Remembering AJ PERO

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had a great Easter (Whatever you believe in). It felt good to be back on the air after a much needed 2 weeks off. We were certainly revived and reanimated. Hope you had a chance to tune in. We kicked off EPIC APRIL in grand fashion. It was a helluva show. Epic April is one of our favorite months. We get to spin those 10 and 15 minute tracks that we don’t normally have time to spin. All month long, except for THE 420 SPECIAL, the first half of the show will be 2 ‘Epic’ tracks. The second half will be business as usual. This year though, all the epics will be NEW releases, so tune in every Monday night and experience the Masterworks Of Music..

RIP AJ PERO: The metal community is still reeling over the death of legendary drummer AJ PERO (Twisted Sister, Adrenaline Mob). We’re also in mourning right along with our peers. We met AJ last year when we booked ADRENALINE MOB. We were lucky enough to get to hang out with him all day. The entire ADRENALINE MOB band was so much fun to hang out with. All the guys in this supergroup were very friendly.Absolutely NO EGO’s, and after an entire day, and night, with the band. I felt like I’ve known these guys for years. EVERYBODY wanted to meet AJ. And he was really happy to meet EVERYBODY. Just a very cool, down to earth guy with an amazing sense of humor. This event was one of our highest rated for ‘The Best Of 2014’ on The Rock Solid Pressure Show. Just like you, we were shocked and saddened to hear about his untimely death. My mind immediately reflected on that day. I’m originally from New Jersey and Patty is from Connecticut, so our North East bond with AJ was strong. Last night we spun some TWISTED SISTER and ADRENALINE MOB in his honor. It was hard. The entire shock of his passing is still fresh in the hearts of the metal community. I’m seeing Tribute Shows being formed as I write this. In closing this paragraph. I just want to say that I feel so lucky to have met the man. I’ll cherish those moments forever, and I’ll miss him forever..ROCK ON AJ


TWISTED SISTER: Horror-Teria (Re-recorded 2004 track) Spitfire Records (debut)

ADRENALINE MOB: Men Of Honor (Century Media)

BARREN EARTH: Frozen Processions (Century Meia) debut

CANEDY: Madman (This is Carl Canedy’s Solo Album) debut

GODSMACK: Turning To Stone (Universal) debut track

MORGOTH: Traitor (Century Media) debut

CROBOT: La Mano De Lucifer (Wind Up Records) debut track


*HORROR IS BACK? Well, sorta..It seemed the theatrical Horror Movie releases are pretty much non-existent in 2015. That kinda sucks because a big part of our show is focused on Horror. Sure, the ‘Video On Demand’ is kicking ass with new Horror movies, but 90% of that stuff blows. It also takes the entire ‘Theater Experience’ out of the equation. BUT GUESS WHAT? We actually found one last week. It’s called ‘IT FOLLOWS’..No, it wasn’t great, but it was NOT this politically correct tweenie bullshit that they are passing off as Horror at the theaters these days. Patty hated it, but liked the atmosphere of the film. I personally did not really like it that much either. It wasn’t great. It was kinda boring and slow. But I LIKED that it totally went against all that politically correct nonsense. And yes, the atmosphere was cool. It also had a retro synthesizer sound track like the John Carpenter films of the 70’s and 80’s. This was a big part of the atmosphere of the movie. The movie also had a ‘Phantasm’ feel to it, but it was never developed. The plot kinda mirrored ‘The Sixth Sense’..That is, if the ghosts in The Sixth Sense’ had their tits hangin’ out. One scene had a dead guy standing on the roof with his pecker hangin’ out. DEFINITELY NOT A TWEENIE FILM RIGHT? I didn’t like the cast of teenagers in this movie at all. I wanted them to die quickly, and they didn’t (lol) They are so laid back and annoying, it was like an endurance test watching them.

The story is about a girl who has sex with a guy who is possessed by spirits following him. The sex passes the curse on to the girl. Now ‘she’ has to have sex to pass on the curse to someone else, which she does. This movie also has this weird, retro suburban feel to it, which is stylish, but I didn’t get it. The audience assumes it’s 2015, but there’s old TV sets, old cars, no internet, no cell phones. Although this one girl has this thing shaped like a sea shell that’s supposed to be some sort of internet device. None of that panned out for me and insulted my intelligence. It was also never explained how this curse came to be, or anything. Who are these dead people? WHY are they here?

But I’ll say this. Just going to the theater (which was packed btw) to see something really strange was worth it for me. The preview for the new MAD MAX movie was the highlight of my night. great to see the franchise revived. I’m only hoping it’s not this CGI, Dumbed Down, PG-13, Tweenie Bulshit. That would be a total insult to the Mad Max series..So, in closing my review ‘IT FOLLOWS’ was not great, but it was different..

*LIVE EVENTS THIS WEEK (2 in one night)

Sat 4/11: State Theatre: ORGY, 9 ELECTRIC, DEATH VALLEY HIGH, TEAM CYBERGEIST, DEMENTIA..This is gonna be so awesome!! State Theatre will be PACKED!! Doors at 7pm. Be there early. Need more info? Check the site

Sat 4/11: The Local 662: CROBOT w/ DRASTIC FALL, SHOT GLASS SERENADE, NOTHIN TOO FANCY..Crobot is easily one of our favorite national acts. Once you see them, they’ll be your favorite too. Don’t miss this incredible show!! Doors at 7pm. For more info, check the site

Fri 4/17: The Local 662: BANG TANGO / ROWAN ROBERTSON (Dio) w/ LUVDOGZ, CRUSH TONE, DEMENTED TRUTH, VIRGIN DIRT..Ever see the 662 sold out? Then swing by next Friday night and join the party!! Gonna be HUGE!! Doors at 7pm. For more info check the site

That’s all I got..See ya in the field



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