The Annual ‘Patriotic Pummeling’

Hey Fiends,

Hope you were able to join our ranks last night for the annual 4th Of July Special. Once again, we strapped on the helmets, waved the flags, and filled the Dungeon with explosive music. It was a Patriotic Pummeling indeed!! We loaded the ammo into the dungeon decks and fired of Battle Hymns, War Anthems, and Fightin’ Songs. We celebrated our country’s independence in our usual bombastic fashion. We celebrated freedom last night. We celebrated the heroes that made it all happen for America. Our theme was ‘Battle & Unity’..The music reflected many different battles, but the common thread was ‘Fighting For Whats Right’..We’ve been doing this special for 11 years, and it’s always a different playlist. Last night we combined some brand new music with a few classics..The shrapnel was flying!!


OCEANS OF TIME: The Kingdom Falls (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

SLASH: Shots Fired (Dik Hayd Int.) debut

EDGE OF ATTACK: Edge Of Attsck (STM Records) debut

ANVIL: Bombs Away (VH1 Classic Records)

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: Tribute To The Fallen (Roadrunner Records) debut


GENERATION KILL: Red White & Blood (Scream Of Mist) debut

CHRIS CAFFERY: God Damn War (Black Lotus Records)

LEATHERWOLF: Live Or Die (N.I.L.B records)

OVERKILL: In Union We Stand (Atlantic Records)

JIMI HENDRIX: Star Spangled Banner (Live At Woodstock) MCA Records


We both hated this movie. The book was great, but the movie is a dreadful waste of time. This has got to be the worst, most cliched zombie film in recent memory. Nothing about this movie is original at all. If you’re actually going to ‘attempt’ to make a zombie movie in the age of ‘The Walking Dead’, it has to be ‘good’ and this movie fell way short. First of all, I can’t even imagine a PG-13 zombie movie in the first place. The movie didn’t even have blood in it. Brad Pitt was extremely unbelievable in the role as a United Nations Journalist ‘slash’ Hero. In fact, the entire cast was a bit annoying. The premise of the film centers around a global epidemic that turns the entire population into ravenous zombies (highly original) . Brad Pitt is sent globe hopping to various countries to find the cure. I love the global disaster movies, and some of them are PG-13. Yknow why? Because they are entertaining and ‘good’. World War Z is ‘not’ entertaining and it’s just plain ‘bad’..The movie insults our intelligence as horror fans. We’re led to believe that Brad Pitt makes it our alive from the fall of Korea, Israel, Wales, and other global locales with barely a scratch. He even survives a fiery jet airline crash, still strapped to his seat no less. I guess this is a zombie movie for kids, so maybe it was not meant for seasoned horror fans like us


Friday 7/5: State Theatre: THE FALLING AXE FESTIVAL 2:  Strap on the helmets and join us on Friday night for a kickass metal show. If you’re a metal fan, then there’s no finer way to kick off the holiday weekend. Check out this lineup, KADAVER DOLLS, FALLS UPON US, DRASTIC FALL, DEADLIFT, THE STOIC, UNDER FALLEN ORDER..This is gonna be EXPLOSIVE!! Cya There..For more info go to the State Theatre website And if you wanna check out that badass flier, go to our site

Thats All I Got

Cya At The Shows



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