BANDS AND FANS UNITED and other heroic adventures


Hey Fiends,

In the mood for some Rants N Raves? Came to the right place! A bit unorthodox for me to post a blog on Thursday, but I’ve been grounded with sickness for the past few days. As some of you know, I have a rare Liver Disease that wreaks havok on my body every now and then. I was diagnosed in 2009 and it’s been an uphill battle ever since. This past week it really kicked my ass and left my grounded in bed for a few days. But I’m feeling better, and getting ready for the weekend. What blows is that I was dropped from my health insurance so I can’t get the treatment I need. I don’t make that much cash so I can’t afford ObamaCare. And since I don’t make much money, I can’t really afford any type of treatment. Welcome to the true face of the American Medical System. It’s weird, but I’m actually a statistic in this corrupt organization. My Doctor (since 2009) told me last month that since I don’t have health care anymore, he can no longer treat me. Then he charged me $100 for basically telling me to crawl off and die. His name is DR. LAMPORT in Lakeland, Florida, in case any of you want to send hate mail (lol) But it’s cool. I’ll ride it out till the end, but I’ll go down fighting and bitching. What do you expect? I’m from Jersey (lol) The main thing I have to watch out for is dehydration. My car does not have air conditioning, and I live in Florida, so it’s hard ‘not’ to avoid dehydration. I’m working on actually having the venues I work for to pay me more money. If not, I’m going to pick up ‘many’ more venues so I can actually afford to make somewhat of a living at what I do. Right now, it’s not working out that well for me. But I’m ready to launch my VENUE DOCTOR plan at any moment. There’s tons of venues that need help, and a ton of you know what I can do..A ton of you have seen it first hand. I work my ass off to make venues, and the shows successful. I book the shows, I work the shows. I haul amps offstage, I work as PR, Security, Mgmt, Utility, Websites. The whole nine. It’s now getting a bit depressing with how I’m compensated. But things are certainly looking better at The COLISEUM in Bradenton. As more and more people start to pack in (and it only took me 3 months) the pay scale is getting much better..There is hope..Maybe I’ll be able to get my air conditioning fixed in the near future..

Enough about my problems, and sorry to burden you with that. You ‘never’ see me bitch about anything going on in my life..I guess it was just building up. Let’s talk about the ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW. Well, we’ve been on the air since 2002. We’ve been lucky enough to be on some really huge stations (FM and Internet) throughout this journey. We’ve had peaks and valleys in ratings. A few years back, I’ll cal it ‘The Myspace Years’. We would have thousands of listeners every Monday night. We had a really strong and supportive family of bands back then as well. Some of them are still around and are ‘still’ family to us..I can almost count them on one hand. These days, it’s just business. And these days, bands are so fickle. They profess to be our friends, yet you rarely see them even supporting (or mentioning) The Rock Solid Pressure Show. And in fact, if it wasn’t for ME and MY SHOW..They would NOT be where they are today. But we are fully aware of these types of bands. But hey, don’t get me wrong. There are still a LOT of bands in our family that are fully supportive of everything we do. Almost ALL of them were at the BANDS AND FANS UNITED convention at THE COLISEUM last week. I’ll get to that in a minute. Right now, here’s a rundown of what we spun on the show on Monday night

SCAR THE MARTYR: Last Night On Earth (Roadrunner) debut

BOBAFLEX: I’m Glad You’re Dead (BFX Records) debut

ADRENALINE MOB: Judgement Day (Century Media)

AMERICAN DOG: Aint Gonna Not Get Drunk Tonight (debut)

JAMES LABRIE: Jekyll Ot Hyde (Century Media) debut

DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM: Darkness Inside (debut)

BEFORE THE FIRE: Bleed For Me (debut)

FROSTFANG: Bermuda (debut)

BALE: Vicious Circles (debut)


