Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short and to the point..The Industry Showcase is THIS SATURDAY!! Needless to say, we’re extremely busy getting this years event together. It’s been months of hard work, but it’s finally here. Hope to see ‘everybody’ at The State Theatre for the 13 Year Anniversary. We had a killer weekend, and really let loose at The Showcase Pre-Party on Friday night..what a ‘killer’ time. We also had fun at the 3rd Annual Falling Axe Fest on Sat night. But last night, we filled up the Dungeon with some friends and let loose with a rip-roarin’ drunken broadcast that will live in infamy in the Hallowed Halls. We had a few Showcase bands down here that you will see perform on Saturday. We had the entire DRASTIC FALL and SAHE band on the slab with us. We also had ROB, PJ, and JOHN from PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY with us. It was one helluva party for our last Showcase special. Hope you all tuned in!! NOW let’s continue the party on Saturday


DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM: Post Human Chrononaut (exclusive debut) You’ll see ’em at the Showcase

AMPLIFIER: The Meaning Of It (exclusive debut)

SAIGON KICK: Acid Rain (You’ll meet Jason Bieler at The Showcase)

DRASTIC FALL: Crown (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Inside You (You’ll see em at The Showcase)

SAHE: Judgement (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

AT SHOVELS END: Collapse (You’ll see em at The Showcase

THE HANGING CHADS: Oneiro (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

JACKMANTRA: Why I Am (You’ll see em at The Showcase)


That’s it for this week. We’ll see everybody at The Industry Showcase on Saturday. Doors are at noon, so make sure you’re there early to support every band. Make sure you join the event page on facebook. If you need more info, check out the State Theatre site

Cya Saturday!!



Showcase Special #2 w/ THE DEFIANT, DECEPCION, EYES LIKE 20, LEFT OF REASON / Showcase Survival Tips


Hey Fiends,

Well, we’re 11 days away from the 12th Annual ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. This is the biggest event of it’s kind in Florida. And easily one of the biggest Showcases in the country. The anticipation is at a fever pitch right now. It’s crunch time for all the performing bands, and it’s crunch time for US in getting all the last minute loose ends tied up. We work hard on this event for about 5 months, and we see great things happen for a lot of bands every year due to this one event. Our hard work pays off in the form of signings, endorsements, media interviews, management deals, tours, and lot’s more for the performers. Over the years the Showcase has become a networking juggernaut for bands that have worked hard to make a name for themselves. This year we have one of the strongest lineups in our history. To say we’re excited is an understatement.

Last night on The Rock Solid Pressure Show, we unleashed our 2nd Industry Showcase Special. We had our friends in THE DEFIANT and DECEPCION in the Dungeon with us. You’ll see both of these acts perform at the Showcase this year. It’s always a blast having THE DEFIANT on the show. We’ve been behind this band from day one, and we’re proud to say we have been behind a lot of their success in the last two years. They are a big part of the RSP Family, and we are so overjoyed that they have become one of the number one buzz bands down here. We’re also overjoyed that DECEPCION is back on the scene. We have been friends with the band since 2007. They played at our 2008 Showcase, and we can’t be happier about their reunion and their appearance at this years event. They have only done a few shows since their return, and the entire scene is talking about them. So, it was a crazy night in the Dungeon last night with some good friends, good conversation, and a good buzz (lol)

We also chatted on the hotline with EYES LIKE 20 (Alabama) and LEFT OF REASON (Wisconsin). They were the Grand Prize Winners of the RSP RADIO COMPETITIONS 2014. You’ll also see both bands perform at the Showcase this year. This is 2 amazing acts that are hometown heroes in their respective states. Both bands tour regularly, and we’re excited as hell to present them with their awards for doing such a great job in the competitions this year.


DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM: Darkness Inside (You’ll see em at the Showcase)

SLIPKNOT:The Devil In I (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

OTHERWISE: For The Fallen Ones (Century Media) exclusive debut

THE A-BORTZ: Walking Dead (debut)

JUDICATOR: Living End (You’ll see em at the Showcase too)


EYES LIKE 20: Birth To Earth

LEFT OF REASON: Killer Mustache


*SURVIVAL TIPS OR THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE: To get the maximum ‘Bang For Your Bucks’ at the Showcase. It’s best to be there at noon when the doors open. The ‘Opening Ceremonies’ at 1:00pm is a huge part of the event. This is where we talk with the industry panel. If you want a better insight on how the industry works. it’s best to be in attendance for the opening. It’s a long day, and yes, its kind of a ‘Survival Test’..There are many awesome pizza shops and restaurants along Central Ave, and we’ll even have a couple food trucks in front of State Theatre. So make sure you eat and stay hydrated. If you need info on Hotels, Cab Companies, or any questions you might have, hit me up personally at and I’ll answer your questions. To get the info on set times, names of panelists,sponsors, etc. just go to the Official Event Page at

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s our 3rd, and final installment of the Showcase Specials. We’re gonna go out in high fashion and PACK the Dungeon for a huge blowout. It will be an 90min special. We’re going to have our friends in DRASTIC FALL, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, and SAHE joining us. You’ll see all 3 bands at the Showcase this year. We’re anticipating a HELLUVA show!! Make sure you tune in!!


