The Worlds Largest Food Truck Rally And Music Festival



Hey Fiends,

Hopefully you caught the show last night. We announced our involvement in THE WORLDS LARGEST FOOT TRUCK RALLY AND MUSIC FESTIVAL, which will invade the Florida Fairgrounds on March 29th and 30th. We had the organizer ‘Jeremy Gomez’ on the show last night (Yes, I’m a bit hungover, it was a party lol). Last year the event drew in 35.000 people and shut down I-4 for over and hour. The event also made the GUINNESS WORLD BOOK OF RECORDS..Well, Jeremy is doing it again, and it seems this year, he will be breaking his own record. Last year there was 100 Food Trucks. This year there will be 200. Expected attendance will be over 50.000. Rock Solid Pressure is also on board as a sponsor. In fact, we’re supplying all the bands. The bands will be playing in the massive Fairgrounds Expo Hall. Here’s a sneak peek at the lineup. On Sat March 29th we have  3D BURN, DRASTIC FALL, RED CALLING, JACK MANTRA, THE DEFIANT, BULLETS FIRST, THE LUVDOGZ..On Sun March 30th we have  CARLISLE, VARIANCE, UNRB, VERTEBREAKER, RELENTLESS, RE-BIRTH..Music will start at 1:00pm each day and end at 8:00pm. This is a FREE event so mark it on your calendars. We announced that we would involved in some really huge festivals this year..This is the first..Come hungry and ready to ROCK!!!


SAVATAGE: The Dungeons Are Calling (Combat Records)

KATATONIA: Buildings (Peaceville Records) debut

KILL DEVIL HILL: Stained Glass Sadness (Century Media) debut track

ICED EARTH: Parasite (Century Media) debut

IRON MAIDEN: Aces High (EMI Records)

OVERKILL: Black Daze (Nuclear Blast) debut track

BUTCHER BABIES: The Death Surround (Century Media)

DRVN: King Of The World


THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS  is right around the corner. The annual battle will happen on Feb 17th and 24th. Make sure you tune in and vote. All voting instructions will be in this blog next week. Or just tune in and we’ll tell you when (and how) to vote. Check out the Press Release

LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: We have two events in one night this weekend

Friday 1/31 ..State Theatre: SEVENDUST, BUTCHER BABIES, WILSON, DRVN: This event is almost sold out. Get there early to make sure you get in. Doors at 8pm. Music starts at 8:20pm

Friday 1/31..The Local 662: LYRIKAL, FETUS, DRASTIC FALL, and others. This is a late show. Doors at 9:00pm, Music starts at 1o:00pm. Plenty of time to catch LYRIKAL and DRASTIC FALL after the Sevendust Show. So come to both events!! Get all the info on both of these events at The State Theatre website or go hit our site

Cya At The Shows






Hey Fiends,

Well, did you catch the show last night? I know a lot of guitarists that did lol..We had our good friend MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO on the show. It was Michael’s 4th appearance on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. He’s one of the best, if not ‘thee’ best metal guitarist in the world, and it’s always a pleasure to have him on the show. Currently promoting his new album ‘INTERMEZZO’ and a new 7 string signature series guitar line, we certainly had a lot to talk about. The new album also features a ton of luminaries that include JEFF LOOMIS, GEORGE LYNCH, CRAIG GOLDY, CHRIS POLAND, MIKE LEPOND, MICHAEL ROMEO, and many more. INTERMEZZO is a turning point in Michael’s amazing career. To describe the album in one word would be ‘breathtaking’..It’s chock full of the most extraordinary riffs that have ever been recorded. We talked about the album, the new guitar line, his extensive touring, and of course, his technique and gear. We spun a track from INTERMEZZO last week (Kaleidoscope). We spun 2 tracks last night (8 Pillars Of Steel, Juggernaut). And we’ll be spinning more tracks in the coming weeks. Every time Michael comes on the show, we put together a playlist of our favorite Guitar Gods to open the broadcast. We call this ‘Rolling Out The Bloody Red Carpet’..Last night we featured tracks that included RANDY RHODES, JOHN 5, DIMEBAG, PAUL GILBERT, DAVE MUSTAINE, BUMBLEFOOT, and CHRIS CAFFERY..Yeah, it was a Rip Roarin’ Riff-Fest last night. Our ratings were off the chains, but if you shamelessly missed the show. It will be posted on our player at our site in the coming weeks..

