New Year..New Nightmare’s

Hey Fiends,

Well, it’s a new year, and we have plenty of new nightmare’s to be mined on the Rock Solid Pressure Show in 2015. Hope you all had a chance to catch the broadcast last night. We personally want to thank you for making our first official ‘Dungeon Party’ of the new year a ratings buster. We’re slowly getting back to our Ab-Normal selves after all the specials from the last few weeks. It felt good to have our first Dungeon Party of 2015. The new blood is pouring in and we’re getting bombarded with new releases from a lot of our Major Label affiliates. Expect all new releases for the next few months. We gave you a taste last night, but a lot of that was some ‘late entries’ from December. Unfortunately, these releases came in too late to chart on our ‘Best Of 2014’ special, but we have decided to chart some of them anyway in next years broadcast. This is mainly why the labels release their newest stuff at the beginning of the year. It’s so their bands can get a full year of spin so they can make all the ‘Best Of’ shows and publications. But to us, it’s better late than never. Especially when the release kicks ass!!

So, it was all new blood last night, and a course, we threw in a classic ‘cut’ at the end of the show (That you never heard before). We also unleashed a drunken interview with JUSTIN MANNING from CROWNED BY FIRE. We had a great time with this Los Angeles based powerhouse when they toured through with FOZZY / TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION. Don’t expect the ‘L.A.’ sound though. Expect a metal kick to the face with songs about Blood, Voodoo, Space, and yes..FIRE!! This is a band after our own black hearts. Their new EP is beyond amazing. It’s called ‘SPACE MUSIC FOR CAVE PEOPLE’, and I think that says it all right there. We’ll be spinning a LOT of it on the Rock Solid Pressure Show in the coming months. So yeah, we were all pretty wasted in the interview. Like most of our interviews on the road haha. JASON BOCCIA from the band POTTY MOUTH (And who is also touring with CBF as a tech) and HARRY ARTHUR STREICH from VOODOO LOUNGE also got in on the crazy shenanigans. It was a night to remember at The State Theatre. If you shamelessly missed the broadcast last night, it will be up on our player at our site in a few weeks. Right NOW, you should all be checking out CROWNED BY FIRE at


TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Monster In Me (debut) Carved Records

NONPOINT: Pins And Needles (debut) Metal Blade

CROWBAR: Symbolic Suicide (debut) E1 Music

THE CROWN: Iblis Bane (Exclusive debut) Century Media (Officially drops next week)

CROWNED BY FIRE: Buried Away (debut) Chrome Mountain Records

THE DOOD: House Of The Dead (debut)

DRASTIC FALL: Freakshow (debut) Melodic Revolution Records

CIRITH UNGOL: Black Machine (From 1984) Enigma Records


*NEWS: We’re gearing up to unleash an onslaught of huge kickass national concerts at the State Theatre in St. Pete. We’re also making a triumphant return to ‘The Local 662′ in St. Pete as well. Yep, seems the war with the Hipsters is back on, and metal returns to the 662 in a BIG way!! Check out our calendar at and hopefully we’ll see you at ALL our events. AND HEY, on next weeks show, we’re going to announce the construction of a BRAND NEW 700 capacity national venue that is being built in Central Florida. And it’s minutes away from our Dungeon. And YES, we’re involved. I know that a lot of you around the country are kinda bummed that we won’t be airing the annual Radio Competitions’ this year.We’re kinda bummed too. It’s the first time in 13 years that we will not be doing the annual battles. Our workload for national concert events seems to be consuming our lives, but we promise to bring them back next year. We broke all kinds of traditions in 2014, but not doing the competitions was the hardest decision we have had to make in our history. Lest we forget, the first couple years of the Rock Solid Pressure Show (When I worked for Sony A&R) it was nothing ‘but’ competitions all year round. In fact, the term ‘Rock Solid Pressure’ was a name I coined for the broadcast, which was basically an on-air gameshow. We didnt officially become a dark ‘metal’ variety show until like 2004..And the rest is sordid history haha. But we still managed to hold the competitions every year in Jan and Feb. That determined which out of state band would play the annual Industry Showcase every year. This year though, we’re just going to pick an out of state band of OUR CHOICE to perform at the heralded event in Sept. And we know tons of ’em. Right now, we have it narrowed down to like 10 bands that we will choose from. We’ll be making the official lineup announcement in April..So stay posted..

That’s all I got..Cya At The Shows!!




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