Lost In Winter


Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to catch the show on Monday night. We’re getting lost in the winter season, and yes, Monday’s show was a bit morose. We’re totally enjoying the cold weather down here in Florida. I personally wait all year for this weather. Hailing from the North East, the cold brings back fond memories. It also put’s us in that strange kind of mood, which you experienced on Monday night. But we’re always pretty strange down here in the Dungeon HaHa. Had a really exciting morning. I had the pleasure of listening to some unreleased tracks from one of our favorite Stoner Bands ‘MURKY RED’ from Belgium. It was an honor to be privy to hearing these tracks before they are officially released on ‘Melodic Revolution Records’..We have a unique bond with this band, and it’s been a morning that literally made ‘My Entire Week’..If you thought their first album was ‘Stoner Heaven’, all I can say is ‘Wait Till You Hear The New Stuff’.. It has an amazing ‘Floydian’ edge, but goes beyond Floyd in many ways..What sets them apart from their peers in this genre, is the dark vocal, and captivating down tuned guitar riffage. I really hope this album drops soon so we can start blasting it. It was such a great morning, I’m actually ‘Happy’, which is rare these days. But look at it this way, if I was happy all the time, then the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’ would not be such a hellious and mystifying experience every week. But I savor the rare moments of happiness, and MURKY RED did the impossible, and made me smile


VOIVOD: Artefact (Century Media) debut track

NAPALM DEATH: Dear Slum Landlord (Century Media) Exclusive debut (album drops on 1/28)

NIGHT DEMON: The Howling Man (Century Media) debut

PAIN OF SALVATION: King Of Loss (Inside Out) exclusive debut (album drops on 1/27)

ZEPHANIA: Blackbeards Revenge (Hailing from IN)

FINAL CURSE: Tomb (Hailing from NC)

ALSATIA: Kill To Atone (Hailing from MO)

*The last 3 bands listed were part of a kickass ‘Local Lockdown’. We’ll be featuring the Lockdowns every week. We’re on that quest to find the most amazing Out-Of-State band to play at The Industry Showcase in September. Usually, as tradition serves, we would be gearing up for The Rock Solid Pressure Radio Competitions. This will be the first year in our 13 year history, that we won’t be having the battles. The winner of this acclaimed competition would play the Showcase every year. But this year, we’re just going to pick who WE want to play the annual event. We promise to bring the competitions back next year. We have just been way too busy organizing national concerts events this year. We’ll be doing the ‘Local Lockdowns’ every week to give you a taste of what bands we’re looking at..

So I kinda went on a rant on Monday night about Hipsters, Facebook, and things that are pissing me off these days. And yes, our yearnings for the Myspace days (which was so much cooler than this new fickle, social media society). But our coolest topic was talking about the demise of the Internet. Could it happen? Of course it could happen. There’s plenty of masterminds who could shut the whole thing down. I mean, its only been in existence for 15 plus years, and it gets worse every year. So what if it happens. Will you survive? It’s already at the point where it’s pretty unsafe to even pay your bills online without having your identity stolen. Will technology eat itself?. Well, I tell you this, I’M READY for it. If we have to revert back to the old days, I’M READY. I pity all the people that totally invested their lives, and time, into the computer age. Especially those people who are so invested, that can’t stop looking at their iphone (even while they are talking to you). These are the people that will curl up in a ball and probably have a nervous breakdown. The breed of computer age Narcissists will crumble. The bands will have to revert to passing out flyers, and actually ‘talking’ to REAL people in the field. You’ll have to look in the paper to see what shows are playing. You’ll have to actually CALL venues and see what shows are coming (which would normally be on their answering machine..remember those days?) The world will be forced outside to communicate with others (remember those days?). We live in a highly unstable and dangerous world. I would not be surprised if the Internet gets hacked to pieces in the near future. Would you be ready?


Wednesday 1/28: State Theatre: NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD, EXHUMED, IRON REAGAN, RINGWORM, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, KADAVER DOLLS: Now here’s a festival that we’ve been waiting MONTHS for. We’ll def see you there!! Doors are at 5:00pm, so get there early. Get more info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com or http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Friday 1/30: The Local 662: ROCK FOR R.A.K. BENEFIT featuring TEAM CYBERGEIST, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, THE DEFIANT, THE DOOD, SLIKK WIKKED, FROSTFANG. This is possibly the BEST local lineup of bands that we have seen in awhile. It’s FREE admission with your donation of warm clothing, or a blanket, for the homeless. Come rock out for a great cause. Get more info at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Saturday 1/31: The Local 662: REFUSAL OF FATE, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, DEMENTED TRUTH, SOLACE & RUIN, WICKED REVOLUTION: Now here’s ANOTHER stellar lineup of kickass bands. It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Get more info at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Cya At The Shows



New Year..New Nightmare’s


Hey Fiends,

Well, it’s a new year, and we have plenty of new nightmare’s to be mined on the Rock Solid Pressure Show in 2015. Hope you all had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. We personally want to thank you for making our first official ‘Dungeon Party’ of the new year a ratings buster. We’re slowly getting back to our Ab-Normal selves after all the specials from the last few weeks. It felt good to have our first Dungeon Party of 2015. The new blood is pouring in and we’re getting bombarded with new releases from a lot of our Major Label affiliates. Expect all new releases for the next few months. We gave you a taste last night, but a lot of that was some ‘late entries’ from December. Unfortunately, these releases came in too late to chart on our ‘Best Of 2014’ special, but we have decided to chart some of them anyway in next years broadcast. This is mainly why the labels release their newest stuff at the beginning of the year. It’s so their bands can get a full year of spin so they can make all the ‘Best Of’ shows and publications. But to us, it’s better late than never. Especially when the release kicks ass!!

