Labor Day Special with DRASTIC FALL


Hey Fiends,

Did you get a chance to tune in last night? Hope so!! It was a wild n crazy night in the ‘ol Dungeon. Not only was it our annual Labor Day Special, but it was also our 2nd installment of the ‘Industry Showcase Specials’. We had the band DRASTIC FALL with us, and it was a party indeed!! No, seriously, it was a party. Check out the pics on my facebook page. The entire band invaded the Dungeon and it was madness incarnate. DRASTIC FALL is one of the craziest acts you will ever see. It’s like putting PRIMUS, ZAPPA, MR. BUNGLE, BUCKETHEAD, and LAMB OF GOD through a meat grinder, and serving it up on a sesame seed bun. You will see this band perform at THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE on Sept 28th. This will be the closing act for the Showcase, so make it a point to stay till the very end and witness something you have never seen before..

Speaking of the Showcase..We are 3 1/2 weeks away and the anticipation is reaching a fever pitch down here in Florida. This will be the 11 Year Anniversary for the event, and everybody is counting down the days. If you would like to see the lineup and timeslots for all the bands (along with the panelists and sponsors) then go find the event page on facebook. All your questions will be answered over there. This is possibly our strongest lineup ‘ever’ and we also have one of our strongest panels of industry reps in our 11 year history. The sleepless nights have begun and the countdown is on..


WATAIN: Night Vision (debut) Century Media Records

BLACK SABBATH: Damaged Soul (debut) vertigo Records

OCEANS OF TIME: The Beast (debut) Melodic Revolution Records

SOULFLY: Treachery (debut) Roadrunner Records

HOMICIDE HAGRIDDEN: Black As war (debut) Built 2 Kill Records

DRASTIC FALL: Song #1 (debut)

SCREAMING AT THE SILENCE: Romero Love Song (debut)

HANG EM HIGH: white Horse (debut)


MOVIE REVIEWS: We reviewed THE PURGE last night on the air, but we also included our review of ‘2 GUNS’ for blog readers only..Here goes

THE PURGE (J-Rock Review) i really liked this movie. Yes, it’s a bit outlandish, but it holds your attention from start to finish. It’s set 10 or 20 years in the future. America has a zero crime rate because once a year the government allows people to go out and kill other people. Yes, that’s a bit crazy. Obviously this will never happen, but it makes for a good violent movie. A family is menaced on this night by a group of young, masked killers. This family took in a homeless guy who the killer group was after, and the carnage begins. The film was well done and it made me believe the unbelievable. I feel they blew it on the ending though with a morality message. It could have had one of those ‘stand up and cheer’ endings, but it went for the morality play which I didn’t like. But I still highly recommend THE PURGE. It’s really nothing we haven’t seen before in the ‘home invasion’ movies, but you will enjoy it

THE PURGE (Patty’s review) I was hesitant going in, knowing it was from the producers of ‘Paranormal Activity’ and I ‘hate’ those movies. But I absolutely loved THE PURGE. It did it’s trick in sucking me into the characters and their rich lives, and expensive security system to lock them out from all those who need to ‘purge’. I loved the little Chucky-type robot, and I liked the realism of the actor’s portrayal of the events unfolding. Very believable for me. And I really loved the breakout performance of Aussie actor Rhys Wakefield, who played the polite masked killer. I kept thinking, what would I have done? Even though I think the ending was a bit of a letdown, I was still scared. It did the trick. Go see it

2 GUNS (J-Rock’s review) Well, its advertised as a comedy, but there’s hardly any comedy in it. In fact, the worst parts of the movie is when they ‘attempt’ comedy. It would have been so much better if they didn’t attempt comedy at all and just went for a straight up action film. It was pretty good. A bit confusing though. You won’t know what the hell is going on AT ALL for the first 30 minutes. the story is about an undercover DEA agent, and an undercover Navy guy working to bust a Mexican drug cartel chief. The agent and the Navy guy each think the other one is a drug dealer (confused yet?) They decide to rob a bank that they think the drug cartel guy is stashing money in. Actually, the Navy guys mission was to steal the money, and give it to the Navy (confused yet?) They rob the bank and end up with 42 million dollars that was stashed in there by a crooked CIA agent. It is not the cartels money (confused yet?). Plenty of shady figures and plenty of gunplay come and go as the pair are hunted down by the cartel and the CIA. I never really liked the ‘buddy cop’ movies. It didn’t have me standing up and waving banners..But I kinda liked it..I think

2 GUNS (Patty’s review) I pretty much like anything Mark Wahlberg does, and I thought he stole the show in this action, somewhat comedy of a film. Nothing against any of the actors, but I saw this as a kind of ripoff of many other action films. I felt they cheated the audience with it’s many flaws..For example..If you get axed to the stomach, it’s unlikely you can do sit up crunches right after..Or getting shot and left to die in the desert, and survive..Or getting shot to death by a coffee table, only seconds later to be dead in another part of the room..Or, the same stretch of road is repeated many times in a chase sequence. It was a crazy plot, a bit confusing in the beginning, and it seemed the attempts at comedy were strained. But I was still entertained. Overlook the flaws. I think it’s likeable enough thanks to Mark, Denzel, and Edward James Olmos, and a standout performance by Bill Paxton..And oh yeah, The Bull


Fri 9/6: The Local 662: 4 EVER ENDEAVOUR, ESCAPE TONIGHT, VERSE, MEGA JAM, 3D BURN: This is definitely the place to be on Friday night. This is going to be an epic night. Expect the 662 to be packed!! Doors at 7pm, bands start at 7:30pm. You can get more info (and see the flier) at our site

That’s all I go..Cya at the shows



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