Old Bones


Hey Fiends,

Feeling a bit revived and reanimated after last week’s break from the airwaves. We really needed it. The Summer Concert Season is taking a toll on our old bones. This has been the busiest summer ‘ever’ in our history. Usually the concert season dies down a bit in the summer. The huge national shows are always a bit scarce in July in August because a lot of bands just can’t stand the heat down here in Florida. I don’t blame them, it’s currently 95 degrees out right now. What’s killing us is the overabundance of local shows. We’re splitting our time between The State Theatre and The Coliseum, which are both running a lot of local events. There are still 4 huge events left in August for us, so it’s a real survival test. But we’re enjoying every minute. The shows have been incredible!! We only have one huge event this week, so we’re kind of getting a break..The event is this Saturday at The Coliseum, and it’s going to be HUGE!! It’s THE NEXT GENERATION FOOD TRUCK RALLY & MUSIC FESTIVAL. It’s an all day fest and it starts at Noon. The music starts at 1:00pm. Once again we have partnered up with Jeremy Gomez and The Generation Food Truck crew for another mind blowing event. The last one brought in 30.000 people and earned a GUINESS WORLD RECORD for the largest food truck rally EVER! It’s not going to be that big on Saturday, but it’s gonna be one helluva time. Check out the lineup below..

Hey, I want to thank you all for tuning in last night. We’re getting reports of killer ratings from all our carriers. It’s cool to know that the Rock Solid Pressure Show is still relevant after 13 years of broadcasting. Many times we almost threw in the towel..But I still miss Myspace (lol) We had another extremely dark broadcast last night. They took away our Horror Movies this year. They took Fearnet off TV (gasp), but we will NEVER buckle down to conformity!! We’ll spew Hellfire & Brimstone, we’ll crank out the carnage, and we’ll never play it safe. Every broadcast is different. We love exploding your brain with the newest Hard Rock & Metal..We change it up a lot, but we’ll never lose our dark side


KNIFEWORLD: The Skulls We Buried (Inside Out Music) Exclusive Debut

NACHTMYSTIUM: The World We Left Behind (Century Media) Exclusive Debut

FEED THE RHINO: Black Horse (Siege Of Amida Records) Debut track

SHADOWS FALL: To Ashes (Lifeless Records) Debut track

JEFF LABAR: No Strings (Rat Pak Records) Debut

DESTINI BEARD: Vampyre (Entity Music) Debut track

AIONIOS: Mysterium Tremendium (Debut)

THOUGHTS FACTORY: Awakening (Melodic Revolution Records) Debut track

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Heavy Metal (Columbia records) Debut track

*SHOWCASE NEWS: I’m sure you’re all getting stoked for THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE which invades State Theatre on Saturday September 27th. This will be our 12th big year and the anticipation is mounting. We’re only five weeks away. We’re hoping to get a press release out, but the concerts are consuming us. For now, you can get all the info at the OFFICIAL event page, which is http://www.facebook.com/events/1453877424850220/ There are quite a few event pages going around from all of the different performing bands, but this is the official one. Go join it


Sat 8/23: The Coliseum: NEXT GENERATION FOOD TRUCK RALLY & MUSIC FESTIVAL: This going to be HUGE! The event starts at Noon. The food trucks will be parked outside in The Coliseum’s massive parking lot. The bands will be playing inside. Admission into the venue to see the bands is only $5.00. And please remember, The Coliseum is a 21+ venue, so no kids are allowed inside. We have some of the best bands in Florida playing this festival. Check out this killer lineup. I WOKE UP EARLY FOR MY FUNERAL, DRASTIC FALL, SEVEN YEARS PAST, DEAD END RIVER, THE DOOD, AUTUMNS PAIN, WD-HAN, AZZITIZZ, TRIGGER CITY TRIO. Bands start at 1:00pm so get there early. You can find the event page at http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

That’s it for me..Cya in the chow line on Saturday!!



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