The Dance Of The Dead! Shocktober’s Creepy Closing



Hey Fiends,

We closed out the Shocktober season with the annual ‘Dance Of The Dead’ last night. Did you experience it? Unfortunately, a lot of you missed the event due to technical difficulties on a few of our more popular radio stations. We have decided to air it again next Monday night. We were going to take a week off anyway. Rather than airing a ‘Best Of’ show, we came to the conclusion to air the Dance once again. It might not have the same impact, but you need to hear it…

So what is the Dance Of The Dead? Our longtime listeners have been experiencing this phenomenon for years. It’s really a ‘treat’ for our ‘darker’ audience. It’s basically an unholy gathering of all the spirits that haunt our Dungeon where we broadcast the Rock Solid Pressure Show from. We have a resident ghost that we see all the time down here. His name is (was) Jacob Collins. Every year we put together some extremely strange music and we turn the show over to the ghosts. Jacob is the ringleader for the dance. You actually hear them trying to break through to our world. It’s really chilling and beyond creepy. The ghosts were extremely active last night, that’s why we are airing it again. We don’t want any of you to miss it.. We have had paranormal investigators and ghost hunters examine the broadcast, and they all agree..It’s some sort of phenomenon from the other side..One of our listeners, who is an actual witch, holds a seance every year during the broadcast. Another one of our listeners has a ‘OUIJA BOARD’ party during the broadcast. Those who invite a paranormal experience actually ‘get’ one..If you think you can handle something like this, then tune in next Monday night..

WHAT ARE THE BEST STATIONS TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW? The Rock Solid Pressure Show is aired on a lot of stations. We can’t even keep track. Some of them air the show on time, some of them don’t air the show ‘at all’. Our FM carriers air the show at all different times as well. The most reliable is LOCALIZED MUSIC For years they have been airing the show without any problems. The other one is PURE ROCK RADIO We have been with PRR for about 8 years. Lately, they have been having issues with their server and had to drop a few shows here and there, but basically, those are our two most reliable carriers

GOOD BYE SHOCKTOBER, WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Well, we’re coming to a close with the Halloween season. It’s been one ‘hell’ of a month. It’s Halloween year round on the RSP Show, but we really unloaded the sinister scares this year on the broadcast. Our concert season was the busiest we have seen in our 11 year history as well. It totally wore us down. Right after The Industry Showcase on Sept 28th, we were thrust into this mind bending month of nonstop national concerts. We had ILL NINO, DANZIG, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, PERIPHERY/BORN OF OSIRIS, MUSHROOMHEAD, SOULFLY, SALIVA, and finally OTEP..Needless to say, it kicked our ass! We won’t be back on the concert scene until Nov 9th. We’re taking a week off from everything. We’re going to immerse ourselves in horror movie marathons as we count down to Halloween..

We’ll be back on the air with a brand new episode on Nov 11th. We’re extremely backed up with a ton of new music for you, so make it a point to tune in. Lot’s of amazing bands to turn you on to in Nov.. We won’t be going into the vaults at all. It will be all new music for the entire month




Shocktober Shivers & Upcoming Halloween Concerts



Hey Fiends,

Hope you’re all enjoying the Halloween season so far. The Shocktober Shivers keep comin’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. It was certainly the ultimate playlist to ‘die’ for. We unleashed all the masters of fright in a spooktacular night of maniacal music. Actually, it was our last night of Shocktober for a playlist. Next week (Monday 10/28) will be our annual ‘DANCE OF THE DEAD’ broadcast. If you are not a longtime listener, and have never experienced the dance before, all we can say is..”Hold On For Dear Life”..This will be the most horrific broadcast you will ever hear..

Our show is pretty dark all year round, but the Dance Of The Dead is something else entirely..We have a resident ghost down here in the dungeon. His name is (was) Jacob Collins. Every year, right before Halloween, Jacob summons up a legion of ghosts down here. It’s like a masquerade ball for the damned. We wire up the dungeon, and you’ll hear a full hour of what’s taking place. Be prepared for a paranormal experience. If you are easily frightened, then please, don’t tune in..

ROCK SOLID PRESSURE TV: I’m sure you have all seen the facebook posts of all the episodes of Rock Solid Pressure TV. We now have 5 full episodes and we’re going to start hitting up the networks. We think this will make a ‘helluva’ splash on network TV. We would really like your thoughts on these shows. You can view all 5 episodes at our site

CONCERTS CONCERTS CONCERTS: Man, we are seeing the busiest Halloween Concert Season in our 11 year history. We’ve been involved in so many terrorific concerts this month, and this weekend we have 3 huge Halloween concerts (see below)..This past weekend was totally off the meat hook!! We had that huge PERIPHERY/BORN OF OSIRIS show, then we survived that ‘beyond amazing’ MUSHROOMHEAD show..And they keep comin!!


