An EPIC ‘420 Easter Special’ Plus Other Mind Altering Events


Hey Fiends,

So, did you catch our ‘Post 420 Easter Special’ last night. It was an extreme mind altering event. Some people thought it wasn’t even the Rock Solid Pressure Show they were listening to (lol). Yes, it was out there. It was crazed stoner bliss! Normally, for the 420 Holiday, we exhume about 10 or 15 well known tracks that appeal to all types of stoners. But it’s EPIC APRIL, so we had to search for 4 or 5 lengthy tracks for the head. Did we succeed? HELL YES!! What unfolded last night was something we never attempted before. We could actually hear the bongs bubbling across the airwaves. It was the perfect mix of Stoner Rock and Post Psychedelia. It sounded dated but most of the tracks were new, or fairly new. We opened with a stoner classic from the 70’s though to set the mood for and epic journey. Yes, we’re known for Hard Rock and Metal, but we really enjoy spilling out the mind altering gems every year for 420. PLUS, it was ‘420 Easter’..That ‘never’ happened before. It was like an eclipse or something. We went far beyond anything we have attempted before. We have also never played any of these tracks before.. It went down like this..

SCORPIONS: Lonesome Crow (Brain Records) Does anybody remember the first Scorpions album from 1972? It was total psychedelia. Actually, their first 3 albums were in this vein. But the 13min title track is more like a mind altering event..We just had to do it to set the mood

MONSTER MAGNET: The Last Patrol (Napalm Records) This is also the title track from the stoner legends last album. Almost everything is stoner bliss from Monster Magnet, and they’re no strangers to our annual 420 playlist. But this 10min epic of joyous noise really did the trick

MASTODON: The Last Baron (Reprise) This track was from 2009, but it sounded like something from the 70’s. It’s a 13min epic that drips with stoner madness

LUDER: Dirge (Small Stone Records) This 10min stoner epic is also new. We’ve spun ‘half’ of this track before. It also charted on our ‘best of 2013’ special. We decided to spin the entire track so you got the maximum impact of where the song goes..Where did it go? It landed somewhere in the frontal lobe

BIGELF: I.T.M. (Inside Out Music) Yes, we’ve been spinning a ton of the new ‘BigElf’ album. It’s so out there, we can hardly describe what it is. One thing for sure..A lot of it IS stoner music. And the 10min closing track is nothing short of a hazey journey into the farthest reaches of the mind

*NEWS: All kinds of cool stuff is going down in the ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ orbit. We’re gearing up for some massive concert events which are coming down the pike in a couple weeks. ALSO, we can announce a PART TWO for BANDS AND FANS UNITED which will be at THE COLISEUM in Bradenton on May 31st. The first one was a successful networking event for Florida bands and fans. Part Two will also be a networking conference with guest speakers, and massive band bonding, but we’re doing something outrageous  this time around. I’m not letting the cat out of the bag just yet..All I can say right now is..Musicians, bring your instruments!! Also just announced is BOBAFLEX which will be destroying The Coliseum on May 23rd. Make sure you get your tix from any of the opening bands As you know, we have an extremely hectic concert schedule. The past couple weeks we have had somewhat of a break, but we jump back into the fire next week, we have POWERMAN 5000. ADRENALINE MOB, DICK DALE all in one week, and that’s not counting the local shows. So we’re gearing up for a busy time in the field..ALSO, a new edition of ROCK SOLID PRESSURE TV just landed. It’s over at our site, check it out


Sat April 26th: The Coliseum: THE LUVDOGZ w/ THE DEFIANT, VIRGIN DIRT: We are sooo looking forward to this show. Been anticipating it for months. Our good friends in Luvdogz and The Defiant (and our new friends in Virgin Dirt) are gonna lay down a show so powerful and stimulating, you’d be crazy not to miss this event. We’re anticipating a huge party crowd. It’s our only event this week, so lets make it COUNT!! Get on the event page NOW

That’s all I got, cya Saturday



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