FORGED IN FIRE! And Other Strange Tales

Hey Fiends,

It’s been one helluva week in the field for us! At the moment, I’m ‘still’ coming down from a string of badass concerts at The State Theatre. And there’s lot’s ‘more’ coming on the horizon. I’m sure many of you local Floridians have noticed that we’re putting the ‘Peddle To The METAL’ and booking lot’s of great shows at the Theatre. You’ll always see the best concerts at this historic venue, and I’m truly honored to be a main player at the venue. I’ve been lucky enough to work with some of the best bands in the WORLD for the past 7+ years. You’ll always see something cool there just about every night. Most of the locals who are reading this have probably had some of your best concert experiences at State Theatre. And ‘sometimes’ it’s a non-stop experience. Take this past week for instance.

On Thursday we had the band BLUE CROSS which featured TONY ROMBOLA & SHANNON LARKIN from GODSMACK. It was wild to see them step out of their metal element and play some ‘smokin’ Bluesy Rock. If ‘that’ wasn’t historic enough, they were joined onstage by legendary Blues Rock Guitarist ERIC GALES. And YES, we have pics of this historic moment on the State Theatre stage. When we return to the airwaves on March 2nd, we’ll have an in-depth backstage interview with Tony & Shannon. It was a night of kickass rock that was ‘classic’ all around!! The lineup of bands was also stellar, and good friends of ours. It featured BREAKING BLUES, RELENTLESS, AZZITIZZ, 3 KILLER BUDS, and AARON LOVELESS. All these acts should be proud to have been involved in a historic event like this. Something like this will probably never happen again..Well, until GODSMACK end their tour which starts next week..Then..Maybe

On Friday we had that kickass FRIDAY THE 13th FEST. The local shows are rare at State Theatre, but when they happen..They HAPPEN!! We love the local shows because it’s like a huge party for us. I can still do my job and have fun with all our friends. I don’t have a Tour Manager breathing down my neck. I don’t have to deal with any demands from National Acts. I don’t have to rush the openers offstage (well, sorta, haha). The local shows are always a celebration of our massive metal scene down here in Tampa Bay. And The Rock Solid Pressure Show has always supported our scene. Damn, we helped ‘create’ it right? So needless to say, we had an amazing time on Friday night. The lineup was insane..We had scene favorites DEMENTIA, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM, INTO THE GRAVE, SAHE, WICKED REVOLUTION, COUNTED OUT, UNDERTONE..Put another notch in the belt for the local metal scene. This show was AMAZING!!

On Saturday night (feeling a bit worn out at this point) we had our friends in ANVIL roll through. And yes, they have become friends of ours over the past 4 years or so. We have a running joke at the Theatre with the guys from Anvil. I ‘never’ let them leave the stage unless they play FORGED IN FIRE for me (haha) So how did this start? Well, about 4 years ago. fresh off the success of their acclaimed movie ‘The Story Of Anvil’. State Theatre took a chance on booking them. Why not? It launched them back into the spotlight, and it was well worth the risk. The band basically vanished into obscurity in the 80’s, when all along they continued to make albums. Thank the metal gods for that movie, and their rise from the ashes. I was a huge fan of their first couple albums. Especially FORGED IN FIRE. That was one of the best metal albums of all time. The title track is one of the best METAL SONGS of all time.

When we first met Anvil at State Theatre 4 years ago. I was ‘positive’ that their closing song was going to be ‘Forged In Fire’, along with ‘Metal On Metal’ (of course). But can you imagine my dismay after ‘attempting’ to end their show with ‘Metal On Metal’ and NOT playing FORGED IN FIRE (??) Oh no, no, no, no, I could not let this happen. I freaked out!! I got the band out of the dressing room and BACK on the stage to play the song. Are you kidding me? I waited almost 30 years to see this. The guys were very gracious and complied. The whole thing was kinda funny really, and it sparked a friendship with the band. So NOW, every time they come through, they fuck with me a bit, and make like they are not going to play it. Lips always looks at my glaring face at stage left with my arms crossed. Then he says ‘I can’t leave without doing this for my buddy’..And I rush to the front of the stage with the crowd and enjoy one of the best metal songs of all time. And YES!! It was like that on Saturday night. Not only have Lips and Rob ‘forged’ friendships with us, but they bonded with some of the bigger local acts down here as well. So lots of musicians who also know the band, always come to the Anvil show. Our friends RAYNUS, JONZEY, and BRIAN from THE DOOD were in tow on Saturday night. They also know the band, and we all had a ‘wild’ time backstage. In fact, I had this real ‘deep’ conversation with Lips about the internet, no electricity, and the whole ‘Rock Is Dead’ thing.

I’m sure you all have seen Lip’s comment about ‘Rock Is Dead’ on your favorite metal news page. It kinda went viral, and he took some heat. He was basically just putting his spin onto what Gene Simmons said. Anyway, you’ll all HEAR this conversation on the next Rock Solid Pressure Show. This will clear ‘everything’ up and calm people down a bit. Man, I hope our interview goes viral (haha) We could certainly use the ratings. After 13 years of doing the show (and living with the ups and downs of ratings) It would be nice to have something go viral. Anyway, ANVIL crushed it on stage. ALL the bands on this show crushed it. There were 2 other bands on the tour that we really bonded with as well. LORD DYING and SUNLORD. You’ll be hearing their music on our next broadcast. The opening acts were all friends of ours (of course) ROCKSTARR BENTLEY, 20 SHADES, CONSINITY, AUTUMNS PAIN..By the end of the night, I could barely drive home..What a week in the field!!

So, last night on the broadcast. We decided to just fry your face with new metal. And it was ‘mission accomplished’..Your face fried while Patty and myself struggled to stay awake. We featured an inebriated interview with IRON REAGAN’s axeman MARK BRONZINO. We bonded with this amazing Punk/Metal hybrid at the NAPALM DEATH / VOIVOD show a few weeks back. That tour is still on the road so don’t miss it when it rolls through your town


THE AGONIST: My Witness, Your Victim (Century Media) debut (Album drops on the 24th)

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: El Diablo Rojo (Carved Records) debut track

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT: Ziltoid Goes Home (Inside Out) debut track

ADRENALINE MOB: Gets You Through The Night (Century Media) debut

JIRO: Clock Strikes 12 (Mosrite Records) debut

IRON REAGAN: Bleeding Frenzy (Relapse Records) debut

WOLF: Killing Floor (Century Media) debut track

VOIVOD: Corps Etranger (Century Media) debut track

DIAMOND LANE: Kiss The Ring (debut)

DEMENTIA: Nothing Exists (debut)


Friday 2/20: The Local 662: SHOREDOGS CD RELEASE with DEAD END RIVER, THE PALS, POLAR SUMMER, NOTHIN’ TOO FANCY..Doors at 7pm. Get all the info at our site or check our facebook pages

Saturday 2/21: The Local 662: FROSTFANG, DRASTIC FALL, FROM THIS FIRE, TRAITORS GATE, NEVER RIGHT..Doors 7pm. Get all the info at our site or check our facebook pages

*NEXT TIME ON ‘ROCK SOLID PRESSURE’..Gonna be one of those fully loaded shows. We have that ‘deep’ interview with LIPS, along with an in depth interview with TONY & SHANNON from GODSMACK. Gonna be a kickass time in the ‘ol Dungeon. Tune in on March 2nd

Cya In The Field



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