Closing Out EPIC APRIL In A Blaze Of Glory


Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short this week. We’re gearing up for an EPIC week of concert events. Actually, there’s so many concerts this week, it’s going to be a survival test on our old bones. Hope you caught the show last night. We closed out EPIC APRIL in a blaze of glory..It went down like this..


MACHINE HEAD: Clenching The Fists Of Dissent (Roadrunner) debut track

AZAZELLO: Nothing But A Shade (Melodic Revolution) debut

ANTHRAX: In The End (Megaforce) debut track

SAVAGE MESSIAH: Iconocaust (Century Media) debut track

ADRENALINE MOB: Feel The Adrenaline (Century Media) debut track

JUDAS PRIEST: Sinner (Columbia) debut track

DREAM THEATER: Enigma Machine (Roadrunner) debut


* LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: Huge week in the field for us. Hope to see you at one, or all of these awesome shows

Wed 4/30: State Theatre: POWERMAN 5000 / 9 ELECTRIC w/ DROPSHOT, DEMENTIA

Thu 5/1: The Local 662: ADRENALINE MOB w/ THE DEFIANT

Fri 5/2: The Coliseum: WOMEN WHO ROCK (Vol 1) w/ 3D Burn, Red Calling, Anyones Guess, Autumns Pain, Seven

Fri 5/2: State Theatre: DICK DALE w/ Branson Welsh Group, Trigger City Trio, Tidal Wave

Sat 5/3: The Local 662: DEAD END RIVER w/ Particle Effect, House Of I, The Hanging Chads, Dark Savvant

Get the info on these shows at our website

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We will be so worn out, unfortunately, we will be airing a rerun


That’s All I Got..Cya At The Shows



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