Shocktober Scares & Top 10 Halloween Horror Films


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to tune in for Monday night’s broadcast. We’re knee deep in the blood of the Shocktober season, and we’re really in our element. We’ve been at the forefront for Metal, Hard Rock, and Horror for 11 years, but in the Halloween season we really go overboard. Let’s face it, we’re a dark show. But every week in October, we attempt to cram in all the masters of terror tuneage into a giant fireball of creepy destruction. For instance, check out Monday night’s playlist to ‘die’ for.

SLIPKNOT: Gehenna (Roadrunner Records)

LORDI: Man Skin Boots (Sony / BMG)

MUSHROOMHEAD: Darker Days (Megaforce Records)

CIRCUS OF DEAD SQUIRRELS: Sea Monkey Kill (FornaNation)


CAPT CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES: Transylvania Terror Train (Hip-O Records)

TANKARD: Zombie Attack (Locomotive Records)

THE DEAD ELVI: John Agar Rules

ORGANIC BRAIN SYNDROME: Rodeo Devils (Crapbag Records)


HORRIFIC CONCERT SEASON: Not only is it our favorite time of year, but we’re seeing our biggest concert season for October in our history. Best part is, they are all Hard Rock & Metal events. Every single show has a Halloween theme too. Last night we saw a sellout crowd at The State Theatre for PERIPHERY, BORN OF OSIRIS, DEAD LETTER CIRCUS, THE LAST 10 SECONDS OF LIFE, THE STOIC, KADAVER DOLLS. This was easily the best concert of October so far, but we still have 4 more to go. Keep checking the calendar at our site or go check out the State Theatre site for a full list of upcoming events

TOP 10 LIST OF HALLOWEEN THEMED HORROR FILMS: Yes, our lives revolve around music and horror movies. In Shocktober, we also go overboard with the horror flicks (Don’t you?). It’s pretty much a horror fest all year round with us, but we put together a Top 10 list of essential Halloween themed horror flicks that you should be enjoying right now. It was tough to choose only 10 because there are tons of horror movies out there with a Halloween theme. After soul searching and howling at the moon, here’s what we came up with..

#10) MAY (2002)

#9) JACK-O (1995)

#8) GINGER SNAPS (2000)

#7) IDLE HANDS (1999)

#6) TRICK R TREAT (2007)


#4) HELL NIGHT (1981)

#3) TRICK OR TREAT (1986)


#1) HALLOWEEN (John Carpenter & Rob Zombie versions)

SHOWCASE NEWS: A lot of results from The Industry Showcase are listed in the blog below. We have even MORE news to announce right now. It seems KADAVER DOLLS, BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA, and FINAL CURSE will be signing with SPREAD THE METAL RECORDS from Canada..So much has happened at the 2013 Showcase, and we’re still getting results in, so stay posted..

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It will be our final night of spinning a ‘real’ playlist for the Shocktober season. We will be unleashing all the masters of terror tuneage (you know who they are) And we’ll also be reviewing CURSE OF CHUCKY. And on Oct 28th, we will be airing our annual DANCE OF THE DEAD. If you have never experienced the dance before, be prepared to be shocked out of your socks. Our dungeon will be invaded by real ghosts and we throw your ass right in the middle of all the action. You will definitely get a paranormal experience from listening. It might be a bit ‘too’ frightening for everyones taste, so listen at your own risk..


Friday 10/18: State Theatre: MUSHROOMHEAD, ONE EYED DOLL, X FACTOR 1, IONIA, PSYKOTRIBE, FORGIVING SILENCE: This is gonna be a huge Halloween concert, so get decked out in your creepiest costume, and get ready for some maniacal metal. We’ve been anticipating this show for a long time. Its the 25th Anniv of Mushroomhead, and it will feature all the original members of the band. This show is on its way to selling out, so get your tix NOW!! For more info visit the State Theatre site

Cya At The Show



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