CRADLE OF FILTH: The Byronic Man (Roadrunner)

BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath (Warner Bros)

KING DIAMOND: From The Other Side (Metal Blade)

ROB ZOMBIE: Meet The Creeper (Geffen)

ALICE COOPER: Steven (Atlantic)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Love You To Death (Roadrunner)

FIELDS OF THE NEPHILM: Chord Of Souls (Beggars Banquet)

MINISTRY: Faith Collapsing (Sanctuary)

OPETH: Nepenthe (Roadrunner)

MURDERDOLLS: Pieces Of You (Roadrunner)

JOHN 5: The Judas Cradle (Chrysalis)


MOVIE REVIEW: CURSE OF CHUCKY: We review horror movies all year long, but we try to find new horror flicks that work well with the Shocktober Season..The new Chucky was certainly a monstrous gem..

PATTY’S REVIEW: Updated, and a very cool installment in the series. Kinda noticed some weird things with the face of the Chucky doll though. One scene he had a toothy grin, one scene he had a gummy grin, then bags under his eyes, then he looked like a girl with down syndrome, then he had a CGI face with freckles..But thankfully it goes back to the original face later in the film. Sit back and party while you watch this. Great actiing, sets, lighting, fx…Compelling soundtrack, lots of action and horror..And a surprise ending..GO SEE IT!!

MY REVIEW (CONTAINS SPOILERS): It’s always great to bring a franchise monster back in the Halloween season, and I really liked this Chucky movie. I was glad its not a comedy like the last few. It sort of turns into a comedy at the very end when Jennifer Tilly shows up, but for the most part, this is a horror movie. Well, the Brad Doriff one liners are always classic (and comedic). Brad also had a juicy part in this film besides being the voice of Chucky. One thing that bothered me though was Chuckys face. It wasn’t the original design throughout most of the movie, But it finally went back to the original face in the last 30min of the film (When the fake Chucky face is peeled off). In this sequel, Chucky gets delivered to a lady and her handicapped daughter. He kills the lady, their greedy family moves in to sell the estate, and all hell breaks loose. There’s also a great tie in to the original Childs Play. I thought the entire cast did a great job, and we even see ALEX VINCENT (Who was the original Andy in the first movie) but you have to wait till the end of the credits. I really like CURSE OF CHUCKY and highly recommend it
!* Look for ALEX VINCENT to be a guest on The Rock Solid Pressure Show next month

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW! Hang on for dear life!! The annual DANCE OF THE DEAD will be invading the airwaves. This broadcast is not for the faint of heart!! You have been warned!!

LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK (Huge week for Halloween concert events)

Thu 10/23: State Theatre: SOULFLY w/ Havok, The Defiant, Progressive Chemistry, Hang Em High

Fri 10/24: State Theatre: SALIVA w/ JackMantra, Frostfang, kheiron, Crow

Sat 10/25: State Theatre: OTEP w/ Stolen Babies, New Years Day, Lydia Can’t Breathe, Red Calling, Under Fallen Order, Bastards Of Doom

Doors are at 7pm for all the above events. We wanna see you decked out in some cool costumes too. Get more info on these events at

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Shocktober Scares & Top 10 Halloween Horror Films



Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to tune in for Monday night’s broadcast. We’re knee deep in the blood of the Shocktober season, and we’re really in our element. We’ve been at the forefront for Metal, Hard Rock, and Horror for 11 years, but in the Halloween season we really go overboard. Let’s face it, we’re a dark show. But every week in October, we attempt to cram in all the masters of terror tuneage into a giant fireball of creepy destruction. For instance, check out Monday night’s playlist to ‘die’ for.

SLIPKNOT: Gehenna (Roadrunner Records)

LORDI: Man Skin Boots (Sony / BMG)

MUSHROOMHEAD: Darker Days (Megaforce Records)

CIRCUS OF DEAD SQUIRRELS: Sea Monkey Kill (FornaNation)


CAPT CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES: Transylvania Terror Train (Hip-O Records)

TANKARD: Zombie Attack (Locomotive Records)

THE DEAD ELVI: John Agar Rules

ORGANIC BRAIN SYNDROME: Rodeo Devils (Crapbag Records)


HORRIFIC CONCERT SEASON: Not only is it our favorite time of year, but we’re seeing our biggest concert season for October in our history. Best part is, they are all Hard Rock & Metal events. Every single show has a Halloween theme too. Last night we saw a sellout crowd at The State Theatre for PERIPHERY, BORN OF OSIRIS, DEAD LETTER CIRCUS, THE LAST 10 SECONDS OF LIFE, THE STOIC, KADAVER DOLLS. This was easily the best concert of October so far, but we still have 4 more to go. Keep checking the calendar at our site or go check out the State Theatre site for a full list of upcoming events

TOP 10 LIST OF HALLOWEEN THEMED HORROR FILMS: Yes, our lives revolve around music and horror movies. In Shocktober, we also go overboard with the horror flicks (Don’t you?). It’s pretty much a horror fest all year round with us, but we put together a Top 10 list of essential Halloween themed horror flicks that you should be enjoying right now. It was tough to choose only 10 because there are tons of horror movies out there with a Halloween theme. After soul searching and howling at the moon, here’s what we came up with..

