Decking The Dungeon Halls


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a bloody awesome ‘Fangsgiving’. It was freezing down here in Florida for the holiday, and I was diggin the hell out of it. But we’re back to the tropical heat and the rest of the country is caught in a frozen tundra of mayhem. But we can’t escape the icy blast altogether. Our annual cold snap is almost upon us, and I’m anxiously awaiting more seasonal temperatures. It’s always cold down here in the Dungeon though, and we’ve been decking the dungeon halls as we get ready for the Holiday specials. Next week on The Rock Solid Pressure Show (Dec 16th) We’re unwrapping a very special Christmas gift for all the fans of 70’s and 80’s Hard Rock and Metal. We always hit the vaults now and then, but next week, the entire playlist will be filled with classics and obscure tracks from the golden age of metal. But don’t expect any of the ‘same old’ songs..We’re gonna blow your mind (Like we always do lol). Then on Dec 23rd, it’s our annual HORRIFIC HOLIDAY SPECIAL. This year we’re inviting some bands and good friends to join us the Dungeon (Yes, like the old days). We haven’t done a huge Christmas special like this since 2008. Bands will be jamming twisted Christmas songs, and of course, we’re gonna spin some twisted holiday classics. We want you all to tune in and join us. Then on Dec 30th, it’s our annual BEST OF 2013 show. this is a ‘big’ show every year. I’m sure you will all tune in to catch our ‘Best Of’ picks from 2013..It was a great year for music!!

SO WHO MISSED THE SHOW LAST NIGHT? A couple of our most recognizable radio stations had some problems with the feed last night. It was a monstrously kickass show! Well, don’t panic will be airing the show again on Thursday night at 8:00pm (est). If you heard the broadcast, then it’s a rare occasion for you to relive the orgasmic joy of hearing it again…


BLACK SABBATH: God Is Dead? (debut track) Vertigo Records

MALEVOLENCE: Turn To Stone (debut track) Siege Of Amida Records

KILL DEVIL HILL: Wake Up The Dead (debut track) century Media Records

TEAM CYBERGEIST: Zombie (debut track)

DARK MATTER: Gnashing Of Teeth (debut track)

N.Y.C.: The One

MANGOO: Lose Yourself (Small Stone Records)

BEAUTIFUL GAMBLER: Not Of This Earth (debut)



Friday 12/13: State Theatre: ROCKIN THE HOLIDAYS PART FIVE: Yes fiends, here we go again!! The annual Christmas Party is this Friday night. Some of the best bands in the area will be crankin out the Christmas Carnage. And yes, all the bands will be playing a Holiday Song in their set (It’s tradition). The lineup is incredible this year. We have JACK MANTRA, SEVEN YEARS PAST, THE DOOD, DRASTIC FALL, SAHE, and THE HANGING CHADS!! Come on out and celebrate with us. This is for everyone that is in our ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ family, and we’re always welcoming new souls into the fold. Doors are at 7pm..If you want to see the amazing flier (that everyone’s talkin about) just go to our site or get more info at The State Theatre site there

That’s all I got



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