Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch our ‘Fangsgiving’ special last night. If you missed it, don’t panic!! We’ll be airing a rerun next week. We have decided to take a week off every month. After almost 12 years with only a handful of reruns under our belt. We have come to the conclusion that we deserve a break every month to get our heads together. Let’s face it, all the other DJ’s do it, and most of them make a helluva great paycheck. We do not make a great paycheck. We do this for the love of music. And we do this to turn YOU on to some of the most explosive music in the world. Music you will rarely hear, or never hear, from your corporate DJ’s. Our work on the national concert scene is what pays our bills. And over the last few years, our workload in the concert industry has reached epic proportions. This break every month will also give us a chance to keep THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW on top as one of the most well known Hard Rock / Metal broadcasts in history..C’mon, 12 years and still going strong. We could have thrown in the towel many years ago like so many of our peers in this business..But we’ll ‘never’ do that. There’s too many minds out there that have not been corrupted yet (lol)

Last night was our final edition of CENTURY MEDIA MONTH. For the entire month, the first half of the show was all kickass bands from Century Media Records. They are bombarding us with some of the coolest releases on the planet. So much so, we had to dedicate the entire month to the label..Just to keep up!! We’ll still be spinning all the newest releases from the most well known Hard Rock / Metal label in the world. We just had an overabundance of music from this incredible label, and we gave ‘thanks’ in a big way!! We also celebrated our longtime friends at FRONTIERS RECORDS last night. They handle a ton of legendary bands and artists from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. If you ever wondered what happened to a lot of your favorite bands from back in the day. Chances are, they are still putting out new albums on Frontiers Records


HEART OF A COWARD: Eclipsed (debut) Century Media Records

EVILE: Outsider (debut) Earache / Century Media Records

MALEVOLENCE: Serpents Chokehold (debut) Siege Of Amida / Century Media

VATTNET VISKAR: Apex (debut) Century Media Records

JUDICATOR: Living End (debut)

FROSTFANG: Death Eagle (debut)

THE HANGING CHADS: Whatever (debut)

SEVENTH KEY: I’ll Survive (debut) Frontiers Records

STRYPER: Marching Into Battle (debut) Frontiers Records

BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: The Moon Is Shining (debut) Frontiers Records

THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014: Hey, all you unsigned bands out there. The submission gates close on Dec 31st for the annual radio competitions. You can submit through our Reverbnation page or submit through our site You could find your band playing the Industry Showcase next year..If you kick ass in battle that is!! This is NOT for Florida bands. We already know who the best Florida bands are. These Florida acts will already be performing at the Showcase. We’re searching for the best out of state bands for this competition. The lineup is filling up fast. We have already secured battle spots for bands from CA, AZ, TN, AL, OK, SC, IL, and more. We only have a few spots left to fill. So if you ‘really’ want to move your career forward, and you think you have what it takes to impress us, there’s only a few spots left..HURRY!!

Thats All I Got

Cya At The Shows



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