4th Of July Weekend..Hangover Edition


Hey Fiends,

So, we had our ‘4th Of July’ special last night. It was pretty much the ‘Hangover’ edition. Since we were coming down from an exhausting weekend of concerts, we were not that animated (lol). The broadcast kicked ass though. Hope you had a chance to listen. We didn’t really dedicate the show to ‘Battle Hymns’ like we do every year, but we threw in a couple. It was more like a good ‘ol American ass-kickin. This past weekend kicked off an insane month of concerts for us. We’re going to be extremely busy in the field. Keep watching the posts. So many great concerts coming up!!!


ARCH ENEMY: Avalanch (Century Media) debut track

ANTHRAX: Earth On Hell (Megaforce) debut track

WAYNE STATIC: The Creatures Are Everywhere (Dirthouse)

THROTTLEROD: In The Flood (Small Stone)

3 INCHES OF BLOOD: 4000 Torches (Century Media)

BEN JACKSON GROUP: Mean Machine (Screaming Ferret Wreckords)

CRIMSON GLORY: War Of The Worlds (Spitfire)

KADAVER DOLLS: Into Dust (Spread The Metal Records) debut track

FROSTBITE: Everything I Crave (Crysella Records) debut track

*We also ranted about the lack of Horror Films this year. It seems the Hollywood Horror movies have died an untimely death in 2014. There have been a couple theatrical horror releases this year, but its all this politically correct tweenie bullshit. Even the one’s with an ‘R’ rating are NOT appealing to the majority of horror fans (like us) We know there’s a ton of horror flicks coming out on ‘Direct to DVD’. But most of that low budget stuff just SUCKS!! Granted, there are a few good one’s, but who has time to weed through all that shit to find a good one? Not us. We have not seen one horror movie this year at the theaters. Well, we can’t really count GODZILLA as a horror movie, and even that was dumbed down to a CGI mess to appease the kids. I didn’t like it. The 1998 version was much better. But thankfully we always have the classics from the 70’s and 80’s to fall back on, but I would like to see a revolution from the REAL horror fans to start bitching about this. This is an extremely frustrating decade for these types of movies. We understand that the industry has to appease the tweenies, but don’t turn your back on the adult audience. Ever since the 70’s, Horror Films appealed to all ages, and they were nasty, hellbound bloodfests. And the kids always managed to get their parents, or siblings to take them to the Drive-In to see these films (like me). This was years before all the politically correct remakes, which are mostly blasphemy in my book. And how bout this, all the tweenie Horror fans have already seen those nasty movies from the 70’s and 80’s. They seen them online and they EMBRACED THEM..So even the kids are not really that hip on these newer movies. Like I said, even the R-rated movies seem like they are geared towards a Disney crowd. Even last year, we had quite a few kickass horror movies. There was no sign at all that theatrical horror would die an untimely death. It seems these sheltered computer kids have grown up and taken over our sacred horror industry as Directors, Producers, and my god, Script Writers. After 12 years of being on the air, this MIGHT be our first year without a HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR to announce in January.. WES CRAVEN, JOHN CARPENTER, GEORGE ROMERO..Where the hell are you guys?


Friday 7/11: The Coliseum: AVENGING BENJI (featuing Crimson Glory Guitarist Ben Jackson) w/ DEMENTIA, THREE KILLER BUDS, VIRGIN DIRT..This is one of the most highly anticipated shows for the Crimson Glory fans. Ben announced that there would be CRIMSON GLORY alumni performing on stage with him, and everybody is totally freaked out. People are also flying in from out of state to catch this show. If you want to go, get all the info at the Event Page on facebook http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

Saturday 7/12: State Theatre: TRAPT w/ THE VEER UNION, RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA, ARCANE SAINTS, CROW, DARK SAVVANT. This is also going to be a landmark show TRAPT will be performing their first album track by track..WOW!! Get all the info at the State Theatre website http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Cya in the field





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