Friday 9/19: The Coliseum: THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE PRE-PARTY: INVASION OF THE BIG D’s featuring THE DOOD, DISCIPLES OF MAYHEM, DECEPCION, DRASTIC FALL..and we might even have a ‘surprise’ BIG D band performing as well (shhh)..{{FREE ADMISSION}} Come out and party with ALL the bands that will be performing at the Showcase. This is our annual blowout before the big event on the 27th. BE THERE!! Doors at 7pm. You can find the event page at The Coliseum’s site at

Saturday 9/20: State Theatre: THE THIRD ANNUAL ‘FALLING AXE FESTIVAL’..Here we go again metalheads!! it’s a killer lineup this year!! We have KADAVER DOLLS (Who were signed at the Industry Showcase last year) headlining once again with BREAK THIS CURSE, A GOOD DAY TO DIE, DARK SUMMER, PREVAIL, BANE OF KINGS..It’s gonna be insane, and yes, HEADS WILL ROLL!! Admission is $10, Doors at 7pm. ALL AGES!! Get more info at The State Theatre website which is

And if you want to see the cool flyers for both of these events, just go to our website

Cya in the field this weekend


Industry Showcase Special #1 with THE DOOD


Hey Fiends,

As we march closer to the RSP Industry Showcase on Sept 27th. We’re unleashing weekly specials on our broadcast every Monday night. Last night was our first installment (2 more coming). And not a finer way to kick off the specials than with our friends in THE DOOD. Every week we will be featuring ‘Showcase Alumni’ in the Dungeon with us. These alumni bands will also be performing at the event this year. We had JONZEY (bass) and ROB (drums) in the Dungeon with us last night. This band is one of only a few bands that we actually call ‘Family’..They have been with us since 2007. Their name is legend down here in Florida. They have conquered the state many times over, and we love this band to death!! The addition of their new vocalist ‘Brian’ has really put this band over the edge and they are ready to take on the world. Their new music is beyond incredible, and you are all going to witness it at the Showcase this year. This band is also known for being the biggest supporters of the Florida music scene. They go to everyone’s shows, and I really hope that many bands follow their lead. It’s important for ALL bands to support one another. There are tons of bands out there that just don’t get it. If your band is not gigging on a particular night, then go out and support your peers. This is essential for your respective scene to stay alive. Jonzey and Rob really laid out some great advice last night. and for a lot of you out there, that advice is needed. This band survived and still commands a huge following by doing everything RIGHT!! It was a pleasure to have these guys in the Dungeon last night..NOW, everybody come out to the Showcase and support ’em..Like they supported YOU!

We’re going to be posting the annual ‘SHOWCASE SURVIVAL GUIDE’ in this blog within the next few days. Keep checking in. But for NOW, all the info you need is at the ‘Official’ Event Page at Facebook


OPETH: Cusp Of Eternity (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

WOLF: Shark Attack (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Turn To Stone (Spitfire) debut track

IRON MAIDEN: The Clairvoyant (EMI) *For RAYNUS from THE DOOD

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (Columbia) *For CHRIS from THE DOOD

FROSTFANG:  Death Eagle (You’ll see this band at the Showcase as well)

THE DOOD: Jagerflow

NONPOINT: Dangerous Waters (Sony Red) *Rob’s pick

EYES SET TO KILL: Killing In Your Name (Century Media) *Jonzeys pick



Saturday 9/13: The Coliseum: THE PANDA PARADOX w/ POLAR SUMMER, SHORE DOGS: Come out and experience something ‘completely’ different. Doors are at 8pm. Get all the info at the Event Page on the Coliseum’s site


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s ‘ROUND TWO’ of the Showcase Specials. We’ll be featuring our good friends in THE DEFIANT (2013 Showcase Alumni), DECEPCION (2008 Showcase Alumni), plus we’ll be doing a phone-in with our 2014 Radio Competition Winners EYES LIKE 20 (AL), and LEFT OF REASON (WI). Gonna be a fully loaded show..Make sure you tune in

That’s all I got..Cya in the field


Labor Day In The Dungeon



Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short this week. We’re running around like crazy people getting the Industry Showcase together. I’ll be talking about that event next week in the blog. We will also be starting our ‘On air’ Showcase Specials next week (see below) on The Rock Solid Pressure Show.  But man, I’m really worn out from working 3 kickass concerts for the long Labor Day weekend. Last night’s broadcast really was the final nail in the coffin though. After that, it was comatose city. Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for the Labor Day Special. That’s the joy of broadcasting on a Monday night. We get to celebrate all the long Holiday weekends with you. We’re the last thing you hear before you pass out in a heap…


OPETH: Eternal Rains Will Come (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

THE HAUNTED: Trend Killer (Century Media) exclusive debut

KING 810   Carve My Name (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

BLACK STAR RIDERS: Valley Of The Stones (Nuclear Blast) debut track

ANTHRAX: Revolution Screams (Megaforce) debut track

ARCH ENEMY: Time Is Black (Century Media) debut track

MALEVOLENCE: Reign Of Suffering (Siege Of Amida) debut track

A GOOD DAY TO DIE: Helen Keller (debut)

SUNNA: Power Struggle (Astralwerks)



Saturday: 9/6:  State Theatre: ACOUSTIC PERFORMANCE BY THE VOCALISTS FOR ‘SALIVA’ & ‘HINDER’ featuring AARON LOVELESS, BET ME I’M LYING, BEARWITHME. Doors at 7pm. Get more info at the State Theatre site

Saturday 9/6:  The Coliseum: ALEX LODA, UNSUNG HERO, ALMOST SOMETHING. Doors at 8pm, Get more info at


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll be kicking off our ‘Industry Showcase Specials’ next Monday night. The countdown is on to the biggest networking event on our Florida shores. We plan on having three huge ‘On Air’ specials before the big event on Sept 27th. We’re going to be featuring a couple Showcase bands in the Dungeon with us every week. Next Monday night, we’ll have our friends in ‘THE DOOD’ causing havok with us down here. We haven’t had them in the Dungeon in awhile, and I’m assuming the JAGER will be flowing..along with the blood. Make sure you tune in next week. You know it’ll be crazy

That’s all I got..crawling back into my tomb now