Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch our ‘Fangsgiving’ special last night. If you missed it, don’t panic!! We’ll be airing a rerun next week. We have decided to take a week off every month. After almost 12 years with only a handful of reruns under our belt. We have come to the conclusion that we deserve a break every month to get our heads together. Let’s face it, all the other DJ’s do it, and most of them make a helluva great paycheck. We do not make a great paycheck. We do this for the love of music. And we do this to turn YOU on to some of the most explosive music in the world. Music you will rarely hear, or never hear, from your corporate DJ’s. Our work on the national concert scene is what pays our bills. And over the last few years, our workload in the concert industry has reached epic proportions. This break every month will also give us a chance to keep THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW on top as one of the most well known Hard Rock / Metal broadcasts in history..C’mon, 12 years and still going strong. We could have thrown in the towel many years ago like so many of our peers in this business..But we’ll ‘never’ do that. There’s too many minds out there that have not been corrupted yet (lol)

Last night was our final edition of CENTURY MEDIA MONTH. For the entire month, the first half of the show was all kickass bands from Century Media Records. They are bombarding us with some of the coolest releases on the planet. So much so, we had to dedicate the entire month to the label..Just to keep up!! We’ll still be spinning all the newest releases from the most well known Hard Rock / Metal label in the world. We just had an overabundance of music from this incredible label, and we gave ‘thanks’ in a big way!! We also celebrated our longtime friends at FRONTIERS RECORDS last night. They handle a ton of legendary bands and artists from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. If you ever wondered what happened to a lot of your favorite bands from back in the day. Chances are, they are still putting out new albums on Frontiers Records


HEART OF A COWARD: Eclipsed (debut) Century Media Records

EVILE: Outsider (debut) Earache / Century Media Records

MALEVOLENCE: Serpents Chokehold (debut) Siege Of Amida / Century Media

VATTNET VISKAR: Apex (debut) Century Media Records

JUDICATOR: Living End (debut)

FROSTFANG: Death Eagle (debut)

THE HANGING CHADS: Whatever (debut)

SEVENTH KEY: I’ll Survive (debut) Frontiers Records

STRYPER: Marching Into Battle (debut) Frontiers Records

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: The Moon Is Shining (debut) Frontiers Records

THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014: Hey, all you unsigned bands out there. The submission gates close on Dec 31st for the annual radio competitions. You can submit through our Reverbnation page or submit through our site You could find your band playing the Industry Showcase next year..If you kick ass in battle that is!! This is NOT for Florida bands. We already know who the best Florida bands are. These Florida acts will already be performing at the Showcase. We’re searching for the best out of state bands for this competition. The lineup is filling up fast. We have already secured battle spots for bands from CA, AZ, TN, AL, OK, SC, IL, and more. We only have a few spots left to fill. So if you ‘really’ want to move your career forward, and you think you have what it takes to impress us, there’s only a few spots left..HURRY!!

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A Dark Night In The Dungeon



Hey Fiends,

If you caught the broadcast last night, you might be recovering from all the darkness and despair we dished out. Let’s face it, it’s always a dark journey on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. But last night, we just had the aura of dread throughout the broadcast.  The cards just fell into place for a track selection that was manic and morose. . We’re also enjoying CENTURY MEDIA MONTH and we’re squeezing in as much CM music as we possibly can. The label has been extremely kind to us. Not only are they THEE best Hard Rock/Metal label on the planet, but the reps are so personable and cool. YES, I am currently working on having Century Media Records at the next Industry Showcase as well..

So not only are we getting slammed with new releases from Century Media, but we’re also being slammed with new releases from our longtime family of labels. It’s getting more and more difficult to crack the vaults these days. It seems like the entire past year has seen all debut tracks on every show. In December, we promise to hit the vaults more frequently though. We’re actually working on one of those cool ‘classic’ metal shows for December..Stay posted


NECROWRETCH: Called From The Grave (Century Media) debut

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Juular (Century Media) debut

INSOMNIUM: Ephemeral (Century Media) debut

THE MORE I SEE: Humans (Century Media) debut

PARADISE LOST: Ending Through Change (Century Media) debut

KADAVER DOLLS: Death Of A Superhero (STM Records) debut

SEVENSINS: Orion (debut)

AT SHOVELS END: Collapse (debut)

XFACTOR1: Shadow Of Desperation (Megaforce Records) debut

LUDER: Dirge (Small Stone Records) debut

THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014:  Just want to let all you unsigned bands know that we are currently taking submissions for the annual radio competitions. Your band could be playing at the Industry Showcase next year. You can submit through our site at or submit through our Reverbnation page. THIS COMPETITION IS NOT FOR FLORIDA BANDS: We already know who the outstanding Florida bands are. We pick the absolute ‘best’ Florida bands to play the showcase every year. They do not need to compete. This competition is for out-of-state, and out-of-country bands only..Submission gates close on Dec 31st

ROCK SOLID PRESSURE TV: We”re about to launch a massive shopping campaign to the networks to try to get RSP-TV some type of network deal. We feel it could blow up big. It would really be cool if you went to our site and checked out all 5 episodes. We need the hits and we would really appreciate the support. We’ve helped and launched so many bands into the industry, I would really appreciate a ‘give back’ favor. And yes, we take note of the people who really support us..


