Huge Weekend In The Field For Concert Events



Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short n sweet this week. We have a huge weekend in the field for concert events, and we’re gearing up for this survival test. On Friday, we’re back at STATE THEATRE for the much anticipated DIO DISCIPLES concert. We are extremely stoked for this show. As you know, the band features members from DIO, AC/DC, LYNCH MOB, HEAVEN & HELL, YNGWIE, and more. It’s going to be amazing!! We also have kickass local support from ARCHANGEL, WAR OF THRONES, THE DOOD, FROSTFANG, VIRGIN DIRT, STEREO-TYPE..If you’re in town, DONT MISS IT!! Then on Sat and Sun we’re involved with THE WORLDS LARGEST FOOD TRACK RALLY at The Florida Fairgrounds. This is a Guinness Book Of Records event, and they are expecting over 50.000 people. We put together an amazing array of the Florida’s BEST bands to perform at the event. Both days are FREE ADMISSION!! On Sat, the lineup consists of  THE LUVDOGZ, BULLETS FIRST, THE DEFIANT, JACK MANTRA, RED CALLING, DRASTIC FALL, 3D BURN..On Sun we have RE-BIRTH, RELENTLESS, UNRB, VERTEBREAKER, MARION CRANE, VARIANCE, CARLISLE..Gates open at 11:00am, but I suggest you get there early..Get more info on these events at our site

So, did you catch the broadcast last night. It was an amalgam of amazing tuneage. For those of you that tune in weekly to broaden your musical horizons, well, we gave it to ya in spades last night..


SLAYER: World Painted Blood (American / Sony) debut track

DETHKLOK: Skyhunter (Williams Street Records) debut

BIGELF: Alien Frequency (Inside Out Music) debut track

KATATONIA: Dead Letters (Peaceville Records) debut track

DIAMOND HEAD: Truckin w/ Dave Mustaine (Castle Music) debut

DESTINI BEARD: Angel Of Afterlife (Spotlight Artist Of The Week)

NIGHTWISH: The Poet And The Pendulum (Roadrunner)

KAMELOT: The Haunting (SPV Records)

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual CORROSION OF COVERS SPECIAL. It’s basically bands you know and love taking a stab at a cover song. Every year we sift through hundreds of albums to find unique, and totally off the wall versions of cover classics. We basically look for tracks that hardly resemble the classics that these bands are covering. To say they make it their ‘own’ is an understatement!! You will definitely freak out!! We are not listing the bands for the 2014 special. You’ll have to tune in..You WON’T be sorry!!


That’s all I got..See ya at the shows this weekend!



The Shamrocks Are Burning



Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to tune in to the broadcast last night. It was our annual St. Patricks Day Special, and the Shamrocks were burning. It’s our only holiday special where a theme is not really needed. We’re certainly not going to spin Irish Jigs, and we really are not aware of that many Irish metal bands. So it’s basically business as usual in the ‘ol Dungeon. We did raise the goblets on many occasions, but we do that on every show (wink). But the joys of broadcasting on Monday is that we get to celebrate almost every holiday on the air. We know you were all coming down from an extended week of partying, so we revved up the brain stimulation factor. The dungeon decks roared with an insane monster mix of all debut tracks. A lot of tracks that we never spun on the show before, and of course, some exclusive debut’s.


VOIVOD: Target Earth (Century Media) debut track

BIGELF: The Professor And The Madman (Inside Out Music) debut

HELLOWEEN: Escalation 666 (Nuclear Blast) debut track

SAVAGE MESSIAH: Hammered Down (Century Media) debut

ANVIL: Siren Of The Sea (Massacre Records) debut track

GAMMA: Ready For Action (Elektra Records) debut track

RED CALLING: The Hunter (debut track)

SLIKK WIKKED: Defcon One (debut)

JACKMANTRA: Why I Am (debut)


*BANDS AND FANS UNITED: This past Saturday, we hosted our first ‘Bands And Fans United’ at THE COLISEUM in Bradenton. It basically started out as an experiment to see if we could bring unity to the entire Florida music scene. We’ve been wanting to do something like this for a long time. We basically only get to do one massive networking event every year, and that’s THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. For ‘Bands And Fans’, we wanted something smaller and a bit more intimate. We did not want any bands performing. We did not want record labels or Industry Insiders present. We just wanted bands from all over the state to come out and network with each other. Make new contacts. Swap CD’s. Swap shows, etc. We also wanted to feature high profile, and highly visible people on the scene as speakers. Did we accomplish everything we set out to do? YES!! Bands and musicians made the trek from near and far. And it was a beautiful sight to see everyone in the room networking their ass off, meeting new people, and basically getting their name out there.

