Industry Showcase Special with SUNSHINE & BULLETS


Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short n sweet this week. We’re running around crazy getting the Industry Showcase together. We’ll see you all at the event on Sept 28th. Last night in the Dungeon was another Showcase Special with our good friends Rich and Amanda from SUNSHINE & BULLETS. It was a fun night..Hope you all could tune in..


SCARLET HOLLOW: 20/20 (debut) Melodic Revolution Records

OPETH: Coil (debut) RoadRunner Records

ORPHANED LAND: All Is One (debut) Century Media

TURISAS: Run Bhang (debut) century Media

SUNSHINE & BULLETS: Don’t Fade Away (debut)

VIRGINIA ROSE BAND: Make Believe (debut)

DRIVE 31: Hear You Again (debut)



J-ROCK’S REVIEW: I really liked this! Definitely one of Rob Zombie’s best films. Fantastic story, his most complex yet. It’s not ‘Jump Out At You’ horror, it’s slow paced. The horror is constantly there, and it will absorb you. It reminded me of 70’s classic drive-in horror films like THE WICKER MAN, NECROMANCY, THE DUNWICH HORROR, and it closely resembled ROSEMARYS BABY, and I loved that!! It’s a bit gory, but not over the top, but it’s very chilling. SHERI MOON ZOMBIE carries the film well as a Shock Jock DJ in Salem Mass who has become possessed by the Devil. The story centers around a resurrected coven of witches that bring her into the fold to become Satans bride (or something like that). It all begins when the radio station receives a vinyl lp from a group called ‘The Lords’. They spin it on air and it possesses people in town. The radio station eventually books The Lords to perform, and of course, all hell breaks loose. Hang around for the news announcement during the ending credits. That ties the entire story together. Tons of horror film luminaries have cameos in the film, and if you’re into Drive-In horror films from the 70’s like’ll love this!!

PATTY’S REVIEW: I actually loved Sheri’s acting in this psychedelic, artsy, thriller, horror film. I feel it was her best role ever. All the actors did an amazing job in fact. The location was also brilliant, it had plenty of atmosphere. And I REALLY loved the score from JOHN 5, it really set the right mood for me, and I was sucked in. Didn’t understand why Sheri was naked all the time, or why her butt crack was showing while she was passed out (lol). I guess if you got it, flaunt it. It got a bit crazy for me at the end with the cartoon Jesus, and a demon that looked like Sasquatch. I also wondered what happened to Sheri’s dog (Animal lover here). But overall, I felt it was Rob Zombie’s best film. It scared me!!


NEXT WEEK ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: The Showcase Specials continue!! We’ll be joined by our friends in THE DEFIANT. We’ll be spinning DEFIANT stuff and lots more Showcase bands..Gonna be a crazy time..Tune in next week


Sat 9/14: State Theatre: CHRISTIAN DEATH w/ THE FUNERAL DAZIES, SIBYLS: Well, a ‘real’ horror comes to town. 70’s Horror/Punk legends ‘Christian Death are invading the State Theatre in all their evil glory. Brave the nether, darken the eyes, and get ready for a scary show!! For more and tickets, visit the State Theatre website

Cya At The Show



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