BANDS AND FANS UNITED (PART 2) This event was beyond awesome!! AND it was the coolest ‘band bonding’ experience that I have ever attempted down here in Florida. I did this regularly when I was with Sony Records in NYC back in 2002. But it was high time I brought the scene together in such a way, that it will be remembered as an epic experience for all involved. Our first ‘Bands And Fans’ kinda tanked. Not too many showed up, and it was kinda depressing. But The Coliseum was not widely known at that point. It was only open a couple weeks. Whats funny, is that a venue in Tampa copied it (almost to the letter) a couple weeks after the first one. Well, I’m no stranger to having people copy my ideas. It’s been happening my entire life. These people that constantly ride my coat tails need to start thinking for themselves. Seriously its Promoters, Agents, DJ’s, etc. etc. etc. It will never stop, so I just live with it. One thing they WON’T be able to copy is what went down last week for BANDS AND FANS PART 2. Although our friend Stevon said they will attempt (lol)

First off..The place was packed with ALL the best, well known bands from all parts of Florida. It was also cool to actually meet NEW bands and NEW faces that are breaking on to the scene. The networking aspect was incredible. But for the entertainment..I had something completely different up my sleeve. I want to give a BIG THANKFUL SHOUTOUT to ROB FINDLEY, STEVON GARDNER, JOSEPH FORTMULLER, ROB MEDEIROS and the entire crew at SINISTER GUITAR PICKS and ACE DRUMS for providing the backline for the historic event that happened on The Coliseum stage. What we did will never be duplicated. Yeah, some will copy, some will try. But it will never happen like this again. We had the cream of the crop of the most well known bands and musicians all in one room. That’s a HELLUVA lot of talent. I picked musicians at random to get on stage. Some meeting each other for the first time. ALL of them have never jammed together before. I grouped these insanely talented musicians together, had them write a song in 3 minutes and perform it LIVE. Like I said, I did this back in my Sony days as sort of a ‘Master Class’ in Songwriting Skills. I also did this when I put together the musicians for LAUREN HILL’S album (which won a grammy) but thats a totally different, and not so pleasant story (lol)

Anyway, there was way too many groups to mention, and I dont want to look like an ass and forget someone’s name.All I can say is that EVERYONE in the room was totally blown away by these performances. IT WORKED! It could have been an ultimate train wreck that we could all laugh about. BUT NO!! These were all BRILLIANT performances. Seriously, when you put some of the best musicians in Florida together on one stage, you can probably expect magic when it comes to improvisation..And it WAS magic. This is the kind of thing that should have been captured on some type of documentary film..And you know what? Maybe next time it will be. I was also lucky enough to get up there and jam..And I havent touched a guitar in many years (Thanx again Stevon)..I will mention who I jammed with though. My brother RAYNUS (From THE DOOD), My brother CORY (from DRASIC FALL), and my brother TOM (from ARCHANGEL)..Man, that was fun..And after touring for almost 20 years, 8 albums to my history..There might be another album left in me..I always wanted to record a total ‘farewell’ album, and thats certainly in the works now. All in all, I thank everyone who attended for such an outstanding night. Easily the coolest thing I have ever attempted down here. And such a rewarding experience for everyone involved. YES, Part 3 is in the works..


Saturday 6/7: The Coliseum: HELP NICK ANDERSON KICK CANCERS ASS! So excited for this benefit. My health situation might not allow me to stay the entire night, but Patty and myself will be there supporting this cause. Nick is going through a rough time with chemo treatments, and the money is for his family to gt them through this rough time. Which is much needed at the moment. LOTS of great bands are on the bill, KADAVER DOLLS, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, GRASPING AT THE SHADOWS, THE DEFIANT, MARTYRS FOR REBELLION, HALF TON HAMMER, TEN HIGH, KICK EM UGLY. Doors are at 6pm and the music starts at 6:30pm..Please support this show and get kudos from the gods for your good deed. If you haven’t already. Please join the event page over at

Monday 6/9: State Theatre: BLACK STAR RIDERS (formerly THIN LIZZY) w/ Rockstarr Bentley, Azzitizz. Been waiting awhile for this one..We’ll cya there!! Get more info at

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Unfortunately, it will be a rerun. But you can still come out and party with us on Monday night at The State Theatre


I’m done!! Cya in the field



One thought on “BANDS AND FANS UNITED and other heroic adventures

  1. Thanks for all the help. Maybe we need to put a benefit together for you. Seems only fair. Hope you feel better so you can start working on that fairwell album brother. Let me know if I can help out in anyway;)

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