Golden Age Of Metal / Top 10 Christmas Horror Movies


Hey Fiends,

Hope you’re having a killer holiday season so far. We’re certainly going overboard with celebrating this year. We survived our first Christmas Concert this past weekend (Rockin The Holidays Part 5), and we have a couple more events coming up this weekend. Normally at this time, we’re spinning a bunch of twisted Christmas tunes, but we’re not doing that this year. We’re saving all of that for next week’s ‘Horrific Holiday Special’ which we promise will be the best holiday broadcast Why 2008 you ask? Because thats the last time we had live bands perform twisted Christmas songs on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Well, we’re doing it again next week (see below)..

THE GOLDEN AGE OF METAL: We wanted to give all the metal purists an early gift this year. A lot of you write in to play more PRIEST and MAIDEN, and stuff from The Golden Age Of Metal. We occasionally go into the vaults and spin the classics, but last night, the entire broadcast was classic, rare, and obscure tracks from the dawn of Hard Rock & Metal. Our goal was to actually stump the purists (and I’m one of them). I think we succeeded. Sure, you might have known most of the tracks. But some of them would even stump ‘Eddie Trunk’ (lol). How did you fare in our little ‘Metal I.Q. test? Here’s how it went down

JUDAS PRIEST: Island Of Domination (From 1976)

SCORPIONS: Inheritance (From 1972)

ANVIL: Metal On Metal (From 1982)

ANNIHILATOR: Welcome To Your Death (From 1989)

IRON MAIDEN: Invaders (From 1982)

RACER X: Motor Man (From 1987)

LUCIFERS FRIEND: Ride The Sky (From 1970)

CRIMSON GLORY: Eternal World (From 1988)

DIO: Stand Up And Shout (From 1983)

JETHRO TULL: Hymn 43 (From 1971)

MOTORHEAD: I’m The Doctor (From 1982)

Of course you knew a lot of these tracks, but we threw you for a loop with a couple of them. We didn’t want to play SABBATH, MEGADETH, METALLICA, SLAYER, SEPULTURA, BLUE OYSTER CULT, etc, because we always spin those bands. We wanted to go in a more obscure direction. And if you’re as old as I am (I’m damn near a relic) you might have suffered a mid-life crisis during the broadcast..

THE TOP 10 CHRISTMAS HORROR MOVIES OF ALL TIME: We’re a bit twisted, and nothing gets us in the Christmas spirit more than watching the Christmas Horror Movies. Every year at this time, we run down our picks of these killer classics. It’s been a holiday tradition on the Rock Solid Pressure Show since 2002. A lot of people are not into the traditional, and boring holiday fare like IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE, and all that stuff. Let’s face it, a ton of people get depressed over the holiday season. Those traditional sappy movies get you MORE depressed. And a sure fire way to beat that holiday depression is watching a chilling Christmas horror movie. Well, we supplied the essential list. Check it twice, get to netflix, and beat the seasonal depression..We’ll start from Number 10

10) A CADAVER CHRISTMAS (2011) New to the list this year. It’s a bloody good, and funny, Zombie movie

9) SILENT NIGHT BLOODY NIGHT (1974) An obscure Christmas Chiller that always works

8) P2 (2010) A deranged Security Guards evil antics on Christmas Eve..A classic

7) RARE EXPORTS (2010) The ‘real’ Santa Claus is exhumed from a grave..And he’s not so jolly

6) SAINT (2010) Another horrific holiday hit about the ‘real’ Santa..A deformed killer demon

5) CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980) A must see killer klassic about a madman in a Santa suit. You’ll root for the killer

4) SILENT NIGHT (2012) New to the list this year. This Christmas slasher film is beyond brilliant

3) BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974) BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006): We decided to put ‘both’ Black Christmas movies at Number 3 this year..They are both brilliant

2) SANTAS SLAY (2005) What can you say? Goldberg as a twisted Santa. This is a horrific bloody wonderful romp. It’s hilarious and brutal..You’ll love this!!

1) SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT (1984) This movie will ALWAYS hold the number one slot. This movie will always reign supreme in the annals of Christmas Horror. This is not ‘funny’ at all. This flick will scare the Holiday depression right outta ya!! It was pulled from theaters after only showing for one day. Be prepared!!


NEW SIGNING FROM THE SHOWCASE: It seems there has been another signing from THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE in September. We can ‘now’ announce that BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA from Australia has just signed with SPREAD THE METAL RECORDS (STM Records) from Canada. We knew this was going down, but we can now officially announce it. Put another notch in our belt for getting bands to the next level.We want to wish Blunt Force Trauma a BIG CONGRATULATIONS!! And yes, the band will be back in Tampa in 2014

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual ‘Horrific Holiday Special’. We have not had live bands on the Christmas special since 2008. We pulled some strings and decided it was time to re-live the magic and have some live jamming this year. A couple bands who performed at the ROCKIN THE HOLIDAYS show agreed to come in and play their Christmas song live. Don’t expect traditional Christmas Carols (lol). This is gonna singe your eyebrows. We have DRASTIC FALL, THE DOOD (who actually performed at our Christmas broadcast in 2008), and SAHE on board. We’ll also have some of our good friends join us for a drunken holiday special. We’re extremely excited to do this again. Hope you can all tune in and join the party next Monday night..


Friday 12/20:  State Theatre:  CHIODOS w/ Set It Off, Variance. Doors at 7:00pm

Saturday 12/21: State Theatre: A LOCAL LOCKDOWN CHRISTMAS featuring DEMENTIA w/ ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, STONEGREY, RE-BIRTH, STEREO-TYPE..Here we go again!! Doors at 7:00pm

Get all the info on both of these holiday events at The State Theatre site or go visit our calendar at




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