Revived And Re-Animated

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to catch the show on Monday night. We were totally revived and reanimated from our week off, which we totally needed. But, we’re back to the grind and we’re knee deep in another massive concert schedule this week. Some of you missed the broadcast due to a mixup with ‘Daylight Savings Time’ on a few stations. But it will be up on our player at in a couple weeks. So if you’re a devoted fan of the show, you’ll get your fix. It was a great broadcast. Going to keep it short and to the point this week..


SLIPKNOT: If Rain Is What You Want (Roadrunner)  debut track

AT THE GATES: At War With Reality (Century Media) debut

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Deathray (Inside Out Music) debut track

GUS G: My Will Be Done (Century Media) debut

WAYLAND: Welcome To My Head (Fontana) debut

AVENUE OF THE GIANTS: Burn (Tomahawk Records) debut

X-THIRT13N: Repeatlessness (debut)

DEVIL GONE PUBLIC: This Coffin (debut)

BLACKLITE: Blindsided (debut)

STATIC-X: Cuts You Up (Reprise)  RIP Wayne

STATIC-X: Behemoth (Reprise)


Saturday 11/15: The Coliseum: TREEDOMM with Special Guests. Get all the info at The Coliseum site

Sunday 11/16: State Theatre: FRAMING HANLEY with TRUST FOR LIARS, POLAR SUMMER, WHEREWITHAL, AARON LOVELESS. Get all the info at the State Theatre site

And for all our stoner friends (and there are  many) Don’t miss DESTROYER FEST at The State Theatre on Saturday!! Gonna be a massive party!! Get all the info at the State Theatre site

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: Speaking of stoners..We’re going to have Stoner Sensations ‘CROBOT’ on the show next week. This is easily one of our favorite bands this year. Could also be ‘Concert Of The Year 2014’..They will be out on the road with ANTHRAX, VOLBEAT, and CHEVELLE later this year. This is THEE band to watch. Turn on and tune in next week. We’ll also be spilling out our favorite new stoner bands of 2014..You know what to do

*MOVIE REVIEW: THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN (2014) So it seems Hollywood has turned their back on ‘real’ horror films this year. Most of the ‘real’ horror films have been driven underground, but they’re out there..Here’s one that will blow your mind..

MY REVIEW: This is actually a sequel to the Drive-In Classic with the same name from 1976. The original was based on actual murders which happened in 1946 in Texarcana. The killer was never caught. The new film is ‘not’ a remake, and introduces a copycat killer. The film is based in 2013. It’s a kickass and highly inventive film. This sequel is so damn good, it reminded me of a Rob Zombie film. This could never be shown at the theaters because it goes against all the politically correct tweenie horror bullshit that has dominated all the theatrically released horror films this year. It goes against everything in fact. It’s not so good for the town of Texarcana though. The movie in 1976 pretty much destroyed tourism in that town, and this one is not going to help that situation. The movie unfolds on Halloween, where it is now a tradition to show the 1976 film at the local Drive-In (hell yeah). Little does the town know, but there’s a copycat killer lurking. And he’s killing people in the same manner as the victims in the first film. The entire movie is based around the first film actually. It’s really unique and extremely brutal. I didn’t like the ending though which was a bit stupid and reminded me of ‘Scream’, but I forgive them because the entire movie had me on edge and glued to the set. This is a brand new film that was just released. It’s available everywhere. I highly suggest you see it if you are a ‘real’ horror fan. This is probably the best horror film I’ve seen all year. It’s running a close race with ‘The Butterfly Room’..REAL horror is not dead!!

PATTY’S REVIEW: I think it’s a decent slasher flick. Great film making and awesome execution of the script. Great acting as well. I suggest watching the first film before you watch this though. It will help the impact. At first, I spent some time comparing it to the first film, which was based on the actual ‘Moonlight Murders’ in Texarcana in 1946. It almost seemed like a remake..Then things changed drastically. The new film is extremely gory, yet not over the top. this is a compelling movie. The Director is ‘American Horror Story’s’ own Alfonso Gomez Rejon..Need I say more? SEE IT!!

*AND ON A FINAL NOTE we would like to wish our Music Administrator BRADON HAIGLER a speedy recovery. He was admitted to the Hospital a few days ago. He’s family and we can’t wait to have him back. Please go to his facebook page and cheer him up

That’s it for this week

Cya In The Field



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