LEFT OF REASON (WI) Takes the crown in the first night of The RSP Radio Competitions


Hay Fiends,

Madness reigned last night as THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS came roaring back onto the airwaves. The gate was opened once again for the annual rite of passage into an untold destiny. The first night of battle saw a crushing victory from LEFT OF REASON (WI). They took the crown last night and we’ll crown another victor next Monday night. All hail our new ‘God Of War’..They rode off into victory and secured their name among the Hallowed Halls elite. The ‘Left Of Reason’ fanbase is also to be hailed. It was a serious, crushing win!! They literally ‘destroyed their opponents in battle. 3 bands fought hard last night, and 3 bands totally sucked in battle..Here’s the stats

LEFT OF REASON (WI)  Grand Prize Winners

FIST OF RAGE (OK)  Second Place

THIRA (MN)  Third Place

DAYS OF MAYHEM (IL) Fourth Place, but was totally crushed in battle!!

CATASTROPHE ME (NY) Totally crushed in battle!! ZERO VOTES!! Unworthy opponent

EYES FOR FIRE (IN) Totally crushed in battle!! ZERO VOTES!! Unworthy opponent

*We hate it when we’re forced to promote unworthy opponents, but we get them every year. Why would you enter a competition if you’re not going to rally your troops to FIGHT? We could have had ‘real’ competitors in that slot. The battle was mainly between 3 bands last night and we admire them all for their valiant effort on the battlefield. NEXT MONDAY NIGHT it’s all METAL bands so we expect a WAR to the death for ALL the competitors. Here’s the lineup.






*So we’ll be seeing LEFT OF REASON perform on Sept 27th at the 12th annual ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. This event will be held at THE STATE THEATRE in St. Petersburg Florida http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com We’re pretty sure you have heard about the Showcase. It’s a massive event that is known throughout the country, and the WORLD!! Bands perform for well known labels, industry insiders, media, high level sponsors, and are basically put on the map from this one event. We have multiple signings, endorsements, and lots of other great happenings for bands at the Showcase every year..

BATTLE HYMNS ON THE ‘AFTER PARTY’..We had time to talk about some upcoming concerts, and spin the traditional Battle Hymns on The After Party last night..

GRAND MAGUS: Black Sails (Roadrunner Records)

MANOWAR: Battle Hymn (Metal Blade Records)

*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: We don’t have any national concerts this week, but we’ll be making an appearance at this show

Sat 2/22: The Coliseum: NINE MILE DRIVE w/ DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM, VIRGIN DIRT: This will be the first show at this massive new venue in Bradenton. We’re great friends with the owner, and we’ll be there to show our support.  In fact, EVERYBODY from Sarasota and Bradenton should come out to support. You can get all the info at their site http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

*NEXT MONDAY NIGHT ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It will be our final night of battle and we’ll crown another Grand Prize Winner. If you want to tune in and vote. Read the voting instructions in the blog below

Cya next week



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