The Summer Slaughter Tour and other wild adventures


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to catch the broadcast of The Rock Solid Pressure Show on Monday night. It was an amalgam of maniacal usual (lol). We’ve been talking so much about our crazy summer concert schedule. This is certainly the busiest summer on record in our 12 year history. It’s kicking our a good way! We had an awesome time at the WOMEN WHO ROCK event on Saturday night, but I want to quickly reflect on yesterday’s ‘SUMMER SLAUGHTER TOUR’ which invaded The State Theatre. It was the only Florida stop, so you can all imagine how packed it was. If you were there, you’re probably still recovering, and nursing your wounds (lol). Summer Slaughter is one of the biggest Death Metal Festivals going, and we were honored to ‘finally’ get it back in State Theatre. Some of you might remember the ‘first’ SS Tour’ which we also had at State Theatre. Needless to say, it was beyond epic!! People came in from all over the state to bear witness to an onslaught of the best Death Metal bands on the planet. This was also the biggest, and the most fierce moshpit I have ever seen at State Theatre..EVER!

We’re friends with a lot of bands on the tour and it was great to catch up with them at this giant festival. It was also great to catch up with ‘The Master Chef For The Rockers’ JOHN GEHRIG!! We usually see John at the big Death Metal Fests. He’s a master chef that sets up camp and caters these huge events. He feeds the bands, and the staff at State Theatre as well. It’s also one of the only times that Patty and myself get a chance to chow down on his gourmet delights. We love John and it’s always a pleasure hanging out with him. He’s also a kickass rocker who has an amazing collection of guitars.

So, all in all. It was totally awesome to see damn near everybody we know from the metal scene at this amazing festival. I’m sure people are going to be talking about this for a LONG TIME! I just want to thank all the amazing bands, and all the amazing people that made this event one for the record books. I’m in recovery mode today, but my ears are still ringing


KING DIAMOND: Sarah’s Night (Metal Blade)

BACKHAND: Spider (Melodic Revolution Records) debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Hoodoo Voodoo (Nuclear Blast) debut

MASTODON: The Hunter (Roadrunner / Reprise) debut track

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Lips In The Hills (Columbia) debut track

FOZZY: Brides Of Fire (Century Media) exclusive debut

WHITE ZOMBIE: I Am Legend (Geffen) debut track

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Inside You (debut track)

FILTER: The Take (Pulse)

SUNSHINE & BULLETS: The End (Melodic Revolution Records)

*NEXT MONDAY NIGHT ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Ok, this is weird. Next Monday night is my BIRTHDAY (lol) I’ve decided that instead of going out to see a horror movie. Or crashing a party!! We’re going to do an on air special to celebrate my old age. I’d rather spend my birthday with all our loyal listeners anyway. Usually we whip up a concert and feature our ‘family’ of bands to perform on our birthdays. We’re so busy this year that we didnt really have time to plan anything like that. We WILL be celebrating Patty’s birthday at THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE on Sept 27th though. So here’s whats going to happen on Monday night. I’ll be spinning tracks that influenced my fragile eggshell mind from the 70’s. It will be tracks from albums (yes vinyl albums lol) that changed my life forever and made me want to pursue a career in music. Will it be weird stuff, dark stuff from the 70’s..HELL YES!! Some of it you’ll know, and some of it you certainly will NOT know. It will be extremely dark but don’t expect metal. Metal wasn’t even invented then, but expect some SABBATH (of course). In 1980 I was already touring, and I was heavily influenced by all the great metal bands in the 80’s, but we’re going to keep the focus on the 70’s. This will also be an ‘extended’ special. It might be 90 minutes. Anyway, I’m not going to reveal the playlist. You’ll have to tune in and see what a strange kid I was in the 70’s. Hope you can all join the party

*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: We have 2 kickass events this weekend. Hoping to see you at both!!

Friday 8/1: The Coliseum: TRANKQUILL w/ JACKMANTRA, BLACKLITE BAND, STEREO-TYPE: This is going to be a fun show. Its only $5 to get in, so rally the troops!! Doors are at 7:00pm. Get all the info at the event page at

Saturday 8/2: State Theatre: FILTER, HELMET, LOCAL H, SUNSHINE & BULLETS: Here we go again with yet ‘another’ massive show at State Theatre. This lineup is almost insane!! We’ll see you there!! Get all the info at

That’s all I got..Cya in the field this weekend!!



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