The Dance Of The Dead! Shocktober’s Creepy Closing


Hey Fiends,

We closed out the Shocktober season with the annual ‘Dance Of The Dead’ last night. Did you experience it? Unfortunately, a lot of you missed the event due to technical difficulties on a few of our more popular radio stations. We have decided to air it again next Monday night. We were going to take a week off anyway. Rather than airing a ‘Best Of’ show, we came to the conclusion to air the Dance once again. It might not have the same impact, but you need to hear it…

So what is the Dance Of The Dead? Our longtime listeners have been experiencing this phenomenon for years. It’s really a ‘treat’ for our ‘darker’ audience. It’s basically an unholy gathering of all the spirits that haunt our Dungeon where we broadcast the Rock Solid Pressure Show from. We have a resident ghost that we see all the time down here. His name is (was) Jacob Collins. Every year we put together some extremely strange music and we turn the show over to the ghosts. Jacob is the ringleader for the dance. You actually hear them trying to break through to our world. It’s really chilling and beyond creepy. The ghosts were extremely active last night, that’s why we are airing it again. We don’t want any of you to miss it.. We have had paranormal investigators and ghost hunters examine the broadcast, and they all agree..It’s some sort of phenomenon from the other side..One of our listeners, who is an actual witch, holds a seance every year during the broadcast. Another one of our listeners has a ‘OUIJA BOARD’ party during the broadcast. Those who invite a paranormal experience actually ‘get’ one..If you think you can handle something like this, then tune in next Monday night..

WHAT ARE THE BEST STATIONS TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW? The Rock Solid Pressure Show is aired on a lot of stations. We can’t even keep track. Some of them air the show on time, some of them don’t air the show ‘at all’. Our FM carriers air the show at all different times as well. The most reliable is LOCALIZED MUSIC For years they have been airing the show without any problems. The other one is PURE ROCK RADIO We have been with PRR for about 8 years. Lately, they have been having issues with their server and had to drop a few shows here and there, but basically, those are our two most reliable carriers

GOOD BYE SHOCKTOBER, WE HARDLY KNEW YE: Well, we’re coming to a close with the Halloween season. It’s been one ‘hell’ of a month. It’s Halloween year round on the RSP Show, but we really unloaded the sinister scares this year on the broadcast. Our concert season was the busiest we have seen in our 11 year history as well. It totally wore us down. Right after The Industry Showcase on Sept 28th, we were thrust into this mind bending month of nonstop national concerts. We had ILL NINO, DANZIG, VOODOO GLOW SKULLS, PERIPHERY/BORN OF OSIRIS, MUSHROOMHEAD, SOULFLY, SALIVA, and finally OTEP..Needless to say, it kicked our ass! We won’t be back on the concert scene until Nov 9th. We’re taking a week off from everything. We’re going to immerse ourselves in horror movie marathons as we count down to Halloween..

We’ll be back on the air with a brand new episode on Nov 11th. We’re extremely backed up with a ton of new music for you, so make it a point to tune in. Lot’s of amazing bands to turn you on to in Nov.. We won’t be going into the vaults at all. It will be all new music for the entire month




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