A Birthday Blast..From The (Dark) Past


Hey Fiends,

First off, I gotta thank everyone that tuned in for my Birthday Special last night. We had awesome ratings, which surprised the hell outta me. I also want to thank everyone that wished me a ‘Happy Birthday’ yesterday on facebook. I tried to comment on every one of your posts. Took me all day and night lol..

Since our broadcast fell on my birthday this year. I wanted to do something really off the wall and totally break the mold. We decided on an extra long special that highlighted tracks from albums that changed my life in the 70’s. These albums were the main influence for me to pick up a guitar, learn keyboards, vocals..Pretty much everything. I got into my first ‘real’ band in 1980 and toured until 2001..Yeah, it was a long hard road

1980 was also a turning point for me when all the great metal bands came out. We spin a lot of the 80’s stuff on the show, so I wanted to go a lot deeper..And a lot ‘darker’ into the music that opened the gates and exploded my fragile eggshell mind. I was a huge party animal in the 70’s. I was lucky enough to see all the great bands of the 70’s live as well. Those years planted the seeds for my love of the dark side. Here’s a rundown of what we spun last night. Of course you’ll know a lot of them. And on the other hand, there are some that I ‘know’ you had no idea who they were..Maybe I turned you on to something that you will pursue..Here goes

LUCIFERS FRIEND: Ride The Sky (1970) from the album LUCIFERS FRIEND

MAHOGANY RUSH: Land Of 1000 Nights (1975) from the album STRANGE UNIVERSE

KING CRIMSON: Court Of The Crimson Kings (1969) from the album COURT OF THE CRIMSON KINGS

BLACK SABBATH: Wall Of Sleep (!970) from the album BLACK SABBATH

ALICE COOPER: Hallowed Be My Name (1971) from the album LOVE IT TO DEATH

URIAH HEEP: Sunrise (1971) from the album THE MAGICIANS BIRTHDAY

PINK FLOYD: Have A Cigar (1975) from the album WISH YOU WERE HERE


JETHRO TULL: My God (1971) from the album AQUALUNG

RUSH: Temples Of Syrinx (1976) from the album 2112

DEEP PURPLE: Pictures From Home (1972) from the album MACHINE HEAD

RAINBOW: Man On The Silver Mountain (1975) from the album RAINBOW

TED NUGENT: Dog Eat Dog (1976) from the album FREE FOR ALL

GAMMA: Ready For Action (1979) from the album GAMMA ONE

*These were the ‘essential’ albums that blew my mind in the 70’s. Bands like SABBATH, TULL and FLOYD, I loved ALL their albums in the 70’s. It was actually a tough choice. The others I did not follow throughout their history, I kinda lost interest, but those classic albums forever changed my life. Not just those albums. I was into all kinds of great music in the 70’s. I loved all the Prog Rock bands, The Southern Rock Bands, all kinds of stuff. I know you probably are noticing the absence of  ZEPPLIN and KISS. I had all their albums, but they didnt really influence me in any way. But all in all, the 70’s was a time in my life that I hold dearly in my heart. We will NEVER see another decade like it. I’m also very lucky to have experienced that era in all its raging glory!! Just want to thank you all once again for tuning in and allowing me to mess with your mind a bit (lol) We’ll be back to our ‘metal’ selves next week..And we’ll still mess with your mind.


Friday 8/8: The Coliseum: VOZ w/ DECEPCION, AIONIOS, FROSTFANG, BANE OF KINGS: Doors 7pm. Get all the info at http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

Friday 8/8: State Theatre: BLAMESHIFT, FIT FOR RIVALS w/ NINE MILE DRIVE, VIRGINIA ROSE BAND, STEREO-TYPE. Doors at 7pm. Get all the info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Saturday 8/9: The Coliseum: BENEFIT FOR LARRY WILKINS featuring MUST..NOT..KILL, STITCH THE PIECES, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW, A GOOD DAY TO DIE, PREVAIL: Doors at 7pm. Get more info at http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL


Thats all I got this week..Cya in the field




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