Thursday 11/21: State Theatre: SAVING ABEL / EYE EMPIRE w/ SUNSHINE & BULLETS, 4 EVER ENDEAVOUR, DRESSED TO KILL: We’ve been waiting for this show all month!! We wanna see you all out in force for this event. Doors are at 6pm. Bands start at 6:30pm

Friday 11/22: The local 662: MURKFEST 2 featuring VIRGINIA ROSE BAND, SAMAURAI SHOTGUN, BIG BLU HOUSE, STONEGREY, TRANQUILL, and a lot more acts: We expect the 662 to be jammed packed until 3:00am. It’s going to be a late night, so get plenty of rest on Friday. Bands start at 8:00pm

Get more info on both of these events at the State Theatre website

Cya At The Shows


Veterans Day In The Dungeon / Century Media Month



Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in last night for our annual Veterans Day Special. We celebrate our troops and our vets all year round, but it’s an honor for us to dedicate an entire show to our military. The Rock Solid Pressure Show is one of the most patriotic Hard Rock/Metal shows on the planet, and we’re proud to have that moniker. We don’t always agree with the Government, but we go out of our way to celebrate those who protect and serve..Last night’s playlist was sprinkled with Battle Hymns and War Anthems, and the shrapnel was flying!!

We took a well deserved week off, so we were backed up in the new music dept. The Shocktober concert season nearly finished us off, and the ‘Dance Of The Dead’ broadcast was beyond horrifying this year. In fact, it was so terrifying, we ran a rerun last week for the people who did not get to experience it..Its sad to see the Halloween season go, but it’s Halloween every week down here in the Dungeon lol..You should know that by now.

CENTURY MEDIA MONTH: It’s pretty much all debut trax on the show these days. Our affiliation with some of the biggest record labels in the world is proving it difficult to go in the vaults these days though. Although the Shocktober Season always gives us a chance to crack the vaults for monstrous classics, the rest of the year is mostly debut tracks. Our affiliation with CENTURY MEDIA RECORDS is also keeping us on our toes. They have been slamming us with tons of awesome new releases, and we’re spinning every single one for you. In fact, we’re proclaiming November as CENTURY MEDIA MONTH. Each week, the first half of the show will be ‘new’ releases from Century Media. The label has been extremely kind to us, so we’re giving back and celebrating the best Hard Rock/Metal label on the planet. They have been a great addition to our family of record labels this past year, so tune in every week and raise the goblet in celebration with us..


WINDS OF PLAGUE: Open The Gates (Century Media) debut

WARBRINGER: Off With Their Heads (Century Media) debut

KILL DEVIL HILL: Where Angels Dare (Century Media) debut

EYES SET TO KILL: Surface (Century Media) debut

OTHERWISE: Soldiers (Century Media) debut

MORPHEUS RISING: Fear Of Nothing (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

SASQUATCH: Eye Of The Storm (Small Stone Records) debut

SIRENS CRY: Oratory Sins (Nightmare Records) debut

RED CALLING: Let Me Fade (debut)

SEVEN YEARS PAST: My Weakness (debut)

THE DEFIANT: Old 666 (One of the greatest Battle Hymns ever written)

*SUBMISSION GATES ARE NOW OPEN: Hey, all you unsigned bands out there!! The submission gates are now open for THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014. The battle’s kick off in Feb so get your head outta your ass and take your career by the horns. YOUR band could be playing the Industry Showcase down here in Florida in Sept 2014. So many bands have been signed due to their exposure at the Showcase. We had 4 signings this past year alone. Not to mention the endorsements, press, free studio time, music inclusion in a feature film, consultation time with an Entertainment Lawyer, etc. We’ve been doing this for 11 years!! We have an outstanding, proven track record, so if you feel your band is professional enough to do battle on the airwaves in Feb, then send us your stuff. You can find the submission details at our site We even have a submission page on Reverbnation, but no Florida bands will accepted through that page. That is mainly for out of state (and out of country) acts..


Friday 11/15: The Local 662: HORNS A PLENTY FESTIVAL with JUDICATOR, BREAK THIS CURSE, KADAVER DOLLS, HANG EM HIGH, WITCH BASTARD: This is gonna be an insane night of Metal in St. Pete. It’s extremely rare to have metal acts in the 662 these days, so come out and show the horns in support!! KADAVER DOLLS will also be celebrating their signing to STM RECORDS at the Showcase, so this is a special show for the band!! BE THERE!! You can get all the info at The State Theatre website

Cya At The Shows