Hey Fiends,

Hope you’re all having an awesome holiday season. If you listened to the show last night, then you know we’re getting in a frightfully festive mood. The annual ‘Killer Christmas’ concert is this Friday and Saturday at State Theatre. So we wanted to get you in the spirit of the annual event by spinning some of our favorite metal (and twisted) Christmas songs. We only had an hour so we exhumed some legendary ‘Holiday Horrors’ that have become standard holiday fare in our Hallowed Halls since our inception back in 2002. We also kept with our annual tradition of naming the ‘Top 10 Christmas Horror Films’ of all time (see below)..All in all, it was a night of screaming seasonal celebration. Perfect warmup for the Killer Christmas concert this weekend. This will be my last blog until January 6th, so I’m going to try to squeeze everything in..Here goes


KING DIAMOND: No Presents For Christmas


KRASH KARMA: Nightmare Before Christmas

MAJUR BLUDD: Jingle Bells

AMERICAN DOG: Merry Christmas Asshole

SPINAL TAP: Christmas With The Devil

ONE MAN ARMY: Christmas For The Lobotomizer


CHIEF GREENBUD: A Christmas Without Weed

TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: Moonlight & Madness / Wizards In Winter


*THE TOP 10 CHRISTMAS HORROR FILMS: Yeah, we’re a bit twisted. You must be too because you’re reading this blog. We’re not into the depressing traditional Christmas movies. We’re hardcore horror fans and there are tons of Holiday Horror flicks to give us a monstrous, and Merry Christmas. Here’s our favorite Top 10 fright flicks of this season. Although we didn’t mention it on air last night, I’ll also include some ‘Honorable Mentions’ below, for those of you that just can’t get enough of the seasonal scares..All these films are available on netflix..Here goes

1) SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT (1984): This movie will always reign supreme as the best Christmas horror film of our time. This will scare the holiday depression right outta ya!! The ultimate ‘Madman In A Santa Suit’ flick..I mean, ‘Linnea Quigley’ get’s impaled on Deer Antlers (classic). This movie was actually pulled from theaters after only one night. I was lucky enough to see it at the movies on opening night..way back then! A MUST SEE!!

2) SANTA’S SLAY (2005): What can you say? Goldburg as a murderous, resurrected Santa. This movie is beyond awesome. It’s hilarious, bloody, and brutal!! Some impressive cameo’s as well, with a ‘killer’ soundtrack. This is also a MUST SEE!!

3) SILENT NIGHT (2012): This Christmas slasher film is also beyond brilliant. It’s a remake of ‘Silent Night Deadly Night’ (sort of). It goes in a different direction, but there are a few scenes that let you know its a remake. Like the impalement on the Deer Antlers (lol) SEE IT!!

4) BLACK CHRISTMAS (1974), BLACK CHRISTMAS (2006): We decided to put both at Number 4. We cannot split up the original and the remake. They both kicked ass equally. The original started the story, and the remake finished it. You have to watch them both

5) CHRISTMAS EVIL (1980): Another one of our favorite Christmas Slashers. You’ll actually cheer for this ‘Madman In A Santa Suit’ though..Also one of the weirdest endings of all the Holiday Horrors. This film is also known as ‘You Better Watch Out’..You ‘better’ SEE IT!!

6) SAINT (2010): Another horrific holiday hit and a twisted masterpiece. It’s about the ‘real’ St. Nick who reappears as a burned and scarred demon. And he’s killing everyone in Amsterdam. The dubbed voices will offer up some comic relief in this seasonal shocker..SEE IT!!

7) RARE EXPORTS (2010): Now this one’s really freaky. The real Santa is exhumed from a giant grave, and his elves go on a murderous rampage. and they’re not so jolly. And they’re not really elves. They are naked old men. This is totally off the rails..You might need medication for this one

8) P2 (2010): This one is unrelenting fear. A deranged Security Guard terrorizes a woman on Christmas Eve. This is a nail biter, and a MUST SEE

9) A CADAVER CHRISTMAS (2011) Nothing says Christmas like a good Zombie movie. This one goes for the jugular. and it also goes for the laughs. Intentionally filmed in ’70’s Grindhouse Fashion’. You gotta add this to your list

10) FALL DOWN DEAD (2007): This Christmas Eve Slasher film cuts deep. UDO KIER as the Slasher. DAVID CARRADINE as a bumbling Security Guard..CLASSIC!! SEE IT!!



