A Party For The Lost Souls


Hey Fiends,


Had a blast in the Dungeon last night. Did you tune in? It was certainly a party for the lost souls. We welcome everyone to join our little creepy congregation every week,  And I’m very happy to say the legion is growing. After 11 years on the air, the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’ has seen ups and downs in ratings, which is normal. But this year, it seems that there’s been a huge spike in interest once again. We’re never going to stop blowing your mind with fantastic new music, and it seems we’re turning on a whole new generation of curiosity seekers. We will always be ‘Out Of The Box’ and we try to make your listening experience a thought provoking, and sometimes ‘life changing’ adventure. Of course it’s ‘Metal, Hard Rock & Horror’, but we even go beyond those boundaries. We want to expand your mind and broaden your musical horizons. One session with us could turn you into a musically cultured mastermind, and we were in one of those ‘mind altering’ moods last night..

We had a really fun week, it was like one long party. On Wed it was time for the Mayhem Fest once again. And once again, we were on JOHN 5’s guestlist. John has been calling into the show for many many years. We actually get to ‘see’ him when ROB ZOMBIE comes to town. This year was special, it was John’s birthday on Wed (And my birthday on Sun) so backstage was a bit festive. We usually never bring our crappy recording device to do any backstage interviews. The only backstage interviews we do these days are for the TV Show (check out the last one at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com ) But we decided to bring it along this time. We got a cool interview with John, we also talked with PIGGY D (who has not been on our show for a few years), and CASEY GRILLIO from KAMELOT. we see Casey all the time but this was the first time we actually got an interview..We’ll be airing those interviews next week..

Sat night was my Birthday Bash at State Theatre. We’ve been doing the birthday concert thing for many years. Last year we didn’t do one because I was not in the right frame of mind to celebrate. This year was different. I really wanted to have a blow out this year, and that’s exactly what it was. It was also JASON SMITH’s birthday, and his first night back to work at State Theatre since his horrific accident a few months back. So the mood was extremely festive. It was a fun night with some great friends and great bands. There was even a massive party in the parking lot after the venue closed. I was in recovery mode the entire next day..But it was the perfect ending for a fun week..

We usually celebrate Patty’s birthday at the Industry Showcase every year. I always try to have the Showcase on the 28th or 29th of September every year so we can add her birthday celebration to the fun festivities that are already going down. And speaking of the Showcase. The countdown is officially on. We revealed the lineup on air (once again) last night. You won’t see it in print for about 2 weeks though. We will be creating an event page on facebook as soon as the promo poster is completed, so keep an eye out for that. We are also holding off on the press release because the panel of industry reps is growing. We want to make sure that we have the full list of panelists before we do any worldwide publicity. For now, we will be putting all this info on the event page, which we can easily change..


DIAMOND PLATE: Still Dreaming (debut) Century Media / Earache Records

BLACK SABBATH: Dear Father (debut track) Vertigo Records

MURKY RED: Saturn (debut track) Melodic Revolution Records

SKANSKA MORD: Alien Encounter (debut track) Small Stone Records

THE BUNNY THE BEAR: Eating Disorder (debut) Victory Records

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: The New Awakening (debut track) Roadrunner Records

ERASING NEVER: Trespassing (debut track)

BLASPHEMY REBORN: Conception (debut) STM Records

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: The Jam Game (debut track) M.A.C.E. Music

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: To Alpha Sector 2 (debut track) M.A.C.E. Music


MOVIE REVIEW: THE CONJURING: We both really liked this movie. Patty could relate to the story because she experienced ghostly phenomenon in New England. And this was a creepy New England haunted house movie. It’s a true story about the paranormal exploits of the Warrant Family, who are legendary Ghost Hunters. This was billed as their creepiest case ever!! The Warrants gained fame for investigating the Amityville case, The Haunting In CT, and lots more. I’m sure a lot of this movie was embellished for the screen, but that’s what makes it good. It’s a bit slow, but it builds up to a frightening climax. You’ll notice shades of ‘Poltergeist’ and ‘The Exorcist’..The story is about the Perron Family who are haunted by a couple of malevolent spirits. We’re told at the beginning of the film that this case was locked away in the Warrants vault because it was too sinister to be revealed. Not sure how much of that is actually true, but it makes the hype more creepy. THE CONJURING is nothing we haven’t seen before, but it comes at the right time for all horror fans. I loved the fact that it was set in 1971, and you really get a feel for that era. I also loved the fact that its Rated R. Although there’s no cursing. no boob shots, there’s not much blood either, but the ending is a bit bloody..I think it’s just too creepy for kids. Not sure!! CHRISTIE JOHNSON from the band DREAMKILLER (One of our Rock Solid Pressure family of bands) makes a cameo appearance in this movie too. I ‘think’ I saw her (lol)..Anyway, it’s not our ‘HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR’ but it’s a good one and we highly recommend it

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll be having a little ‘Mayhem-Fest’ special next week. We’ll be airing our backstage interviews with JOHN 5, PIGGY D, and CASEY GRILLO (Go see the pics on our facebook pages) We’ll be spinning lotsa new music too, and covering a lot of ground with interesting topics to talk about..Hope you can tune in..

That’s All I Got



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