Hungover..But Still Hangin’ In


Hey Fiends,

Well, we’re knee deep in a crazy July concert schedule. It’s definitely a survival test on our old bones. We’re still a bit hungover, but there’s many miles to go before we sleep. Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. We had a fanatastic weekend and partied it up..Maybe a bit too much (lol)..The AVENGING BENJI show at The Coliseum on Friday night was incredible!! It was amazing to see all the CRIMSON GLORY alumni that performed onstage..That was a FUN time for us!! On Sat we had TRAPT at The State Theatre. It was a packed house, and the local openers DARK SAVVANT and CROW kicked major ass!! We did not stick around for TRAPT or their support acts because a member of their crew was pushing our stage crew around. Seemed like this guy was looking for a fight. We didn’t give him one. We’re a bit more professional than that. So the entire stage crew left (lol) We sometimes deal with douchebags, but this guy took the cake. He was also overheard by everyone saying that ‘He Hated Local Bands’..That was pretty much it for me, and it took all my willpower to not give this guy the fight he wanted, and seriously this guy ‘wanted’ to fight.  I’m wondering how many venues on the tour have complained, or even tossed him from the premises. This guy was ‘not’ even the Tour Manager. Why is it that some of the smaller B-National bands are the one’s that have the dickheads on their crew? We deal with some of the biggest bands in the world at State Theatre, and usually their crew is really cool. Seems the problems we have had in the past, and there’s not many, are always from the B-Nationals. But when a crew member slams the local bands, thats pretty much it for me. The local bands brought in half the crowd for TRAPT. Well, I’m not going to harp on this. All I can say is, THE LOCAL BANDS KICKED ASS..Then we left, so did the stage crew..I forgot the guys name, not really worth mentioning anyway, but with an attitude like that, he won’t last long on many tours. At least we got an early night. We’re NOW preparing for a massive weekend with 3 shows in row..See below


BENEDICTUM: Dominion (Frontiers Records)

EYES SET TO KILL: Killing In Your Name (Century Media) debut

MINISTRY: Warp City (Sanctuary)


TURISAS: No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea (Century Media)

BILLY SHEEHAN: Another Broken Promise (Mascot)

ADRENALINE MOB: Men Of Honor (Century Media) debut

DEAD END RIVER: Lost (debut)

KATATONIA: First Prayer (Peaceville) debut

NYC: Zyko (Concrete Castle)

DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM: Last Words (debut)

NINE MILE DRIVE: Running With The Wolves (debut)



Thursday 7/17: State Theatre: HED PE, DECEMBER IN RED, THE DEFIANT, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: This is going to be a kickass time!! We were recently informed that EYES SET TO KILL will not be on this show due to a severe medical condition of their vocalist..Still gonna be a helluva time!! get more info at the State Theatre site

Friday 7/18: The Coliseum: DAY ONE OF ‘THE SWORD & DAGGER FESTIVAL’ featuring THE DOOD, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM, A(K)NEW, BREAK THIS CURSE, FROSTFANG, DRASTIC FALL, WHEREWITHAL, DARK SAVVANT. This is going to be INCREDIBLE!! Doors are at 4:00pm..Hope to see you there!! Join the Event Page at

Saturday 7/19: The Coliseum: DAY TWO OF ‘THE SWORD & DAGGER FESTIVAL’ feauring DEADLIFT, JUDICATOR, HALF TON HAMMER, AT SHOVELS END, DEATH REQUISITE, DEVIL GONE PUBLIC, ALMOST SOMETHING, GREATER GODS..You might need a helmet for this one!! Its gonna get HEAVY!! Doors are at 4:00pm..Hope to see you there!! Join the Event Page at


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll be so worn out after this weekend, unfortunately, we’ll be airing a rerun. So if you missed the broadcast last night, you can catch up next Monday night

Thats all I got..Cya in the field




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