Huge Weekend In The Field For Concert Events


Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short n sweet this week. We have a huge weekend in the field for concert events, and we’re gearing up for this survival test. On Friday, we’re back at STATE THEATRE for the much anticipated DIO DISCIPLES concert. We are extremely stoked for this show. As you know, the band features members from DIO, AC/DC, LYNCH MOB, HEAVEN & HELL, YNGWIE, and more. It’s going to be amazing!! We also have kickass local support from ARCHANGEL, WAR OF THRONES, THE DOOD, FROSTFANG, VIRGIN DIRT, STEREO-TYPE..If you’re in town, DONT MISS IT!! Then on Sat and Sun we’re involved with THE WORLDS LARGEST FOOD TRACK RALLY at The Florida Fairgrounds. This is a Guinness Book Of Records event, and they are expecting over 50.000 people. We put together an amazing array of the Florida’s BEST bands to perform at the event. Both days are FREE ADMISSION!! On Sat, the lineup consists of  THE LUVDOGZ, BULLETS FIRST, THE DEFIANT, JACK MANTRA, RED CALLING, DRASTIC FALL, 3D BURN..On Sun we have RE-BIRTH, RELENTLESS, UNRB, VERTEBREAKER, MARION CRANE, VARIANCE, CARLISLE..Gates open at 11:00am, but I suggest you get there early..Get more info on these events at our site

So, did you catch the broadcast last night. It was an amalgam of amazing tuneage. For those of you that tune in weekly to broaden your musical horizons, well, we gave it to ya in spades last night..


SLAYER: World Painted Blood (American / Sony) debut track

DETHKLOK: Skyhunter (Williams Street Records) debut

BIGELF: Alien Frequency (Inside Out Music) debut track

KATATONIA: Dead Letters (Peaceville Records) debut track

DIAMOND HEAD: Truckin w/ Dave Mustaine (Castle Music) debut

DESTINI BEARD: Angel Of Afterlife (Spotlight Artist Of The Week)

NIGHTWISH: The Poet And The Pendulum (Roadrunner)

KAMELOT: The Haunting (SPV Records)

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual CORROSION OF COVERS SPECIAL. It’s basically bands you know and love taking a stab at a cover song. Every year we sift through hundreds of albums to find unique, and totally off the wall versions of cover classics. We basically look for tracks that hardly resemble the classics that these bands are covering. To say they make it their ‘own’ is an understatement!! You will definitely freak out!! We are not listing the bands for the 2014 special. You’ll have to tune in..You WON’T be sorry!!


That’s all I got..See ya at the shows this weekend!



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