Monstrous Musical Madness


Hey Fiends,

We were extremely tired last night. We were coming down from an epic weekend filled with amazing shows. We also needed to chill out and get back to normal after 2 weeks of battle on THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE RADIO COMPETITIONS. Our hellious hangover allowed us to open the Hallowed Halls and float downstream on the crimson river. It was all debut tracks filled with monstrous musical madness. We went for everybody’s jugular and unleashed one of the most diverse concoctions of Classic and New music. All was right with the world in a wonderfully strange and bizarre night in the Dungeon. If you came searching for something different, unique and outlandish, well, you got it in spades last night..



ANTHRAX: Fight ‘Em Till You Can’t (Megaforce) debut

CLUTCH: The Soapmakers (Columbia) debut

MONSTER MAGNET: Mindless One’s (Napalm Records) debut

MARION CRANE: M.M.M. (debut)

WHITE ZOMBIE: Warp Asylum (Geffen) debut

ADRENALINE MOB: Judgement Day (Century Media) debut

PRIMUS: Eternal Consumption Engine (ATO / Prawn Song) debut

ZOAX: Mind Game (Siege Of Amida Records) debut

BUDGIE: Norad Doomsday City (RCA) debut



Sat 3/8: The Coliseum: GRAND OPENING featuring KADAVER DOLLS, THE DOOD, THE DEFIANT, JUDICATOR, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, RE-BIRTH, A GENTLEMEN ARMY, MARTYRS FOR REBELLION. We want to see you ALL support this new venue! It’s a place devoted entirely to Hard Rock and Metal bands. This is the deliverance we have all been waiting for. A much needed empire is being created for the Bradenton/Sarasota area. Now they just need YOU to show your support and attend. Check out all the details at their facebook page

NEXT WEEK ON ROCK SOLID PRESSURE: If you missed last nights show, we’ll be airing it again next week. Yes, we’re taking a much needed break. We’ll be back on the air on St. Patricks Day. We might even dance a jig or two.

Cya At The Shows



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