself out to these huge events, but it didn’t happen for Rockapalooza. We’ll definitely be there in spirit though..To all our Florida bands that have become part of our family, THE DEFIANT, LIT UP, NATION OF WEALTH, NINE MILE DRIVE, BET ME I’M LYING, RED CALLING, FUNERAL FOR A CLOWN, ANEW, CIVIL ACTION..Have a great time at the show!!!

ALL IS NOT LOST THOUGH..We’ll be attending the PAT TRAVERS concert at THE MUSIC RANCH in Lakeland on Saturday. Pat is a good friend of ours, and we love hangin out with PHIL STEVENS and the gang at The Music Ranch. Whenever we do not have a show at The State Theatre, you’ll always find us there. The venue is so cool, it reminds us of FULL THROTTLE SALOON. So thats where we’ll be on Saturday. If you need details, hit me up. Opening the show will be the MRB BAND (Phil’s band)..It’s gonna be one helluva night!! If you want to attend, get all the info at http://www.musicranch.org

Cya There


The Rock Solid Pressure ‘Secret Blog’



Hey Fiends,

Welcome to our new ‘Secret Blog’ site. Pretty cool huh? The site we have been using for the past 11 years changed format and wiped out all the blogs. So, 11 years worth of blogs went right down the drain. Everything was lost. The blog is where we store a record of the weekly playlist, guests, live events, reviews, and of course, the occasional rant..We also give a full recap of what happened on our syndicated broadcast ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ on Monday night..And all that info is now gone. But we’re going to pick up right where we left off on this new site. Some of you have been following this blog for years. Nothing has changed, except for a kickass new look. For everything else you need, just visit our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

For those of you that have never heard our show before. We are a Hard Rock/Metal broadcast. We’re syndicated on FM and the bigger Internet stations. We’ve been on air since 2002. We broadcast from a Dungeon in Florida, so we have a slightly dark edge to the show. We also work in the concert music industry, and have been involved with the industry since the 80’s. We feature a ton of superstar guests on the show. Many are personal friends. We’re affiliated with a ton of labels and you’ll always hear exclusive releases from the newest bands. And of course, the legends.. In fact, we frequently open the vaults and unleash classic tracks from 5 decades worth of Hard Rock/Metal music..We also give unsigned bands a shot on our playlist. We have had the pleasure of getting some of these bands record deals, high level mgmt, press, tours, and lots more..

We do ‘not’ spin love songs, happy songs, or anything that has been force fed down your throat by corporate radio or TV. We deal with relevant issues on the show. Yes, it’s dark, but extremely relevant. The bands we spin complement our theme. We are a completely different entity than anything you have experienced in radio before. Hope you’ll check out the show on Monday night at 7pm(est), and of course, READ THE BLOG!!

So here’s what happened on the show on Monday night..We gave you a sneak peek at the lineup for ‘The Rock Solid Pressure Industry Showcase 2013’. You will not see this lineup in print anywhere until late July. It’s our 11 year anniversary for the Showcase, and once again, we outdid ourselves with a stellar lineup. We have bands coming in from all across the state of Florida as well as Australia, North Carolina, Illinois, and more. The date for the event has already been announced for Sat Sept 28th at the State Theatre in St. Petersburg Florida. This is one of the biggest, and most legendary, networking events in North America. Mark the date on your calendar. Patty and myself are also proud to announce our new affiliation with ‘Century Media Records’. Besides all the major labels we’re affiliated with, it’s truly an honor to finally have Century Media on board


CONNIPTION: What Will Be (debut)

DIVIDED MULTITUDE: Feed On Your Misery (Nightmare Records) debut

T&N: Access Denied (Rat Pak Records) debut

FROSTBITE: Afterlife Mine (debut)

LOVER OF SIN: The Spell Is Broken (debut)

EVILE: Underworld (Century Media) debut

DARK TRANQUILLITY: The Silence In Between (Century Media) debut

WHITE WIZZARD: The Devils Cut (Century Media) debut


Sat 6/15: State Theatre & The Local 662: JASON SMITH BENEFIT: If you are a local in the Tampa Bay/St. Pete area. Then you probably know that Jason is the soundman at State Theatre.. You probably also know about the horrific accident he was in. He barely survived and the rehabilitation process is going to take a long time. His benefit to raise funds for his recovery costs is this Sat night.. It will be held in 2 venues. The State Theatre and The Local 662 across the street. Tons of bands!! Doors open at 5pm. Come and rock out for a great cause and a great guy!! Get all the info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

That’s all I got..Cya Saturday