So, it was all new blood last night, and a course, we threw in a classic ‘cut’ at the end of the show (That you never heard before). We also unleashed a drunken interview with JUSTIN MANNING from CROWNED BY FIRE. We had a great time with this Los Angeles based powerhouse when they toured through with FOZZY / TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. Don’t expect the ‘L.A.’ sound though. Expect a metal kick to the face with songs about Blood, Voodoo, Space, and yes..FIRE!! This is a band after our own black hearts. Their new EP is beyond amazing. It’s called ‘SPACE MUSIC FOR CAVE PEOPLE’, and I think that says it all right there. We’ll be spinning a LOT of it on the Rock Solid Pressure Show in the coming months. So yeah, we were all pretty wasted in the interview. Like most of our interviews on the road haha. JASON BOCCIA from the band POTTY MOUTH (And who is also touring with CBF as a tech) and HARRY ARTHUR STREICH from VOODOO LOUNGE also got in on the crazy shenanigans. It was a night to remember at The State Theatre. If you shamelessly missed the broadcast last night, it will be up on our player at our site http://www.ROCKSOLIDPRESSURE.com in a few weeks. Right NOW, you should all be checking out CROWNED BY FIRE at http://www.facebook.com/CROWNEDBYFIRE


TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Monster In Me (debut) Carved Records

NONPOINT: Pins And Needles (debut) Metal Blade

CROWBAR: Symbolic Suicide (debut) E1 Music

THE CROWN: Iblis Bane (Exclusive debut) Century Media (Officially drops next week)

CROWNED BY FIRE: Buried Away (debut) Chrome Mountain Records

THE DOOD: House Of The Dead (debut)

DRASTIC FALL: Freakshow (debut) Melodic Revolution Records

CIRITH UNGOL: Black Machine (From 1984) Enigma Records


*NEWS: We’re gearing up to unleash an onslaught of huge kickass national concerts at the State Theatre in St. Pete. We’re also making a triumphant return to ‘The Local 662′ in St. Pete as well. Yep, seems the war with the Hipsters is back on, and metal returns to the 662 in a BIG way!! Check out our calendar at http://www.ROCKSOLIDPRESSURE.com and hopefully we’ll see you at ALL our events. AND HEY, on next weeks show, we’re going to announce the construction of a BRAND NEW 700 capacity national venue that is being built in Central Florida. And it’s minutes away from our Dungeon. And YES, we’re involved. I know that a lot of you around the country are kinda bummed that we won’t be airing the annual Radio Competitions’ this year.We’re kinda bummed too. It’s the first time in 13 years that we will not be doing the annual battles. Our workload for national concert events seems to be consuming our lives, but we promise to bring them back next year. We broke all kinds of traditions in 2014, but not doing the competitions was the hardest decision we have had to make in our history. Lest we forget, the first couple years of the Rock Solid Pressure Show (When I worked for Sony A&R) it was nothing ‘but’ competitions all year round. In fact, the term ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ was a name I coined for the broadcast, which was basically an on-air gameshow. We didnt officially become a dark ‘metal’ variety show until like 2004..And the rest is sordid history haha. But we still managed to hold the competitions every year in Jan and Feb. That determined which out of state band would play the annual Industry Showcase every year. This year though, we’re just going to pick an out of state band of OUR CHOICE to perform at the heralded event in Sept. And we know tons of ’em. Right now, we have it narrowed down to like 10 bands that we will choose from. We’ll be making the official lineup announcement in April..So stay posted..

That’s all I got..Cya At The Shows!!



BEST OF 2014


THE ‘BEST OF 2014’ ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW Hey Fiends..Here’s the charting positions from our ‘Best Of’ special last night. Congratulations to all the bands that took honors this year. It was one of the most incredible years for music releases. We have not seen anything this spectacular since our inception in 2002..Here goes

*ALBUM OF THE YEAR:  BIGELF: Into The Maelstrom (Inside Out music)


*EP OF THE YEAR:  INVIOLATE: Feast Of Ashes (Strange One Records)


1) OPETH: Pale Communion (Roadrunner)

2) ADRENALINE MOB: Men Of Honor (Century Media)

3) CROBOT: Something Supernatural (Wind Up Records)

4) SLIPKNOT:  5, The Gray Chapter (Roadrunner)

5) ARCH ENEMY: War Eternal  (Century Media)

6) LACUNA COIL: Broken Halo (Century Media)

7) KADAVER DOLLS: Machines Of Death (Willpower Ent)  *Pre-release charting stats

8) JOHN 5 : Careful With That Axe (60 Cycle Hum)

9) SUNSHINE & BULLETS: Triangulum Mechanism (Melodic Revolution Records)

10) FROSTBITE: Everything I Crave (Crysella Records)

11) DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT:  Z2  (Inside Out Music)

12) ANUBIS GATE: Horizons (Nightmare Records)

13) TEAM CYBERGEIST: The Other Side Of Fate (Self released)

14) AMPLIFIER: Mystoria (Superball Music)

15) ANVIL: Hope In Hell  (A.I.E.)