One thing I did not see at the event was bands that needed it most. I’m talking about the bands that don’t have fans. All the bands and musicians that attended already have a fanbase. And this is WHY they have a fanbase. These bands care about their career and will seize any type of opportunity to strengthen their base. This is WHY they are a success. For the life of me, I cannot understand why a band will continue to play shows with no fanbase. Almost all of these bands are terrible with social media, and most of them don’t even care about promoting, or to broaden their horizons AT ALL! The problem is that clubs continue to book these bands. I work for successful venues, and we cannot afford to work with a band like this. This is why venues close. Yes, I believe in giving a band a few chances to prove themselves and get established. But I DO NOT believe in working with ignorant, delusional bands that have been on the scene for a few years and do not bring in fans. I have been a touring musician since 1981. All my bands worked hard and ‘always’ brought people to shows. Yes, I have played for empty rooms before. But that was on tour in shithole bars across the country. In my home state, all my shows were packed. And it should be the same way for all the Florida bands on the scene

I was seeing that a lot of bands couldn’t even get people to come out to see them in their HOME TOWN, let alone Home State. This is why ‘Bands And Fans United’ was such a cool thing to bring everyone together. And who didn’t show? The bands with NO FANS! Bands were coming in from across the State, yet  these bands with NO FANS were nowhere to be found! What does that tell you? Well, it tells ME to be a lot more selective with bands I want to work with. These bands WILL NOT be closing down my venues. And to be quite honest, A lot of them have run out of chances. Their last chance with me was to see them attend this seminar. That would at least tell me they are ‘trying’..When they did not show (and there are a lot of them) it sent a ‘load and clear’ message to me. Maybe other venues will book these bands, but that won’t last long. I personally cannot take any more chances in even ‘attempting’ to help these types of people.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Yes, there will be more ‘Bands And Fans United’. This will be an ongoing series. Not only will we be giving away high ticket instruments like the first one, but we’re working on changing the format a bit. The next one will feature all local music (from all the scenes) blasting on the PA. And we will also be having jam sessions which will feature members from all the different bands that attend. BIG THANKS to our speakers WADE BLACK, STEVON GARDNER, ROB FINDLEY..And BIG THANKS to all the great bands and musicians (and fans) that attended (too many to mention)..It was one helluva networking event, and I can’t wait till the next one!!


Sat 3/22: The Coliseum: STONES OF MADNESS, DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM, DRASTIC FALL, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY: We can’t wait for this show!! The Coliseum will be PACKED!! Would like to see you all out in force!! Get all the info at The Coliseum site

*COMING UP ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: Next Monday night it’s business as usual, but on March 31st, its our annual CORROSION OF COVERS SPECIAL. The C.O.C. is basically well known bands doing a cover song. Many bands feature a cover on their albums. And every year we track down the most unique, most off the wall covers we can find. We’re not really into cover bands. This is something completely different. Then on 4/1 we’re kicking of a new series called EPIC APRIL..We’ll be spinning two EPIC tracks at the beginning of each show throughout April. Epic, meaning tracks that are 10 minutes or longer. We rarely spin the epics on the broadcast, so we’re devoting the entire month to majestic masterworks of music..Hope you all can tune in

Cya At The Shows


Monstrous Musical Madness



Hey Fiends,

We were extremely tired last night. We were coming down from an epic weekend filled with amazing shows. We also needed to chill out and get back to normal after 2 weeks of battle on THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS. Our hellious hangover allowed us to open the Hallowed Halls and float downstream on the crimson river. It was all debut tracks filled with monstrous musical madness. We went for everybody’s jugular and unleashed one of the most diverse concoctions of Classic and New music. All was right with the world in a wonderfully strange and bizarre night in the Dungeon. If you came searching for something different, unique and outlandish, well, you got it in spades last night..



ANTHRAX: Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t (Megaforce) debut

CLUTCH: The Soapmakers (Columbia) debut

MONSTER MAGNET: Mindless One’s (Napalm Records) debut

MARION CRANE: M.M.M. (debut)

WHITE ZOMBIE: Warp Asylum (Geffen) debut

ADRENALINE MOB: Judgement Day (Century Media) debut

PRIMUS: Eternal Consumption Engine (ATO / Prawn Song) debut

ZOAX: Mind Game (Siege Of Amida Records) debut

BUDGIE: Norad Doomsday City (RCA) debut



Sat 3/8: The Coliseum: GRAND OPENING featuring KADAVER DOLLS, THE DOOD, THE DEFIANT, JUDICATOR, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, RE-BIRTH, A GENTLEMEN ARMY, MARTYRS FOR REBELLION. We want to see you ALL support this new venue! It’s a place devoted entirely to Hard Rock and Metal bands. This is the deliverance we have all been waiting for. A much needed empire is being created for the Bradenton/Sarasota area. Now they just need YOU to show your support and attend. Check out all the details at their facebook page

NEXT WEEK ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: If you missed last nights show, we’ll be airing it again next week. Yes, we’re taking a much needed break. We’ll be back on the air on St. Patricks Day. We might even dance a jig or two.

Cya At The Shows