Industry Showcase Special with THE DEFIANT


Hey Fiends,

Man, we’re 11 days away from THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2013. The anticipation is at a fever pitch right now. To calm everyone’s nerves, we quickly threw together a ‘Pre-Party’ concert event for this Friday night (see below). A lot of the Showcase bands will be attending, and we’ll party like Rockstars (lol). Hope you all had a chance to tune in for another Industry Showcase Special last night. We had our friends CRAIG and DOUG from the band THE DEFIANT in the Dungeon with us. We had a great time. And yes, we got hammered!! They took ‘Album Of The Year’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show AND you’ll see ’em tear up the stage at the Showcase this year..


ANURYZM: Wide Awake (debut track) Melodic Revolution Records

BEASTO BLANCO: Live Fast Die Loud

MICHAEL MONROE (featuring LEMMY): The Art Of Debauchery (Universal Records)

DARK MATTER: Color Of Pain (debut)


BULLETS FIRST: Harder Faster (debut)

A GENTLEMEN ARMY: Empty Nest (debut)

4 EVER ENDEAVOUR: Round And Round (debut)



NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It will be our final installment of the Showcase Specials. It will also be our most ‘brutal special. Prepare to have your face ripped off!! We’ll be chatting with Mike from the North Carolina based metal band FINAL CURSE. They were one of the Grand Prize Winners from our radio competitions back in Feb. They won that coveted slot to perform at the Showcase this year, and we can’t wait to see them destroy the stage. We’ll also be announcing the lineup, panelists, and sponsors for the final time on air. If you need to see this info in print, go find the event page at facebook


Friday 9/20: The Local 662: INDUSTRY SHOWCASE PRE-PARTY w/ 7 YEARS PAST, JACKMANTRA, POLAR SUMMER, G2P. Yes, I know we said we were not going to do a Pre-Party this year, but the demand was a bit overwhelming. Almost all of the Showcase bands will be in attendance. SEVEN YEARS PAST, G2P, and POLAR SUMMER are actually Showcase alumni, so plan on having a crazy time. Plan on gettin hammered because we have a full week to recover before the Showcase. Doors are at 7pm. Get more info at our site

Cya At The Party



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