Friday 12/19, State Theatre: KILLER CHRISTMAS (Night One) PSYKOTRIBE, KADAVER DOLLS, JUDICATOR, INTO THE GRAVE, HATE TANK, COUNTED OUT, GRASPING AT THE SHADOW, FROSTFANG!! Seriously..Need I say more? Doors at 6pm. Music starts at 6:30pm

Saturday 12/20, State Theatre: KILLER CHRISTMAS (Night Two) DRVN, DRASTIC FALL, NINE MILE DRIVE, DECEPCION, DEMENTED TRUTH, SAHE, DEAD END RIVER! Need I say more? Doors at 6pm. Music starts at 6:30pm

You can get you hands on advanced price tix from the bands. We’ll see you there! WE CAN’T WAIT!!

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’ll be re-running our Xmas special from last year (2013). It was one of our coolest specials on record. We filled the place up with lots of our friends, got hammered, and it was all captured in one giant festive fireball. Live performances by DRASTIC FALL, THE DOOD, SAHE..This was one for the history books!!

We’ll be back on air Jan 5th with the ‘BEST OF 2014’ special. Its our annual awards show of sorts. We’ll be naming ALBUM OF THE YEAR, SONG OF THE YEAR, EP OF THE YEAR, TOP ALBUMS, TOP REQUESTED TRACKS, HORROR FILM OF THE YEAR, CONCERT OF THE YEAR, and more..Have the Champagne ready!!

HAVE AN AWESOME HOLIDAY AND A KICKASS NEW YEAR YEAR! WE’LL SEE YOU IN 2015 (Wow, 13 years on the air..Time flies when your getting shitfaced)



A Dark Cold Night In The Dungeon


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to tune in to The Rock Solid Pressure Show last night. It was a ‘chiller’ indeed. We’re celebrating the arrival of cold weather down here in Florida. So we decided to put together a wintry mix of music to freeze the blood. Patty and I are both from the North East, and I anxiously await our cold snaps. Patty hates it though. She’d rather be at the pool. But right now, I’m loving life and I’m in a helluva festive mood. It’s been unusually cold the past few weeks, and today it’s damn near freezing. We just had to celebrate the weather and put together a playlist of frozen delights to hail the arrival of Winter..It went down like this..


LACUNA COIL: One Cold Day (Century Media) debut track

A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH: Dead Of Winter (SPV) debut track

WOLF: Frozen (Century Media) debut track

JUDAS PRIEST: Winter / Deep Freeze (Gull Records)

TYPE O NEGATIVE: Too Late Frozen (Roadrunner)

METALLICA: Trapped Under Ice (Elektra)

TEAM CYBERGEIST: Sucker (debut track)

FOZZY: Brides Of Fire (Century Media)

KAMELOT: Torn (SPV) debut track

DESTINI BEARD w/ INFINITUS MORTUS: Transcendence Of Souls (Exclusive debut)

WICKED REVOLUTION: Quantum (debut)



Friday 12/12, State Theatre: FOZZY w/ TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, SHAMANS HARVEST, THE DEFIANT, BULLETS FIRST: We’ve been anxiously waiting for this show. It’s gonna be one helluva party. DON’T MISS IT..Doors will be 6:30pm and the music starts at 7:15pm so GET THERE EARLY!! For more info on this event, hit the State Theatre site

*NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: We’re gonna keep the spirits high (wink) and unleash a torrent of non-traditional Christmas songs. It’ll be heavy, brash, abusive, and totally naughty. Yknow, the usual fare you can expect on our show during the season. It’s how WE do Christmas. If you can’t stand all the traditional bullshit..Come check in with us next Monday night

That’s all I got this week..Cya in the field