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Hey Fiends,

HAPPY ST. PATTY’S DAY EVERYONE!! So glad you took a minute to check out the blog. Most of you are gearing up for a hellious night on the town. Just remember to save some energy for the weekend. We want you to be in tip top shape when you come out and party with ‘us’.. Hope you had a chance to catch the ‘Rock Solid Pressure Show’ last night. If you tuned in, then you know we officially announced the date for THE INDUSTRY SHOWCASE. It will be Sept 26th. It will also be the 13 year anniversary for the event. Yeah, the ‘BIG 13’..I know it’s quite a ways off, but we’re now hard at work getting this monster together. We announced ‘half’ of the lineup last night. It was a ‘sneek peek’ and that’s the perks of tuning into the broadcast. We’re not putting this in print for quite awhile.

Speaking of print. I’ve been doing the weekly blog for Rock Solid Pressure for 13 long years. My workload in the industry has increased to a mind blowing stress level over the years. With such a hectic schedule on my hands, I’m forced to cut the blog down to every 2 weeks. Nothing really has changed. All playlists will be posted. I’m just saving some brain cells for all my concert related activities..

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL MUSIC SCENE: Well, that’s pretty much been my job for the better part of 35 years. I’ve been championing the local music scene for most of my life. Probably before some of you were even born. I toured for over 20 years. Was a ‘Rock Journalist’ for 10 of those years. Then I found myself working for Sony Records in 2002 which allowed me to create Rock Solid Pressure.It’s been a long ride but it all started with supporting the local scene. And I will never stop supporting the local scene. The Tampa Bay Hard Rock/Metal scene is one of the strongest in the nation. And I hold the fans of this scene in high regard. Your undying support for local bands every week is a joy to behold. But what about the band members themselves? When they are not gigging, are they supporting their peers? Yes, many of them ‘always’ come out and support their brethren in music. The favor is also returned when these supporting band members have their own show. If you’re a band member, this is HOW you build unity with your peers.

I have noticed that the band members that DO NOT support their peers at shows DO NOT have a strong fanbase locally. Which is logical. You don’t support me, then I won’t support you. There’s not many, but there are still quite a few bands that JUST DON’T GET IT. For this reason alone, I have stopped working with a few bands. Not only are they hurting themselves on the scene with their non-support. But they can’t really expect a venue to book their band, especially when no one shows up. So, if you’re a band member that never supports your peers at shows. My advice to you would be to ‘get with the program’. It’s never too late to actually include yourself in the scene. Not only will you start to build a local fanbase, but you will become an actual part of your scene. More people will come to your local shows as well. So don’t post ‘Support Your Local Music Scene’ if you don’t actually support it. Are you in a band? Do you support other bands when you are not gigging? Do other band members come out and support ‘you’ when you are gigging? If you answered YES to all 3 questions then you’re on your way. And I thank all of you for truly supporting your scene..


KING 810: State Of Nature (Roadrunner) debut track

SANCTUARY: Question Existence Fading (Century Media) debut track

NAPALM DEATH: Hierarchies (Century Media) debut track

IRON REAGAN: Four More Years (Relapse) debut track

COUNTED OUT: Luke Skywalker Is A Pussy (debut)

THE AGONIST: Disconnect Me (Century Media) debut track

THE CROWN: Speed Kills (Century Media) debut track

HATE TANK: Piece Of Shit (debut)

BENEDICTUM: Beast In The Field (Locomotive) from 2008

TESTAMENT: Electric Crown (Atlantic / Megaforce) from 1992


KARYN CRISIS GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES: Salems Wounds (Century Media) debut

AMBER SEA: Shinigami (Famined Records) debut

DR. LIVING DEAD: Civilized To Death (Century Media) debut

CROWBAR: Symmetry In White (E1 Music) debut track

LONELY ROBOT: Lonely Robot (Inside Out) debut

NIGHTINGALE: Warriors Of The Dawn (Inside Out) debut track

BIGELF: Hypersleep (Inside Out) debut track

DEATH REQUISITE: Refuge Of Lies (debut)

UNDERTONE: Mannequins And Maniacs (debut)



Friday 3/20: The Local 662: SUNSHINE & BULLETS w/ SUN AND FLESH (NY), SLOWSHORE, HANGING CHADS, TRANKQUILL..This is gonna be a helluva show!! SUPPORT IT!! Doors at 7pm. Get more info at our site

