Hey Fiends,

Gonna keep it short and to the point..The Industry Showcase is THIS SATURDAY!! Needless to say, we’re extremely busy getting this years event together. It’s been months of hard work, but it’s finally here. Hope to see ‘everybody’ at The State Theatre for the 13 Year Anniversary. We had a killer weekend, and really let loose at The Showcase Pre-Party on Friday night..what a ‘killer’ time. We also had fun at the 3rd Annual Falling Axe Fest on Sat night. But last night, we filled up the Dungeon with some friends and let loose with a rip-roarin’ drunken broadcast that will live in infamy in the Hallowed Halls. We had a few Showcase bands down here that you will see perform on Saturday. We had the entire DRASTIC FALL and SAHE band on the slab with us. We also had ROB, PJ, and JOHN from PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY with us. It was one helluva party for our last Showcase special. Hope you all tuned in!! NOW let’s continue the party on Saturday


DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM: Post Human Chrononaut (exclusive debut) You’ll see ’em at the Showcase

AMPLIFIER: The Meaning Of It (exclusive debut)

SAIGON KICK: Acid Rain (You’ll meet Jason Bieler at The Showcase)

DRASTIC FALL: Crown (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: Inside You (You’ll see em at The Showcase)

SAHE: Judgement (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

AT SHOVELS END: Collapse (You’ll see em at The Showcase

THE HANGING CHADS: Oneiro (debut) You’ll see em at The Showcase

JACKMANTRA: Why I Am (You’ll see em at The Showcase)


That’s it for this week. We’ll see everybody at The Industry Showcase on Saturday. Doors are at noon, so make sure you’re there early to support every band. Make sure you join the event page on facebook. If you need more info, check out the State Theatre site

Cya Saturday!!



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