The Horrific Holiday Special 2013


Hey Fiends,

There’s nothing better to get you in a festive holiday mood like our annual ‘Horrific Holiday Special’ (lol) Well, for those of you who are not into traditional Christmas specials.. Our tradition is to get inebriated, get loud, get crazy.. Wait a minute, we do that on ‘every’ broadcast (lol)..But last night’s special was a landmark of sorts. We’ve been doing the Christmas special since 2002. It has been a tradition on The Rock Solid Pressure Show to fill up the dungeon every year with good friends and bands, and let loose for a hellious holiday extravaganza!! That tradition ended in 2008. We still did the Christmas special after 2008, but for the past 4 years all we did was spin twisted holiday tunes, and clips from ‘Christmas Past’ specials. That all ended with last night’s broadcast. We decided it was time to unleash the Christmas carnage once again, and go back to our roots and have a massive on-air special like the glory days..

It was beyond massive merriment, and the 2013 ‘Horrific Holiday Special’ will go down in the books as one of our coolest Christmas specials ever. Back in the day, we would have our favorite bands come in and perform their version of a Christmas song. Kinda like what we do for the ‘ROCKIN THE HOLIDAYS’ concert event every year at The State Theatre. We also invite some of our closest friends and have this massive on-air party..Well, it happened again last night and it was a wonderfully wild night. We had our very good friends in THE DOOD perform King Diamonds classic ‘NO PRESENTS FOR CHRISTMAS’..Our good friends in DRASTIC FALL perform a metal version of ‘CAROL OF THE BELLS’..And our friends in SAHE perform the Spinal Tap classic ‘CHRISTMAS WITH THE DEVIL..All 3 bands also played these songs at the ROCKIN THE HOLIDAYS concert on 12/13..It was also a treat to have THE DOOD perform. They performed on our 2008 ‘Horrific Holiday Special’..The last year for live jamming UNTIL NOW!! The show was also filled with lots of crazy conversation with everybody, and we even managed to squeeze in a couple twisted holiday faves thanks to PSYCHOSTICK

We were not sure if we could pull it off because we moved into a smaller room in the Dungeon in 2009. Hence, no more live jamming. But we had RICHARD NASRALLAH from APE PRODUCTIONS produce last nights show, and it came out bloody beautiful. HUGE HAILS to Richard’s mixing expertise. It made for a historic broadcast. We invited some close friends that included members from THE DEFIANT (Craig and Vince), Mark from KADAVER DOLLS, Lance from THE LUVDOGS, Brandon from State Theatre, and lot’s of other people (sorry I’m having a brain freeze with names right now)..Special hailz go out to AMY STEWART who photographed the event (and took video footage)..It was certainly a night to remember..Although I don’t remember a thing (lol) AND YES, we will do this again next year..

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: One more special to go, and it’s a BIG ONE!! It’s our annual NEW YEAR SPECIAL. This is our ‘BEST OF 2013’ show. We’ll be announcing ALBUM OF THE YEAR (National and Regional), SONG OF THE YEAR, EP OF THE YEAR, TOP TEN TRACKS OF 2013, TOP 15 NATIONAL ALBUMS OF THE YEAR, CONCERT OF THE YEAR, and of course HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR. Tune in and see who made the list..You might be surprised




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