The ‘Corrosion Of Covers 2014’ And Other Strange Tales


Hey Fiends,

Well, we unleashed our annual CORROSION OF COVERS Special last night. Thanks for tuning in! Our ratings went through the roof. The C.O.C. Special is basically well known bands that take a stab at a classic track. We all enjoy a kickass cover song on our favorite bands album right? I’m not talking about cover band fare. When we see a cover track on an album from a band we love. We ‘know’ they will make it their own. What we love even more is when they make it hardly recognizable. Of course we had a few of those last night. In fact, last night had this eerie, gothic type feel. We didn’t rip your head off like we usually do every year. It was more of a journey into the nether region. After doing this for 12 years, I feel it was our best one yet. The theme was dark throughout and certainly made this years C.O.C. a landmark in our broadcast history..It went down like this

OPETH: Bridge Of Sighs (By Robin Trower)

ICED EARTH: Highway Man (Originally penned by Jimmy Webb..Recorded by many bands)

MINISTRY: Roadhouse Blues (By The Doors)

ISAAK: Wrathchild (By Iron Maiden)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Summer Breeze (By Seals & Crofts)

MEGADETH: Cold Sweat (By Thin Lizzy)

MONSTER MAGNET: Three King Fishers (By Donovan)

BLACKMORES NIGHT: Lady In Black (By Uriah Heep)

JUDAS PRIEST: Better By You, Better Than Me (By Spooky Tooth)

PARADISE LOST: Missing (By Everything But The Girl)

PANTERA: Planet Caravan (By Black Sabbath)

MICHAEL ANGELO BATIO: Cream Medley (By Eric Clapton)


*DIO DISCIPLES: We’re recovering from a three day weekend of huge concert events, so the dark, somber ride of CORROSION OF COVERS 2014 was the perfect remedy to soothe our souls. We have another 3 day weekend coming up (read below) but I just have to speak out on what an exciting weekend that just unfolded. On Friday we had the ‘amazing’ DIO DISCIPLES at State Theatre. At this point, this is easily our favorite show of the year so far. Not only did we get a chance to hang out with some of our favorite musicians of all time (all day long). But we were treated to such an epic set of amazing music that spanned Ronnie’s entire career..It literally blew everyone’s mind. It was also a very emotional set. I saw tears streaming down peoples faces..and we ‘never’ see that. Next week on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, we’ll be airing an emotional interview with guitar legend CRAIG GOLDY, and he’ll explain why the tears flow at every show. I am ‘sooo’ glad I fought hard to make this show happen. It brought joy to so many people in this area. I felt like I did a good deed. and my god, I want them back next year. Also have to thank the opening bands that made this event an epic feat of metal..ARCHANGEL, WAR OF THRONES, THE DOOD, FROSTFANG, VIRGIN DIRT, STEREO-TYPE

*THE WORLDS LARGEST FOOD TRUCK RALLY: On Sat and Sun, we put together the lineup of bands for this massive event which was held at The Florida Fairgrounds. The GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS was also on hand to present the award to the organizer JEREMY GOMEZ. And we were on stage when that happened (see the pics on our facebook pages). The Sat portion of the show got rained out. Seriously, it was like MUDSTOCK TWO (lol) But after the torrential rains stopped. The massive stage was dried and bands played until the law came and shut it down. The Sunday portion of the event saw thousands of people (32.000 to be exact) and it was a perfect day to rock out!! Huge thanks to all the bands that made this a weekend to remember..3D BURN, RED CALLING, JACKMANTRA, THE DEFIANT, BULLETS FIRST, THE LUVDOGZ, CARLISLE, VARIANCE, MARION CRANE, UNRB, VERTEBREAKER, RELENTLESS, RE-BIRTH..Also hope to do this again next year!!


Friday 4/4 : The Local 662:  SUNSHINE & BULLETS CD RELEASE SHOW: We’ve been waiting for this for months. One of the area’s top bands is celebrating their cd release, and of course, their signing to MELODIC REVOLUTION RECORDS. Also on the bill is ANYONE’S GUESS, YOSHI GISH, and the return of FROM THIS FIRE (Can’t wait). This show is going to be insane!! Hope to see all you locals in the house..Doors at 7pm. Get all the info at

Saturday 4/5 : The Coliseum: CERES, NINE MILE DRIVE, BEFORE THE FIRE, SAHE: This show is also going to be unbelievable, and we’re really looking forward to it. The Coliseum is a new venue dedicated entirely to Hard Rock & Metal, and the place is getting massive support. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Doors are at 7pm. Get all the info at

Sunday 4/6 : State Theatre: DEICIDE w/ PSYCHOTRIBE, ULCER, A LONG WAY FROM LIVING: Need I say more? We’re expecting a sold out crowd..We’ll all damn our souls to hell..together!! This is going to be awesome! Get all the info at

* NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’re introducing EPIC APRIL. All month long, the first 2 tracks will be ‘epic’ recordings. Total masterworx of music. An epic is usually 8min or longer (some are much longer) Tune in and see if we’ll play your favorites. Some are brand new, and some are classics. We’ll also be airing our exclusive interview with CRAIG GOLDY..Hope you can tune in


That’s all I got..See ya at the shows!!




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