HONORABLE MENTIONS go out to..WOLF: Devil Seed (Century Media), HAKEN: Restoration (Inside Out Music) ALSO..we received quite a few late entries in December that we did not get a chance to spin yet. But you’ll hear them next week. These entries include TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION, CROWBAR, CROWNED BY FIRE, THE DOOD, DRASTIC FALL..Most likely these releases will chart for our ‘Best Of 2015’ special next year..



3) DARK HORSE by FEED THE RHINO (Siege Of Amida Records)


5) DEATH OF A DREAM by THOUGHTS FACTORY (Melodic Revolution Records)

6) MEDUSA by DEMENTIA (Self released)


8) WELCOME TO MY HEAD by WAYLAND (Fontana / Ironworks)





This was probably one of the busiest years in the field that we have seen in a long long time. So many great national concert events like DIO DISCIPLES (State Theatre), DEICIDE (State Theatre), ANVIL (State Theatre), ADRENALINE MOB (The Local 662), BLACK STAR RIDERS (State Theatre), SUMMER SLAUGHTER (State Theatre), CROBOT (The Local 662), NONPOINT (State Theatre), CROWBAR (State Theatre), and FOZZY (State Theatre). These are the shows we really had fun at. Although we had ‘tons’ of concert events in 2014. Sometimes we don’t even like being there. Either the Tour Managers are dicks, or the band themselves rub us the wrong way. The national concerts listed above are events that remind us why we’re in this business. We had WAY too much fun at these events.. We do not pick ‘Concert Of The Year’ by attendance. We judge it by the overall enjoyment of the entire day and night. We would love to pick THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE  as Concert Of The Year..because it always IS..EVERY YEAR (lol). That’s where all our hard work for the scene comes together every year..It’s our legacy, but we can’t name it Concert Of The Year, or we’d be doing that EVERY YEAR!! Same with the tons of local shows we’re involved with every week. We ALWAYS have fun at those events..well..mostly

We picked DIO DISCIPLES as Concert Of The Year because this event stands out as a magical night for us. The entire experience was incredible. It was a supergroup of some of our metal heroes all in one room paying tribute to their fallen bandmate RONNIE JAMES DIO. There will never be another moment like this again. During the performance, we observed hardened metalheads with tears in their eyes. WE had tears in our eyes. But what made this extra special for us, was hanging out and forging friendships with the band. They didn’t run off to the bus, or to the hotel. They hung out with us all day..and its like, we’re hanging out with SIMON WRIGHT, CRAIG GOLDY, SCOTT WARREN, ONI LOGAN, MARK BOALS. We even did an emotional interview with CRAIG GOLDY that was a ratings buster for our broadcast. We’ll remember this show forever..And yes, I will try to book them again this year.

*HORROR MOVIE OF THE YEAR:  The Butterfly Room

Ok, let it be said that 2014 was the WORST year for theatrically released horror films that we have ever seen since we started the show way back in 2002. we were forced underground into the bowels of Netflix and Pay Per View. And believe me 98% of that stuff blows!! We only found TWO movies that really kicked ass..THE BUTTERFLY ROOM and THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN. We liked them both equally so it was a tough choice. We settled on ‘Butterfly’ because we felt the re-emergence of veteran Scream Queen BARBERA STEELE as a murderous Grandmother was priceless. Nt to mention allthe cameos b horror film icons. we still are scratching our heas as to ‘why’ both of these movies did not have a theatrical release. Lets hope 2015 will be much better..

*Before we leave 2014 behind entirely, we’d like to raise a final toast to all the great musicians we lost in 2o14. WAYNE STATIC, DAVE BROCKIE from GWAR, JACK BRUCE, TIM WILLIAMS from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, SHANE GIBSON from KORN, TOMMY RAMONE, JOHNNY WINTER, RANDY COVEN frm Yngwie, DICK WAGNER from ALICE COOPER BAND, JOE COCKER, and all the other great musicians we lost in 2014. We salute you and will remember you forever..


Friday 1/9, State Theatre: WISH w/ TEAM CYBERGEIST, DEMENTIA: This is going to be kick ass. We’ve been waiting a long time for this one. We expect a packed house. Make sure you’re there. Doors at 7pm. Get more info at this show at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com or http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com

That’s it..We’ll cya in the field… J-Rock and Patty