Lost In Winter

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a chance to catch the show on Monday night. We’re getting lost in the winter season, and yes, Monday’s show was a bit morose. We’re totally enjoying the cold weather down here in Florida. I personally wait all year for this weather. Hailing from the North East, the cold brings back fond memories. It also put’s us in that strange kind of mood, which you experienced on Monday night. But we’re always pretty strange down here in the Dungeon HaHa. Had a really exciting morning. I had the pleasure of listening to some unreleased tracks from one of our favorite Stoner Bands ‘MURKY RED’ from Belgium. It was an honor to be privy to hearing these tracks before they are officially released on ‘Melodic Revolution Records’..We have a unique bond with this band, and it’s been a morning that literally made ‘My Entire Week’..If you thought their first album was ‘Stoner Heaven’, all I can say is ‘Wait Till You Hear The New Stuff’.. It has an amazing ‘Floydian’ edge, but goes beyond Floyd in many ways..What sets them apart from their peers in this genre, is the dark vocal, and captivating down tuned guitar riffage. I really hope this album drops soon so we can start blasting it. It was such a great morning, I’m actually ‘Happy’, which is rare these days. But look at it this way, if I was happy all the time, then the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’ would not be such a hellious and mystifying experience every week. But I savor the rare moments of happiness, and MURKY RED did the impossible, and made me smile


VOIVOD: Artefact (Century Media) debut track

NAPALM DEATH: Dear Slum Landlord (Century Media) Exclusive debut (album drops on 1/28)

NIGHT DEMON: The Howling Man (Century Media) debut

PAIN OF SALVATION: King Of Loss (Inside Out) exclusive debut (album drops on 1/27)

ZEPHANIA: Blackbeards Revenge (Hailing from IN)

FINAL CURSE: Tomb (Hailing from NC)

ALSATIA: Kill To Atone (Hailing from MO)

*The last 3 bands listed were part of a kickass ‘Local Lockdown’. We’ll be featuring the Lockdowns every week. We’re on that quest to find the most amazing Out-Of-State band to play at The Industry Showcase in September. Usually, as tradition serves, we would be gearing up for The Rock Solid Pressure Radio Competitions. This will be the first year in our 13 year history, that we won’t be having the battles. The winner of this acclaimed competition would play the Showcase every year. But this year, we’re just going to pick who WE want to play the annual event. We promise to bring the competitions back next year. We have just been way too busy organizing national concerts events this year. We’ll be doing the ‘Local Lockdowns’ every week to give you a taste of what bands we’re looking at..

So I kinda went on a rant on Monday night about Hipsters, Facebook, and things that are pissing me off these days. And yes, our yearnings for the Myspace days (which was so much cooler than this new fickle, social media society). But our coolest topic was talking about the demise of the Internet. Could it happen? Of course it could happen. There’s plenty of masterminds who could shut the whole thing down. I mean, its only been in existence for 15 plus years, and it gets worse every year. So what if it happens. Will you survive? It’s already at the point where it’s pretty unsafe to even pay your bills online without having your identity stolen. Will technology eat itself?. Well, I tell you this, I’M READY for it. If we have to revert back to the old days, I’M READY. I pity all the people that totally invested their lives, and time, into the computer age. Especially those people who are so invested, that can’t stop looking at their iphone (even while they are talking to you). These are the people that will curl up in a ball and probably have a nervous breakdown. The breed of computer age Narcissists will crumble. The bands will have to revert to passing out flyers, and actually ‘talking’ to REAL people in the field. You’ll have to look in the paper to see what shows are playing. You’ll have to actually CALL venues and see what shows are coming (which would normally be on their answering machine..remember those days?) The world will be forced outside to communicate with others (remember those days?). We live in a highly unstable and dangerous world. I would not be surprised if the Internet gets hacked to pieces in the near future. Would you be ready?


Wednesday 1/28: State Theatre: NAPALM DEATH, VOIVOD, EXHUMED, IRON REAGAN, RINGWORM, BLACK CROWN INITIATE, KADAVER DOLLS: Now here’s a festival that we’ve been waiting MONTHS for. We’ll def see you there!! Doors are at 5:00pm, so get there early. Get more info at http://www.StateTheatreConcerts.com or http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Friday 1/30: The Local 662: ROCK FOR R.A.K. BENEFIT featuring TEAM CYBERGEIST, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, THE DEFIANT, THE DOOD, SLIKK WIKKED, FROSTFANG. This is possibly the BEST local lineup of bands that we have seen in awhile. It’s FREE admission with your donation of warm clothing, or a blanket, for the homeless. Come rock out for a great cause. Get more info at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Saturday 1/31: The Local 662: REFUSAL OF FATE, ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, DEMENTED TRUTH, SOLACE & RUIN, WICKED REVOLUTION: Now here’s ANOTHER stellar lineup of kickass bands. It’s going to be an amazing weekend. Get more info at our site http://www.RockSolidPressure.com

Cya At The Shows



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