Industry Showcase Special #1 with DRVN


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast on Monday night, We have begun the Industry Showcase Specials, and we will continue these specials right up until the big event on Sept 28th. Every week we will feature a Showcase band on the show with us. We will also feature a few tracks from performing bands. Our first special featured members from the Tampa band DRVN. This heavy duty modern rock powerhouse is currently tearing up the Tampa scene. The band is a collaboration of well known musicians in the area. We had BRUCE (bass) and Jay (vocals) in the Dungeon with us, and it was certainly a party. These guys are extremely fun to hang out with, and the band is totally off the chains. I had them play my birthday bash, and there is no way in hell I was going to leave them out of The Industry Showcase this year. This band needs to be seen right away!! DRVN is still a brand new unit. They are currently in the studio laying down tracks for their debut cd. Keep an eye out for this band!!


SCARLET HOLLOW: Behind The Lines (debut track) Melodic Revolution Records

TURISAS: No Good Story ever Starts With drinking Tea (debut) Century Media

SLASH: Halo (debut track)

MISS LAVA: Ride (debut) Small Stone Records

VAPID: Nothing To Lose (debut)

AIRBOURNE: Cradle To The Grave (debut track) Roadrunner Records

DRVN: King Of The World (debut)

A(K)NEW: 21 Grams

BLAINE THE MONO: Svine Munich (debut)



We both really liked this movie A LOT!! Usually I hate the remakes but they stayed true to the original 1980 MANIAC!! The original is still one of my favorites, yet this new one surpassed it in violence and gore. When I heard Elijah Wood was playing the part of ‘Frank The Maniac’, I was almost certain this would not work. Joe Spinnel did such a great job as Frank back in 1980, I mean, he was actually known for that role. But Elijah did a fantastic job with an amazingly chilling performance. This movie is extremely brutal. It’s an assault to the senses. This is the best slasher film I have seen in a long long time, but I have to warn you, it’s extreme. If you have seen the original MANIAC (and I suggest you do)  you will find the remake does not stray at all from the original. It’s basically the same story. A crazed killer with a ‘Mother Fixation’ starts killing women, scalping them, and then puts their hair on Mannequins (which he collects)..Thats pretty much it. The big difference from the original is that its filmed through the eyes of the killer, which I feel was totally unique. It’s realistic and it will make you squirm. there’s lot’s of sex in this movie too. It’s almost like an underground film..Just be prepared. This movie and ‘AFTERSHOCK’ are at the top of my list for ‘Horror Film Of The Year’ right now. you can see this movie on Pay Per View right NOW!! definitely worth the 6 bucks..It’ll be hard to shake this one off


Sun 8/25: State Theatre: JARS OF CLAY w/ A FRIENDLY REMINDER


Get more info on these shows at The State Theatre website

NEXT WEEK ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: Since we’re doing a live event next Monday night. We will not be doing a broadcast. We will rerun this past weeks show. We will be back on the air Sept 2nd with our 2nd installment of Showcase Specials. We will have the band DRASTIC FALL in the Dungeon with us..

Cya at the shows




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