Industry Showcase Special #1 with THE DOOD

Hey Fiends,

As we march closer to the RSP Industry Showcase on Sept 27th. We’re unleashing weekly specials on our broadcast every Monday night. Last night was our first installment (2 more coming). And not a finer way to kick off the specials than with our friends in THE DOOD. Every week we will be featuring ‘Showcase Alumni’ in the Dungeon with us. These alumni bands will also be performing at the event this year. We had JONZEY (bass) and ROB (drums) in the Dungeon with us last night. This band is one of only a few bands that we actually call ‘Family’..They have been with us since 2007. Their name is legend down here in Florida. They have conquered the state many times over, and we love this band to death!! The addition of their new vocalist ‘Brian’ has really put this band over the edge and they are ready to take on the world. Their new music is beyond incredible, and you are all going to witness it at the Showcase this year. This band is also known for being the biggest supporters of the Florida music scene. They go to everyone’s shows, and I really hope that many bands follow their lead. It’s important for ALL bands to support one another. There are tons of bands out there that just don’t get it. If your band is not gigging on a particular night, then go out and support your peers. This is essential for your respective scene to stay alive. Jonzey and Rob really laid out some great advice last night. and for a lot of you out there, that advice is needed. This band survived and still commands a huge following by doing everything RIGHT!! It was a pleasure to have these guys in the Dungeon last night..NOW, everybody come out to the Showcase and support ’em..Like they supported YOU!

We’re going to be posting the annual ‘SHOWCASE SURVIVAL GUIDE’ in this blog within the next few days. Keep checking in. But for NOW, all the info you need is at the ‘Official’ Event Page at Facebook


OPETH: Cusp Of Eternity (Roadrunner) exclusive debut

WOLF: Shark Attack (Century Media) debut track

DIO: Turn To Stone (Spitfire) debut track

IRON MAIDEN: The Clairvoyant (EMI) *For RAYNUS from THE DOOD

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran Of The Psychic Wars (Columbia) *For CHRIS from THE DOOD

FROSTFANG:  Death Eagle (You’ll see this band at the Showcase as well)

THE DOOD: Jagerflow

NONPOINT: Dangerous Waters (Sony Red) *Rob’s pick

EYES SET TO KILL: Killing In Your Name (Century Media) *Jonzeys pick



Saturday 9/13: The Coliseum: THE PANDA PARADOX w/ POLAR SUMMER, SHORE DOGS: Come out and experience something ‘completely’ different. Doors are at 8pm. Get all the info at the Event Page on the Coliseum’s site


*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: It’s ‘ROUND TWO’ of the Showcase Specials. We’ll be featuring our good friends in THE DEFIANT (2013 Showcase Alumni), DECEPCION (2008 Showcase Alumni), plus we’ll be doing a phone-in with our 2014 Radio Competition Winners EYES LIKE 20 (AL), and LEFT OF REASON (WI). Gonna be a fully loaded show..Make sure you tune in

That’s all I got..Cya in the field



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