Memorial Day In The Dungeon / Bands And Fans United



Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend. Hope you also got a chance to listen to our annual Memorial Day Special last night. One of the joys of broadcasting on a Monday night, is that we get to spend Memorial Day with you every year. And we’ve been doing it for 12 years. As you all know, we’re huge supporters of our troops, and it’s always a honor to celebrate the lives of our fallen hero’s of war. While you were partying your ass off for the long weekend, I hope you took the time to remember WHY you were celebrating.

We had an amazing weekend of concert events. It all started on Friday night at The Coliseum for that kickass BOBAFLEX concert. It was really cool to see all the scenes from near and far come together for this amazing show. We put the word out for EVERYBODY to come support The Coliseum’s first national show. And you didn’t let me down. Everybody showed up and it was so cool to hang out with all the bands and friends that came out to show support. We even had many Superstar sightings in the crowd that night. Big props to BOBAFLEX and all the opening bands THE DOOD, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, BEFORE THE FIRE, and THREE KILLER BUDS. They all turned in stellar performances. It was a night to remember. And Kudos to all the bands that gave props to our fallen hero’s. We stayed in Bradenton that night, and camped out at a friends house (lol) Yes, I’m from Jersey, and NO, I don’t go camping (lol) But the amazing camper we were housed in (complete with bathroom and shower) is probably the only type of camping I’ll ever do. It was fantastic. As cool as it was, I still had a massive hangover for Saturday night for the DEAD END RIVER concert. It wasn’t jam packed like the previous night, so I got to sit down for most of the event. And it was a really laid back, trippy type show, so I also got in a few Z’s. Great performances by an acoustic DEAD END RIVER, LE MORTE, DEVIL GONE PUBLIC, and CITY OF ANGELZS..

But the best part of the entire 4 day weekend was our celebration for our fallen hero’s last night. It’s always a special time for us. Last night’s playlist said it all. It was chock full of Battle Hymns, War Anthems, and touching tributes that reflected our time to remember the warriors that gave their lives for our country. We always honor the troops on our show, but the Memorial Day Special hits close to home on many levels.


OTHERWISE: Soldiers (Century Media)

WHITE WIZZARD: Torpedo Of Truth (Century Media) debut

MEGADETH: Built For War (Universal) debut

KILLSWITCH ENGAGE: A Tribute To The Fallen (Roadrunner)

ACCEPT: Locked And Loaded (Nuclear Blast) debut

ANVIL: Call Of Duty (Anvil Ent) debut

SLASH: Shots Fired


SHADOWS FALL: Another Hero Lost

SAXON: Walking The Steel (UDR) debut

GENERATION KILL: Red White & Blood


*BANDS AND FANS UNITED (Part 2) Here we go again! Time to network your ass off this Saturday at The Coliseum. The first installment of the convention was a success on a small level. But it worked. This time around, we expect to see EVERYBODY out in force. This convention was designed for bands and musicians from all over Florida. It’s also designed for the fans of these bands and musicians. We’re bringing many different scenes together this time around. And my god, a TON of bands and musicians need this. I created this event for bands to up their game and get more fans, contacts, gigs, and meet other likeminded bands that also want to succeed in this business. I’m sick and tired of booking bands that do not draw, or even ‘care’ about their draw. I’m sick and tired of booking bands that feel too ‘entitled’ to network amongst the scene as well. That’s all going to change on Saturday. If bands and musicians feel they don’t need to attend this awesome event. Then I don’t need to book them anymore. Simple as that. My days of doing favors are over. BANDS AND FANS UNITED is the biggest favor I could possibly do for your band. The opportunity is there to be seized. Grab it or don’t contact me..PERIOD!!

This time around, we want all musicians to bring their instruments. GUITARISTS: You will need your guitar and your head..thats it. BASSISTS: You will need your bass. DRUMMERS: You will need your sticks and cymbals. All cabs and drums were sponsored by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS and ACE DRUMS. Huge shoutout to Stevon for hooking up the sponsorships. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? I don’t really want to let the cat out of the bag, but I CAN SAY it will not be nothing like an open mic. There will be work involved, but in a fun way. I’m using this as a point of reference in band bonding and songwriting skills. A lot of this harkens back to my days with Sony Records, so it’s going to be a ‘Master Class’ of sorts with EVERYBODY involved. We’re cutting down on the guest speakers this time around because there’s an actual ‘mission’ to be accomplished. You’ll read all about it in next weeks blog. But the bottom line here is..I need EVERYBODY I work with to show up. This event has been advertised for months..NO EXCUSES

In fact, if you have not joined the event page at The Coliseum site. Please do it now and we’ll see you Saturday at 6:00pm

And dont forget to bring merch and a table. It’s a $5 admission

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Looking Forward To A Monstrous Memorial Day Weekend



Hey Fiends,

Thanks for tuning in last night. We had a ton of listeners once again, and we thank you all for your constant support of the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’..Last night was fun, and the playlist was moody and morose (just the way we like it). We got to talk about all the cool concerts we’ve been involved with the past few weeks. We’ve actually been having a great time in the field. After being involved in the concert industry for many many years, it sometimes just becomes ‘work’. Yeah, I’m a bit jaded, but the past few weeks we’ve been enjoying ourselves and having the time of our life. It’s all due in part to our awesome family of bands that make every show a fun filled adventure. This past Saturday night we had so much fun at JONZEY’S BIRTHDAY BASH at THE COLISEUM in Bradenton. One of the best birthday concerts EVER!! Capping off the night was Jonzey (From THE DOOD) getting a cake smashed in her face (way to go PJ). The crowd was awesome, and the entire night was pure joy!! All the bands kicked major ass. We had FROSTFANG, STITCH THE PIECES, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, and of course THE DOOD. It was also cool to see so many luminaries from the scene attend..That will be hard to top next year!!

MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND IN BRADENTON: We’re spending the entire weekend in Bradenton at The Coliseum. We want to see ‘everybody’ come out and celebrate with us. On FRIDAY we will feature BOBAFLEX. This is The Coliseum’s first national act so we need everybody to come out and support the show. This will open the door to many more nationals so your support is needed. Also on the bill is THE DOOD, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, BEFORE THE FIRE, THREE KILLER BUDS. It’s going to be an amazing night and we want to see you ALL there! Then on Saturday night we’re back at The Coliseum for DEAD END RIVER with LE MORTE, DEVIL GONE PUBLIC, CITY OF ANGELZS. Gonna be a helluva Memorial Day weekend. Join the event pages over at


VAST: Here (Elektra Records)

BIGELF: Edge Of Oblivion (Inside Out Music) debut track

LACUNA COIL: Die And Rise (Century Media) debut track

MONSTER MAGNET: Stay Tuned (Napalm Records) debut track

SUNSHINE & BULLETS: Down (Melodic Revolution Records) debut track

TEAM CYBERGEIST: Rip The Stitch (debut track)

DEMENTIA: Medusa (debut track)

SCARY D & SINISTER G: Ghost (debut track)

*NEWS: As you all probably know by now. The date for the Industry Showcase has been announced for Sept 27th at The State Theatre in St. Pete. We recently just completed the lineup and it will be announced on next Monday night’s broadcast. Also look for the event page which will be posted next week as well. ALSO, we have PART 2 of BANDS AND FANS UNITED invading The Coliseum on May 31st. We want to see ALL the bands and musicians we work with to attend this convention. NO EXCUSES!!  If I DO NOT see you in attendance, then please, DON’T hit me up for shows anymore. I am now refusing to help bands that do not help themselves. I WILL NOT work with bands that turn their backs on important events that bring the Florida scene’s together. The first BANDS AND FANS UNITED was a success and it worked for all the bands and musicians that attended. They all made new fans, bonded with other bands, and got ‘many’ new gigs from the event. This time around, we want ALL musicians to bring their instruments. No cabs or drums needed, the backline is being sponsored by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS. We will attempt to do something so wild and crazy, it will be historic. What is it? You’ll have to be there to find out. Please go and join the event page at


Friday 5/23: The Coliseum: BOBAFLEX w/ THE DOOD, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, BEFORE THE FIRE, THREE KILLER BUDS..Need you ALL to support this event. If it goes well, we’ll have many more like it. Be cool and support!!! Doors at 6:00pm

Saturday 5/24: The Coliseum: DEAD END RIVER w/ LE MORTE, DEVIL GONE PUBLIC, CITY OF ANGELZS. Doors at 7pm

Get all the info on these events at or

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual MEMORIAL DAY SPECIAL. Once again, we’ll be firing off the Battle Hymns, War Anthems, and tributes to honor our fallen heroes of war. Join us for a Patriotic Pummeling like no other. We’ll also be announcing the lineup for THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE 2014..Wear a helmet

Cya This Weekend


Dungeon Fun with JOHN MOYER (Adrenaline Mob, Disturbed) And Other Adventures



Hey Fiends,

Thanks for tuning in last night. Felt good to be back after a much needed week off. We were certainly in rare form. It’s amazing what a week off can do. After 12 years on the air, we’re holding fast to our obligation to take one week off every month. The madness of being involved in the national concert industry AND doing the radio show tends to be a bit overwhelming at times. We’re not spring chickens lol. We’ve both been involved in the industry since the 80’s, and believe me, it takes a toll on our old bones. The past two weeks we have been involved in 7 huge concerts. We did 4 in a row last weekend. The madness never stops!

Check it out, we had POWERMAN 5000, ADRENALINE MOB, DICK DALE, WOMEN WHO ROCK, DEAD END RIVER, and that ‘amazing TEAM CYBERGEIST show at The State Theatre this past Saturday night. That’s an amazing run for us. And we actually had FUN at every single event..That’s kinda amazing these days. One of the ‘really’ fun one’s was the ADRENALINE MOB show at The Local 662 with THE DEFIANT. We’ve been spinning the hell out of the new A-MOB cd for the past couple months. It was a real treat to meet this amazing band. Which is comprised of superstar musicians who are pretty much from the NYC / NJ area. So yeah, we bonded (lol) We did a cool interview with JOHN MOYER. He’s the bass player for A-MOB and DISTURBED. We did it on THE DEFIANT’S tourbus. It was fun, loud and a bit hilarious.We aired it last night. Hope you tuned in. If you missed the show, it will be on our player at in the near future


SCAR THE MARTYR: Anatomy Of Eringes (Roadrunner Records) debut

FROSTBITE: The Name Of Blasphemy (debut)

KILL DEVIL HILL: Crown Of Thorns (Century Media) debut track

MEGADETH: Burn (Tradecraft / Universal) debut track

ADRENALINE MOB: Mob Is Back (Century Media) debut track


THE DOOD: Jagerflow

STITCH THE PIECES: Take My Ass (debut)

STEVE VAI: There’s A Fire In The House (Epic) debut track


Sat 5/17: State Theatre: BUCKCHERRY w/ FROM THIS FIRE. For more info, hit the State Theatre website

Sat 5/17: The Coliseum: JONZEYS BIRTHDAY BASH featuring THE DOOD, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, STITCH THE PIECES, FROSTFANG. We’ve been waiting for this show for awhile. This is where we’ll be on Sat night, so come on out for the celebration. For more info, go to The Coliseum’s facebook page, which is

That’s all I got..Cya At The Shows