The Trend Killer


Hey Fiends,

Hate to be a trend killer, but this ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ is annoying the hell out of me. I’ve seen some really stupid trends in the past, but this one is really annoying. For one thing, I think it’s rude to force anyone to donate to a charity. Or making them dump a bucket of ice water on their head if they ‘don’t donate. That is total bullshit. I ‘already’ donate to the charity of MY CHOICE. I am also very active in giving my time to local charity events THAT I BELIEVE IN. I will NOT be forced to donate to anything. I know that Patty and myself have been nominated to participate in this trend, but we flatly refuse. We appreciate the noble gesture, but we do not believe in this AT ALL. Reports are also coming in stating the money you donate is NOT really going to research for ALS. You would think that the way this trend is sweeping the globe, and the millions that have been made from this trend. That they now have enough money to find a cure for the disease. Well, I’m sorry to burst the bubble, and I’m not on board with this AT ALL!! You know where my charity contributions lie this week? It’s at THE LARRY WILKINS BENEFIT SHOW at The State Theatre on Friday. This is something we highly believe in. Giving all the money to the family of a beloved metal brethren who passed away recently. This money is going for burial expenses. You can read the lineup below at the “Live Events’ section. I think most of my metal brethren would rather attend this event and give something for a ‘really’ noble cause. And no one is forcing you to dump a bucket of water on your head. In fact, I’m not down with most of the crap that the ‘Facebook Generation’ is dishing out. Unfortunately, I have to deal with facebook for promotions, but that’s it for me. And I’m not on it that much. I’ve said it many times, I MISS MYSPACE. The Rock Solid Pressure Show was ‘HUGE’ in those days. We had a tight, and very large community of awesome rockers. I still refuse to tweet, to Instagram..Screw all that crap. The youth of today are missing out on LIFE, and it really worries me that these people will grow up and eventually run our country. Thankfully I won’t be around to see the demise of our culture, and our world. We’re breeding socially inept people. It’s becoming a world of sheltered introverts who talk a lot of shit on Facebook. But when you meet these people in person, it kinda makes you scared for the future of our country and our culture. We were once a strong society with strong, powerful minded people..Well, it’s all gone to hell in a hand basket..Count me out!!

Ok, I’m done ranting for the moment. But how bout the show last night? That kicked ass!! Trends might come and go. Radio stations and DJ’s come and go. Yet Rock Solid Pressure keeps rolling along like a giant, crushing, metal wheel. Our affiliation with some of the biggest labels in the world like CENTURY MEDIA and ROADRUNNER, allow us to bring the coolest, the newest, most explosive music on the planet. We also get these new releases months before they come out, so we always expose you to the newest sounds before anyone else. We love turning you on to stuff that you never heard before, and we’ve been championing that cause since 2002. We will never be pigeonholed or put into a box. Yes, we have an extreme ‘Dark Side’ (lol), but in this day and age, the darkness seems to be the only place that is not affected by mindless ‘trends’..We certainly unleashed the darkness last night, and once again, it was mostly exclusive debut tracks. Here’s what happened

DARK FORTRESS: On Fever’s Wings (Century Media) exclusive debut

ANUBIS GATE: Hear My Call (Nightmare Records) debut track

HELMET: White City (Work Song Records) debut track

SCAR THE MARTYR: My Retribution (Roadrunner) debut track

INVIOLATE: Illusion Of Mercy (Strange One Records) debut track

OVERKILL: Old Wounds New Scars (Nuclear Blast) debut track

WOLF: Surgeons Of Lobotomy (Century Media) exclusive debut

ROYAL PLAYBOY CARTEL: Prisoner (Hippotang)


*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK: It’s gonna be one helluva Labor Day Weekend

Friday 8/29: State Theatre: THE LARRY WILKINS BENEFIT featuring RISE 2 BRUTALITY, THE CUNNINGHAM WAKE, FROM THE EMBRACE, DEMENTIA, A GOOD DAY TO DIE..We want to see all the metal brethren supporting this cause on Friday night. We expect a packed house at State Theatre. If you don’t show up to support your fallen metal brother and his family..You’re an asshole!! Doors are at 7:00pm. Get more info at

Saturday 8/30: The Coliseum: GRASPING AT THE SHADOW w/ DEVIL GONE PUBLIC, UNDER FALLEN ORDER, MARTYRS FOR REBELLION, DEATH REQUISITE..This is gonna be heavy and kickass!! You know we’ll be there. Doors at 7:00pm. Get more info at

Sunday 8/31: State Theatre: ALIEN ANT FARM, KALEIDO, H2NY, VIRGINIA ROSE BAND, WHEREWITHAL. Not a finer way to cap off the Labor Day weekend. We’re friends with AAF, so its kinda like a reunion of sorts. This is gonna be kickass!! Doors at 7:00pm. Get more info at

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our annual Labor Day Special. You’ll be hungover. You’ll be sick from the raw hamburgers at the bbq..But we’ll fix ya right up!! One of the joys of broadcasting on a Monday night for so many years, is that we get to finish you off on all the long Holiday weekends. So end your Labor Day with us next Monday night

That’s All I Got..Cya In The Field This Weekend



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