Saturday 3/21: State Theatre: THE CLASSIC ROCK EXPERIENCE (MIDNIGHT SPECIAL LIVE) with special guests SHOREDOGS. This is a high profile stage production of all the great music from the 70’s. Should be a fun time!! Get more info at the State Theatre site

*NEXT TIME ON ‘THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW’: We’re taking a much needed 2 week vacation from the airwaves. We will return on 4/6 for the kickoff of EPIC APRIL. We look forward to ‘Epic April’ every year because we get to spin those epic tracks that clock in from 8 minutes to 20 minutes. First half of the show will be a couple epics. The rest of the show will be business as usual. We’re totally excited because this year, it will be ALL NEW EPICS!! So make sure you tune in and experience some ‘Masterworks Of Music’

That’s all I got..Cya in the field



Dungeon Fun with Tony & Shannon from GODSMACK, Lips from ANVIL


Hey Fiends,

Hope you had a chance to catch our KILLER broadcast last night. It was one of those ‘fully loaded’ editions of Rock Solid Pressure. Although Patty and myself are recovering from the flu, the show must ‘always’ go on. And man, what a great show it was. Throughout our 13 year history, we’ve had some of the biggest Rock Stars on the planet stop in for interviews in our Dungeon. Hell, we’ve been doing high profile interviews on radio before, well, ANYBODY! It’s getting to the point where a lot of these rockers have become friends and have been on the show ‘many’ times. One of our ‘regulars’ is the always outspoken LIPS from ANVIL. He’s not one to shy away from controversy, in fact, he likes to ‘create’ it. He recently took a bit of heat with his take on the whole ‘Rock Is Dead’ thing. It was a totally different perspective on the term then what Gene Simmons had to say about it. We recently had a rollicking good time with ANVIL at The State Theatre, and as usual, we sat down with LIPS for an interview..Sorta

First off, gotta say that we have had ROB REINER and LIPS on the show a few times. It’s usually a straight forward and formal interview. The interview we aired last night was ‘anything’ but formal. This was more like a discussion between friends that have partied a bit ‘too’ much. It began with LIPS addressing his ‘Rock Is Dead’ stance, which led into our inebriated discussion about the ‘Fall Of The Internet’ ‘A World Without Electricity’, and lots of other deep subjects that come into play when you’re stoned. In fact, this was one of my most enjoyable interviews EVER!! This captured the essence of backstage madness perfectly, and it reflects why I’m still in this business. I’m hoping our crazy discussion will give LIPS some inspiration for topics for the next ANVIL album. Those of you who know me, listen to the show, or read this blog frequently. You’re aware that I have a strong premonition that the internet will destroy itself, along with the introverted culture it created. I also feel that our electricity grids in America could be attacked. This is why our discussion with LIPS was so important. I really needed another ‘thinking’ mind on these subjects. We talked about going back to the ‘Wild West’, becoming Minstrels, and reverting back to a lost culture in the aftermath of the destructive topics I just mentioned. If you missed the show last night, all I can say is, it was a bad time for you NOT to tune in. The interview WILL be posted on our player over at in a few weeks, so you WILL get a chance to hear it again. This interview will also be included in one of our ‘Best Of’ specials. Either way, this chat will go down as ‘Historic’ in our Hallowed Halls..

If that wasn’t enough right there. we also featured a new interview with TONY ROMBOLA and SHANNON LARKIN from GODSMACK. We recently had the pair at State Theatre with their side project BLUE CROSS. This side project showcases their Blues Rock / Classic Rock musicianship that you will ‘never’ see in GODSMACK. This was the first time we had Tony and Shannon on the show and we were excited. We talked about everything from gear to the latest Godsmack release. We also touched on their tour of Australia which is now underway. It was an extremely informative session with two of the biggest Rock Stars on the planet. We were also really impressed at how both of these huge Superstars are just regular, down to earth guys. They were easily approachable by their fans, and we can’t wait to have both of them back on the show..


DREAMGRAVE: The Last Drop Falls (debut)

LORD DYING: A Wound Outside Of Time (Relapse Records) debut

SUNLORD: Chant Of The Fire King (debut)

GODSMACK: Generation Day (Universal) debut

ANVIL: Bombs Away (VH-1 Records)

THE DOOD: I Am Monster (debut track)

DIO: I Could Have Been A Dreamer (Warner Bros) debut track


That’s all for this week..I’m going back to bed!!

Cya In The Field