Dungeon Fun with JOHN 5

Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. It was another sinister shocktober evening. We welcomed back the dark lord of guitar ‘JOHN 5’ to the Dungeon. It’s always a blast having John on the show. He has been coming on The Rock Solid Pressure Show since 2003, and we’re extremely honored to say he is our most frequent guest. So much going on in John’s world these days. He just came off the road with ROB ZOMBIE, and they are putting the finishing touches on the new album. John will also be scoring Rob’s new movie. And YES, it’s a Horror Movie. Rumors were swirling about that Rob was going to do a film about Hockey (What?) Thank the Gods that is not going to happen! John is also celebrating the release of his newest solo album ‘CAREFUL WITH THAT AXE’ which is getting rave reviews. It’s certainly another monstrous masterpiece which showcases John’s Guitar virtuosity. ALSO, I’ve been screaming at John for years to get a solo band together AND IT FINALLY HAPPENED!! Yes Fiends, be on the lookout for JOHN 5 AND THE CREATURES. They made a wildly successful debut at The Whisky last month, and you can ALL see the band live on a Pay-Per-View Special on Sat night (Oct 18th). It’s a totally interactive multi-media event. You’ll be able to talk with John and the band, and rock out to tracks from his new album..Pretty cool huh? Ah, we love Shocktober!!


JOHN 5: First Victim (Chrysalis)

MARILYN MANSON (w/ John 5): The Fight Song (Interscope)

STATIC-X (w/ John 5): Cannibal (Reprise)

ROB ZOMBIE (w/ John 5): Jesus Frankenstein (Roadrunner)

ALICE COOPER (w/ John 5): Disco Bloodbath (Universal)

JOHN 5: Six Hundred & Sixty Six Pickers In Hell (60 Cycle Hum) debut

JOHN 5: The Portrait Of Sidney Sloan (60 Cycle Hum) debut

STARKILL: Before Hope Fades (Century Media) debut

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Silent Militia (Inside Out Music) debut

TRIPTYKON: Demon Pact (Century Media) debut


*INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NEWS: So we’re still coming down from a hugely successful Industry Showcase. So much has happened for a handful of bands, and the results are STILL coming in. This could possibly be our most productive Showcase EVER! We have been announcing results from the event every week on our broadcast, and of course, putting it all in print over here. So here’s where we’re at right now. The band PSYKOTRIBE was endorsed by SINISTER GUITAR PICKS, and we have another HUGE announcement about Psykotribe, but we can’t say anything yet (damn). The band’s THE DOOD and JACKMANTRA were awarded free studio time at FULL WAVE SOUND. The band FROSTFANG was awarded a HUGE merch package from ACE HIGH PRINTING. The band THE HANGING CHADS are now working with Mega-Producer MATT LAPLANT. And we hear the band SAHE is also in talks with Matt. We also have a couple more HUGE announcements from the DRASTIC FALL and THE DEFIANT camp. We can’t say anything about that at the moment (damn again)..But STAY TUNED!!

*HORROR MOVIE REVIEW: THE CALLING: It’s been a tradition on The Rock Solid Pressure Show to review a ‘new’ Horror Movie every week throughout our Shocktober Celebration. Only problem with that is..There are no good Horror flicks at the theaters AT ALL this year. There ‘are’ Horror Movies that are getting theatrical releases, but THEY ALL SUCK!! It’s all politically correct bullshit targeted for Tweenies. The REAL industry (and fans) have been driven underground on Pay-Per-View and Netflix. The Horror industry is booming over there. Only problem with that is, 95% of those flicks are TERRIBLE! You have to really be careful what you spend your money on. Well, we’re careful (lol) and we dug up a new gem this week..

The movie is called THE CALLING. It’s one of those ‘Religion Gone Wrong’ slash ‘Evil Priest’ movies (which is one of our favorites in the Horror field). This film really delivered. It’s about a religious serial killer (who is working with a Priest). He has to kill 12 people (Which he call’s Disciples) to resurrect his dead brother. All these ‘Disciples’ have incureable diseases, so they let him ‘deliver them to God’..Pretty creepy huh? And oh yeah, he slices up his victims and poses their dead bodies (for more horror impact I’m sure). Yes, it’s gory, but not over saturated, which I admire. It’s all about the story here. This is also a slow mover in the vein of ‘Seven’ or ‘Manhunter’. We also loved the backwoods bumbling cops that try to solve the murders. It also lent some comic relief in a weird way. This movie also has an A-List cast that you rarely see in Horror films. we have SUSAN SARANDON, DONALD SUTHERLAND, ELLEN BURNSTYN, TOPHER GRACE (That kid from That 70’s Sow), and more. It’s a new movie, and I’m not sure it had a theatrical release. It SHOULD have. This movie could have easily saved the industry from going in the wrong way..which it has. I really suggest you check it out, but again, it’s a slow mover. Not much action but lot’s of Horror and a gripping script. It’s a really freaky tale, and the very ending ‘might’ lead to a sequel. If you’re a religious person, I wouldn’t suggest this film. But then again, if you’re a highly religious person WHY THE HELL ARE YOU WATCHING THESE TYPES OF MOVIES ANYWAY. We’re just glad we’re discovering some kickass Horror Movies this year..All is not lost!!


Friday 10/17: State Theatre: JACKYL, w/ Wayland, Luvdogz, Den Of Thieves, Bullets First: All we can say is ‘PA-POW’. Gonna be a helluva time. Always a blast when Jesse James comes ridin through!! Watch out for flying wood chips!! Get all the info at The State Theatre site http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Sunday 10/19: State Theatre: THE TOASTERS, THE ATTACK with UNRB, Soma Riot. It’s a bit weird that we’re involved in this one. We’re the farthest thing from ‘Ska’ fans (lol), but it should be interesting. I predict we will be leaving early lol. Get all the info on this event at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

Cya In The Field



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