Get your paws on the new album ‘INTERMEZZO’ at Michael’s site

THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014:  We are 4 weeks away from the 12th annual competitions. The battle will go down on Feb 17th and 24th. Make sure you tune in and vote. The official press release was dropped a few days ago. It includes everything you need to know about the event. Check it out

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: You’ve been hearing us talk about THE WORLDS LARGEST FOOD TRUCK RALLY AND MUSIC FESTIVAL that will be invading the Florida Fairgrounds on March 29th and 30th. This event will be included in the GUINESS BOOK OF RECORDS. Rock Solid Pressure will be supplying the bands this year..And we’re beyond STOKED!! Next week we will be featuring the Organizer of this massive concert event ‘Jeremy Gomez’..Jeremy has been a friend of ours for years, and we’re thrilled to death to be working with him at this amazing landmark show. Last year 32.000 people attended. This year they are expecting 50.000..Yeah..We’re excited!! Tune in next week. we’ll be talking about the event and revealing the lineup..

CONCERTS.. CONCERTS.. CONCERTS: Lot’s of cool national concerts coming up in the next few weeks SEVENDUST, BUTCHER BABIES, 10 YEARS, CHIMAIRA, IWRESTLEDABEARONCE, HED PE, RATT, DIO DISCIPLES..We’ll see ya there. Check our calendar for dates

That’s all I got..For now!


Future Shock



Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to catch our first broadcast of 2014 last night. If you tuned in, you might have noticed a slightly new dynamic to the playlist. In 2013, our playlist mainly consisted of exclusive, brand new releases. Although we cracked the vaults on occasion, we mainly blew your mind to new stuff. That’s going to change a bit this year. Although we’re affiliated with so many great record labels. And yes, they bombard us with new music. And we bombarded YOU with all that great music in 2013. But this year we are promising to open the vaults and spin more classic tracks on every show. We’ll still be spinning all the new stuff, but we’re spreading things around a bit. As we ease into our 12th year of Rock Solid Pressure, we’re going to shake things up a bit..

THE MUSIC: Our music administrator ‘Brandon Haigler’ is the guy who takes care of all of our downloads that the record labels send us. And believe me, he works his ass off. But Brandon has one of the biggest metal music collections that we have ever seen. I mean, he has EVERYTHING from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and of course, all the great newest releases (He gets the new stuff from us lol) But we’re implementing Brandon’s giant collection all year long on the show.  I personally have been collecting music my entire life, and never have I seen a collection so vast. So expect a few eyebrows to raise (and singe) all through 2014 as we rape and pillage Brandon’s arsenal..

THE CONCERTS: As you all know, Rock Solid Pressure is also a staple on the national concert scene. I’m also an Events Coordinator, and work with some of the biggest bands in the world. I also work with over 450 local bands down here in Florida. You mainly see us at The State Theatre and The Local 662 in St. Petersburg. But this year, we’re stepping out of the box a bit for some extremely huge concert events. Some really cool people made us some offers we couldn’t refuse, so expect a ‘big’ year for concert events..

THE GUESTS: We’re pretty much known for featuring the biggest superstar guests on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Since 2002 we’ve had the biggest names in the business stop in the Dungeon for an interview. Not just once. Our guests become family, and they are constantly stopping by. In 2013 we didn’t feature that many interviews on the show. We still had some huge names come on the broadcast, but not at the volume we are used to. This is because we concentrated on our TV show. There were 2 episodes of RSP-TV unleashed in 2013, and this is where a lot of the interviews are stored. In fact, we’re still waiting for footage to be compiled for many more of our 2013 interviews. We’re hoping to see another episode soon, but this year, we’re concentrating more on the broadcast. So expect an influx of guests in 2014..

BUSINESS: We have great news!! We have partnered up with ACE HIGH PRINTING and have joined their ranks of representatives. We will now be taking orders for all your merch needs. Ace High is known worldwide. They have some of the biggest bands in the world as clients. They have offices in Florida and Louisiana, but take orders worldwide. The also have ‘unbeatable’ prices for SHIRTS, STICKERS, BANNERS, SCRIMS, DRUM HEADS, just about anything you can put your logo on. We’ve been advertising the company for years, but we’re now part of the staff, and we’re excited..Get in touch and I’ll hook you up with the sweetest merch deal you have ever seen..


MERCYFUL FATE: Nine (1999)

OPETH: The Lotus Eater  (2008)

MASTODON: Divinations (2009)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD: Dark Messenger (2012)

THUNDER TRIBE: Echos Of A New Day (debut)

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: Kaleidoscope (debut)

MACHINE HEAD: I’m Your God Now (1994)

RE-BIRTH: Lost (debut)

DOC RUCKUS: Poison Remains (debut)

SAHE: Mr. Bonneville (debut)


NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Our good friend MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO will be stopping by. He just dropped an amazing new cd called ‘INTERMEZZO’..And as usual, it features some of the best guitar players in the world. Michael is known as being one of the best, if not THEE best guitar god on the planet. We have all his releases, but ‘Intermezzo’ is the definitive statement of his mastery. We’re going to put together a playlist of some legendary guitar gods for next week’s show too..We like to roll out the bloody red carpet for Michael every time he comes on the show..Expect a radical riff-fest next week..

That’s All I Got!