#10) MAY (2002)

#9) JACK-O (1995)

#8) GINGER SNAPS (2000)

#7) IDLE HANDS (1999)

#6) TRICK R TREAT (2007)


#4) HELL NIGHT (1981)

#3) TRICK OR TREAT (1986)


#1) HALLOWEEN (John Carpenter & Rob Zombie versions)

SHOWCASE NEWS: A lot of results from The Industry Showcase are listed in the blog below. We have even MORE news to announce right now. It seems KADAVER DOLLS, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA, and FINAL CURSE will be signing with SPREAD THE METAL RECORDS from Canada..So much has happened at the 2013 Showcase, and we’re still getting results in, so stay posted..

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It will be our final night of spinning a ‘real’ playlist for the Shocktober season. We will be unleashing all the masters of terror tuneage (you know who they are) And we’ll also be reviewing CURSE OF CHUCKY. And on Oct 28th, we will be airing our annual DANCE OF THE DEAD. If you have never experienced the dance before, be prepared to be shocked out of your socks. Our dungeon will be invaded by real ghosts and we throw your ass right in the middle of all the action. You will definitely get a paranormal experience from listening. It might be a bit ‘too’ frightening for everyones taste, so listen at your own risk..


Friday 10/18: State Theatre: MUSHROOMHEAD, ONE EYED DOLL, X FACTOR 1, IONIA, PSYKOTRIBE, FORGIVING SILENCE: This is gonna be a huge Halloween concert, so get decked out in your creepiest costume, and get ready for some maniacal metal. We’ve been anticipating this show for a long time. Its the 25th Anniv of Mushroomhead, and it will feature all the original members of the band. This show is on its way to selling out, so get your tix NOW!! For more info visit the State Theatre site

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Enter Shocktober / Industry Showcase 2013



Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in to the show last night. We kicked off SHOCKTOBER with some creepy gems from the 70’s. We went deep into the vaults, and exhumed the darkest stuff we could find from that era. The Halloween season is easily our favorite time of year. The Rock Solid Pressure Show is always dark , but in Shocktober we really crank out the terror tuneage. Last night was just a warmup of what we have in store for you in the coming weeks. We are also enjoying our busiest Halloween concert season ‘ever’…So many great concerts this month. And every one of em will be a Halloween Party indeed. This past weekend we kicked off Shocktober with a kickass show at The Local 662 which featured ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, 3D BURN, STONEGREY, and SAHE..That was an amazing night, and all the bands got onstage for an encore jam at the end (even me..well, thats been known to happen)..Then Sunday night we survived that ‘amazing’ ILL NINO show at State Theatre. Man was that fun! Also on the bill was SUNFLOWER DEAD, IN-CYDE,, CAROLINA BURN, AT SHOVELS END, and SEVENSINS..That was certainly a night to remember..More concerts this week too (see below)

But the concert that will be on everyone’s lips for quite some time, is THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2013. This happened at State Theatre on Sept 28th. It was the 11 Year Anniversary for the event, and I can now say it was our most productive Showcase EVER!! We usually get a signing every year, but this year we are getting multiple signings..And they keep coming. We had one of the best Industry panels in our history, and they all are doing amazing things for their favorite bands. We made all the formal announcements on last nights broadcast, but if you missed the show..Here’s what’s happening so far in the Post-Showcase results..


*BLAINE THE MONO signed a Development Deal with HIGH SONIC RECORDS


*BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA is awaiting an endorsement from DDRUM

*VIRGINIA ROSE BAND was awarded 5 free hours with Q ENTERTAINMENT LAW

*A(K)NEW was awarded 5 free hours of studio time from FULL WAVE SOUND

*Producer SHARON WHETSTONE has chosen the following bands to be included on the soundtrack for the upcoming film ‘Vendetta’..VIRGINIA ROSE BAND, A(K)NEW, DRVN, SUNSHINE & BULLETS, DRIVE 31..And there might be more

Next week we will be announcing some signings from STM RECORDS. We’re still waiting to see who mega-producer MATT LaPLANT has chosen to work with this year. I know there has been some contact with THE DEFIANT and BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA. We’ll keep you up to date as we get the info in. We’re also still waiting to hear if  JASON BIELER is interested in signing a Showcase band. Usually, it does not happen this fast, so we’re really overjoyed at all the cool things that are happening right now..Stay posted to this blog every week


LUCIFERS FRIEND: Lucifers Friend (1970)

JUDAS PRIEST: Winter Deep Freeze (1974)

BLACK SABBATH: Lord Of This World (1971)

SCORPIONS: I’m Going Mad (1972)

EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Knife Edge (1971)

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Astronomy (1973)

ALICE COOPER: Wish You Were Here (1976)


DANZIG: Bodies (1992)



Wed 10/9: The Cuban Club: DANZIG, DOYLE, BUTCHER BABIES, A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, MURDERFLY, SERVANTS OF THE MIST, ARBITRATION: This is gonna be ‘beyond incredible..2 stages for this horrific festival. Get the scary costumes on..This is gonna be a fright fest!! Doors at 5pm, so get there early. Get all the info at

NEXT WEEK ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: We’ll be spinning our favorite ‘Bands That Wear Masks’ and we’re gonna dig up some horror themed classics for ya..Gonna be a celebration for the damned..JOIN US

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