Closing The Casket on Shocktober

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to tune in to our HORRIFIC HALLOWEEN SPECIAL last night. It was the perfect way to close the casket on our month long Shocktober Celebration. We also broke tradition last night and we didn’t air our annual ‘Dance Of The Dead’..We have been airing ‘The Dance’ for the past 8 years or so, and it’s become a favorite for Horror Fans, Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters, etc. Since the Rock Solid Pressure Show is drenched in darkness all the time, we always looked forward to giving you a ‘real’ Paranormal experience with the ‘Dance Of The Dead’..Our hectic concert schedule did not give us time to get the production together this year. But we promise to unleash the ghostly carnage next year on the final week of Shocktober.

But we raised a lot of HELL on the broadcast last night. The Dungeon came alive with the masters of maniacal music, and the vibe was extremely eerie and morose. We hate to see Shocktober go. It’s a time when we can be ourselves and blend in with society. Right about this time, Horror Movies are everywhere on TV. Unfortunately, it seems Hollywood has turned their backs on the Horror Industry this year. Yeah, there’s a few out there, but they all SUCK. We’re in the age of catering to the politically correct ‘tweenie’ audience for theatrically released Horror Films. The fans have been driven underground, but there is bound to be a resurgence in the theaters when Rob Zombie releases his new movie (right?) Right now its the perfect time for JOHN CARPENTER, WES CRAVEN, GEORGE ROMERO etc, etc to step up and slap Hollywood in the face with a new film. Unfortunately, 2014 will go on record as being the ‘worst’ season we have ever seen for Horror in the theaters..Hope it picks up in 2015.

Anyway, we’re not letting the close minded idiots in Hollywood ruin our Halloween. We’re rejoicing in the season right now. We’re also looking forward to a couple kickass Halloween events this weekend (see below). Here’s a rundown of the ‘Monster Mix’ we unleashed on the broadcast last night


KING DIAMOND: Spiders Lullabye (Metal Blade)

ALICE COOPER: Cold Ethyl (Atlantic)

BLACK SABBATH: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Warner Bros)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Love You To Death (Roadrunner)

SOCIETY 1 : I Love Her (She’s Dead) Earache Records

ROB ZOMBIE: Mars Needs Women (Roadrunner)

CAPT CLEGG & THE NIGHT CREATURES: Transylvania Terror Train (Hip-O Records)

CRADLE OF FILTH: The Byronic Man (Roadrunner)

ALAN PARSONS PROJECT: The Raven (Universal)

BLUE OYSTER CULT: Joan Crawford Has Risen From The Grave (Columbia)

CORNBUGS featuring CHOP-TOP: Bone Saw

SLIPKNOT: Be Prepared For Hell (Roadrunner) debut

FROSTBITE: But For The Beating

TYLER BATES: Halloween Theme (Hip-O Records)



Friday 10/31: The Coliseum: TEAM CYBERGEIST w/ DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY: We are so excited for this Halloween show..Make sure you come in costume..That’s kind of a no-brainer, its HALLOWEEN NIGHT ferchrissakes..Prizes for Best Costumes, Best Scream, and drink specials. Doors at 7:00pm

Saturday 11/1: The Coliseum: THE HALLOWEEN HANGOVER featuring ROCKSTARR BENTLEY w/ THE SHORE DOGS, 3 KILLER BUDS..Don’t pack that costume away just yet. You’ll need it tonight!! Gonna be another kickass Halloween themed event. Doors at 7:00pm

Get all the info on both of these events at The Coliseum’s facebook page (under events)


We’ll be back on the air Nov 10th..Until then, have a HORRIFIC HALLOWEEN



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