Screaming Thrill Ride Through The Catacombs

Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the show last night. It was certainly a screaming thrill ride through the catacombs. We unleashed a ton of brand spankin new tracks, plus a couple classics. It was a helluva good time..We also spotlighted a brand new record label called STM RECORDS (Spread The Metal Records). This label is out of Canada. We caught wind of the huge buzz they were creating, and sought out their affiliation with the Rock Solid Pressure Show. We’re affiliated with some of the biggest record labels in the world, but STM really spun our heads around (Yes, like The Exorcist).  Their releases are beyond incredible and we’ll debut a brand new STM band every week on the show. We’ll also be featuring STM RECORDS on the Industry Panel for this years Showcase in September. If you get a minute, and you’re a metal fan, check em out..


SCARLET HOLLOW: Apathy’s Child (debut) Melodic Revolution Records

BLACK SABBATH: Live Forever (debut) Vertigo Records

QUEENSRYCHE: Spore (debut) Century Media

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: No End In Sight (debut) Roadrunner Records

EDGE OF ATTACK: In Hell (debut) STM Records

FALLEN JOY: Order To Die (debut) STM Records

SAIGON KICK: New World (Atlantic Records)

GUNS N ROSES: Shacklers Revenge (debut track) Geffen Records

AIRBOURNE: Hungry (debut) Roadrunner Records

ESCAPE TONIGHT: Fallen Ashes (debut)

STONEGREY: Leaves Me Bleedin (debut)


Sat 7/15: Music Go Round (Laleland): MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: We’re not working at State Theatre this weekend, but our good friends (and sponsors) at MUSIC GO ROUND informed us that our good friend MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO (The undisputed king of shred guitar) was doing a clinic in our hometown of Lakeland on Saturday. Obviously we freaked out lol. Michael has been on our show a few times but we never seen him in action. So you can imagine how stoked we are to see him right in our backyard. This is FREE show, so we want to see all the Lakeland rockers there. MUSIC GO ROUND was packed when VINNY APPICE made an appearance there last month, so I’m sure it will be wall to wall on Saturday. The event starts at 2pm, but we’ll be there at noon. You can get more info on the event at or hit us up at and we’ll fill you in on the details. We certainly hope to see you there..

That’s all I got



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