Dungeon Fun with CROBOT

Hey Fiends

Well, I’m sitting here freezing my ass off, and I’m loving it!! Why you ask? It’s because I live in Florida and I’m sick and tired of sweating my ass off. I’m originally from Jersey and I love this time of year down here in the Sunshine State. A lot of our friends around the country are snowed in, and I’m sure they would switch places with me right now..But I’m diggin the hell outta this cold snap. At least all you ‘snowed-in’ stoners get to do SNOW BONGS!! And speaking of Bongs..On Monday’s broadcast of The Rock Solid Pressure Show, we featured Stoner Sensations ‘CROBOT’ (Wind Up Records). Actually, it was a pre taped interview we did with the band at a recent performance. I honestly have to say, this was one of the most exciting shows I have seen all year. Patty and myself are involved in like 10 national concerts per month. Sometimes more, sometimes less. I’ve been involved in the industry since 1981, so yeah, I’m a bit jaded. It’s extremely hard to impress me these days. But every now and then, something like CROBOT comes along. They gave me a wake up call as to why I’m still in this business. And to why I dedicated my entire life to music.

CROBOT has that 70’s Hard Rock / Early Metal vibe. They put a modern spin on this retro vibe, which is currently all the rage this year. I’ve seen many bands with this type of sound take ‘huge’ signings this year. Being in Radio, Event Coordination, and having affiliations with some of the biggest labels in the world. I’m lucky enough to have all these great new bands sent to me. The ‘stoner’ trend of 2014 was one of the most exciting shifts in music I’ve seen in quite awhile. I’m ‘loving’ the fact that this music is destroying the ‘Indie’ and ‘Hipster’ bands. Being a Metal fan, I was sure I was going to lose the fight with the hipsters. The ‘stoner’ bands are a lot like the forefathers who invented the Metal sound. Yes, these new bands are young, yet their fanbase is comprised of ‘all ages’. CROBOT is leading the pack right now. You might not have heard of the band yet. But by next year, this band will be a household name.

One thing that I noticed at their concert. The band is so energetic and frenetic on stage, it’s impossible to sit down during their performance. I do not believe a human being can sit on their ass and watch this show. Even ‘I’ was propelled off my chair to join the crowd in front of the stage. I don’t even get up for some ‘Death Metal’ shows (lol) Their vocalist (Brandon) could possibly be the best frontman I’ve seen in many many years. It’s the wildest, coolest thing I’ve experienced in a long time. The band was ‘invited’ to tour with ANTHRAX and VOLBEAT, which is coming up. They also have a tour with CHEVELLE coming up. We hung out with the band all night, and we partied quite a bit (wink). The interview we aired was a crazy peek into the bands mindset. Their tunes are a bit dark, and fantasy driven. This is a band after our black hearts. I cannot wait to have this band at State Theatre next year. If they’re not playing ‘only’ arenas by that time. Do yourself a favor and check out CROBOT!! You’ll thank me!!


BIGELF: Incredible Time Machine (Inside Out music) debut track

OPETH: River (Roadrunner) debut track

AMPLIFIER: Black Rainbow (Superball music) debut track

THE DAGGER: Dark Cloud (Century Media) debut track

CROBOT: Skull Of Geronimo (Wind Up Records) debut

CROBOT: Wizards (Wind Up Records) debut

HAKEN: Darkest Light (Inside Out music) debut

INVIOLATE: Illusion Of Mercy (Strange One Records) debut track

STATIC-X: Terminal (Reprise) RIP Wayne


Friday 11/21: The Coliseum: INVIOLATE w/ NINE MILE DRIVE, DARK SUMMER, WICKED REVOLUTION: we are SO STOKED to bring Inviolate back to Florida. This Atlanta based metal powehouse is a sight to behold. If you’re in a local band down here, I suggest you attend. Bring a pad cause you’re going to want to take notes. This show is going to be AMAZING!! just look at this KILLER lineup..Hope to see you all on Friday. Get all the info on this show at The Coliseum site http://www.facebook.com/ColiseumBradentonFL

That’s all I got..Time to turn the heat on..and cook some soup!!



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