Hey Fiends,

What a killer show last night!! Thanks for the ratings!! If you missed the show, it will be posted in the near future at our player at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com.

So much fun last night. We had the pleasure to once again feature the best shred guitarist on the planet MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO on the Rock Solid Pressure Show. This was Michaels 3rd time on the show, and we put a different spin on it. It was not a phone in. We actually got to hang out with Michael backstage at one of his events at MUSIC GO ROUND http://www.MusicGoRoundLakeland.com and we taped a hilarious interview with the guitar genius. This was our very first time meeting Michael in person, and the very first time we got to witness his virtuosity live. Needless to say, my jaw hit the floor!! I have ‘never’ seen anything like this in my entire life. I’m not talking about just the part where he plays his signature double guitar. Yes, that’s an amazing device and yet an even more amazing display of dexterity just to ‘play’ that guitar. I’m talking about the entire show. Michaels performance is almost beyond human..

We’re known for featuring the best guitar players in the world on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. JOHN 5 has been one of our most frequent guests down here in the Dungeon for years. We’ve known John since his Manson days. We have also had STEVE VAI, PAUL GILBERT, BUMBLEFOOT, THE GREAT KAT, CHRIS CAFFERY, and tons of others. But just when you’ve seen, and heard it all, here comes MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO!! Hands down the best guitar player in the world. If you ‘seriously’ want to be blown away beyond belief, and I mean SERIOUSLY BLOWN AWAY!! Then go pick up a few of his cd’s RIGHT NOW!! You will thank me..Go to his site http://www.Angelo.com

A lot of people attended the M.A.B. show last week. Tons of musicians came from all over the state of Florida. We knew just about every one of them too. In fact, a few of us came back here to the Dungeon for an After Party. We also TAPED THAT!! We’re going to air that next week..But such a fun time. Michael is also one of the coolest people to hang out with. He loves meeting and talking with fans. There is no RockStar ego at all. Here is the greatest guitar player of our time, worshiped by millions around the world. (Even worshiped by other Guitar Gods) and he is the most down to earth, funny individual you would ever want to meet. Seriously, he could be a stand up comedian if he ever lost his super powers on guitar (God forbid). Needless to say, we have Batio-Fever and we’re going to be spinning a ton of his tracks in the coming weeks..You know how we binge!!


MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: No Boundaries (debut) M.A.C.E. Music

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: Far Reaches Of Space (debut) M.A.C.E. Music

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: Planet Gemini (debut) M.A.C.E. Music

BLACK SABBATH: Age Of Reason (debut) Vertigo Records

QUEENSRYCHE: Don’t Look Back (debut) Century Media

DREAM THEATER: Build Me Up, Break Me Down (Roadrunner Records)

EVILE: New Truths, Old Lies (debut) Century Media

ORPHANED LAND: Our Own Messiah (debut) Century Media



Fri 7/26: The Local 662: DAVEY SUICIDE, THE BUNNY THE BEAR, THE DEFILED w/ Dementia, Kheiron, Civil Action. Everybodys been waiting patiently for months for this event. Needless to say, its going to be a sold out crowd. Get there early and get your place in line. If you need tix, go to the State Theatre Box Office http://www.statetheatreconcerts.com


NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW:  I told you about the After Party we had. We seen a bunch of our friends at the M.A.B. show, and we decided to come back here and party a bit. Madness ensued!! And we got ‘some’ of it recorded lol. We had JASON & MARK from KADAVER DOLLS, JARED from BLINDING DARKNESS, and TONY from MALICIOUS DAMAGE. It was a bloody good time, and you’ll hear it next week..Along with the most kickass new music on the planet..Make sure you tune in..

MOVIE REVIEW: HATCHET 3…We both loved this movie..We praise the Horror Gods for keeping this franchise alive. We need these ‘Hatchet’ movies. We desperately need a new franchise horror villain, and we have one.Victor Crowley is the disfigured, hatchet wielding, living dead badass that we love to hate. And once again, he leaves a bloody trail in the bayou. We don’t have Jason Voorhees anymore, that franchise was ruined. Leatherface was ruined. Freddy’s dead!! Jigsaw is gone. I believe there still might be hope for Michael Myers..Maybe!! But screw all that..We have Victor Crowley now!! This time he wipes out an entire Police force and S.W.A.T. commando’s ..Of course we’re led to believe that Victor Crowley is finally killed at the end. But we all know he’ll be back. Kane Hodder is totally kickass once again as Crowley. I can’t give this movie enough praise. It starts where ‘Hatchet 2’ ends. And it’s as brilliant as the first 2 movies. It was also great to see Caroline Williams in a starring role. I haven’t seen anything from her since ‘Texas Chainsaw 2’ back in the 80’s (Maybe we’ll get her on the show). Perry Chen returns as the ‘Asian Guy (lol)’, it’s hilarious because he was killed in the first movie, returns as the victims twin brother in the 2nd movie (and is killed lol), And NOW he returns as a cop in Hatchet 3. No explanation, he just turns up. And in this movie..He;s the only survivor. Sorry if I spoiled it for you (Or did I?). It’s the perfect mix once again of comedy and horror. Although some have said the comedy ratio was tuned down a bit for this one. I don’t think so, the comedy was just darker. It was great to see Sid Haig with a juicy cameo role (Maybe we should get Sid back on the show too)..Right now, all horror fans should be rejoicing that the Hatchet franchise exists. This is what we want!! and I love that they ‘don’t’ use any CGI in these movies. GO SEE IT!!

That’s All I got..Cya At The Shows



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