A Dark Night In The Dungeon


Hey Fiends,

If you caught the broadcast last night, you might be recovering from all the darkness and despair we dished out. Let’s face it, it’s always a dark journey on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. But last night, we just had the aura of dread throughout the broadcast.  The cards just fell into place for a track selection that was manic and morose. . We’re also enjoying CENTURY MEDIA MONTH and we’re squeezing in as much CM music as we possibly can. The label has been extremely kind to us. Not only are they THEE best Hard Rock/Metal label on the planet, but the reps are so personable and cool. YES, I am currently working on having Century Media Records at the next Industry Showcase as well..

So not only are we getting slammed with new releases from Century Media, but we’re also being slammed with new releases from our longtime family of labels. It’s getting more and more difficult to crack the vaults these days. It seems like the entire past year has seen all debut tracks on every show. In December, we promise to hit the vaults more frequently though. We’re actually working on one of those cool ‘classic’ metal shows for December..Stay posted


NECROWRETCH: Called From The Grave (Century Media) debut

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Juular (Century Media) debut

INSOMNIUM: Ephemeral (Century Media) debut

THE MORE I SEE: Humans (Century Media) debut

PARADISE LOST: Ending Through Change (Century Media) debut

KADAVER DOLLS: Death Of A Superhero (STM Records) debut

SEVENSINS: Orion (debut)

AT SHOVELS END: Collapse (debut)

XFACTOR1: Shadow Of Desperation (Megaforce Records) debut

LUDER: Dirge (Small Stone Records) debut

THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014:  Just want to let all you unsigned bands know that we are currently taking submissions for the annual radio competitions. Your band could be playing at the Industry Showcase next year. You can submit through our site at http://www.RockSolidPressure.com or submit through our Reverbnation page. THIS COMPETITION IS NOT FOR FLORIDA BANDS: We already know who the outstanding Florida bands are. We pick the absolute ‘best’ Florida bands to play the showcase every year. They do not need to compete. This competition is for out-of-state, and out-of-country bands only..Submission gates close on Dec 31st

ROCK SOLID PRESSURE TV: We”re about to launch a massive shopping campaign to the networks to try to get RSP-TV some type of network deal. We feel it could blow up big. It would really be cool if you went to our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com and checked out all 5 episodes. We need the hits and we would really appreciate the support. We’ve helped and launched so many bands into the industry, I would really appreciate a ‘give back’ favor. And yes, we take note of the people who really support us..


Thursday 11/21: State Theatre: SAVING ABEL / EYE EMPIRE w/ SUNSHINE & BULLETS, 4 EVER ENDEAVOUR, DRESSED TO KILL: We’ve been waiting for this show all month!! We wanna see you all out in force for this event. Doors are at 6pm. Bands start at 6:30pm

Friday 11/22: The local 662: MURKFEST 2 featuring VIRGINIA ROSE BAND, SAMAURAI SHOTGUN, BIG BLU HOUSE, STONEGREY, TRANQUILL, and a lot more acts: We expect the 662 to be jammed packed until 3:00am. It’s going to be a late night, so get plenty of rest on Friday. Bands start at 8:00pm

Get more info on both of these events at the State Theatre website http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Cya At The Shows



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