Memorial Day In The Dungeon, and other Explosive news

Hey Fiends,

Hope you all had an awesome Memorial Day Weekend. Hope you also got a chance to listen to our annual Memorial Day Special on Monday night. One of the joys of broadcasting on a Monday night, is that we get to spend Memorial Day with you every year. And we’ve been doing it for 13 years. As you all know, we’re huge supporters of our Troops, and it’s always a honor to celebrate the lives of our fallen hero’s of war. While you were partying your ass off for the long weekend, I hope you took the time to remember WHY you were celebrating. We also had a great time over the weekend, but the best part of the entire 4 day weekend was our celebration for our fallen hero’s on Monday night. It’s always a special time for us. and the playlist said it all. It was chock full of Battle Hymns, War Anthems, and Tributes that reflected our time to remember the warriors that gave their lives for our country. We always honor the Troops on our show, but the Memorial Day Special hits close to home on many levels.


FIREWOLFE: Armed Forces

THE DEFIANT: Old 666 (Willpower Ent)

OTHERWISE: For The Fallen One’s (Century Media)

MEGADETH: Built For War (Tradecraft / Universal)

GENERATION KILL: Red White & Blood (Season Of Mist)

TESTAMENT: Last Chance For Independence (Nuclear Blast) debut

GODSMACK: Locked And Loaded (Universal / Spinefarm) debut

TEXAS HIPPIE COALITION: Fire In The Hole (Carved Records) debut

CORNBUGS: Boots Upon The Ground

WHITE WIZZARD: Live Free Or Die (Earache)

JIMI HENDRIX: Star Spangled Banner (MCA)

We try to avoid the weepy sad songs for our fallen Soldiers. These brave American warriors went out in a blaze of glory. Damning the enemy. We remember them in this fashion, and that’s the way they want to be remembered. The Memorial Day playlist is a strong statement every year. We thank each and every band for standing up for our country, and honoring our dead. They will never be forgotten!

*ROCK FOR R.A.K. PART 2 (METAL FOR MEALS): Another great cause that shows our solidarity for American humanity is ‘Rock For RAK’ (Random Acts Of Kindness) On Saturday, the second installment of this awesome charity event, will go down at THE LOCAL 662 in St. Pete. If you attended the first one back in January, then you know how massive this show will be. At the first one, RAK was accepting donations of clothing and blankets for the homeless. This time around, the donations will be canned food, and non perishables to feed people in need. The event is FREE with your donation. If you do not have a donation, they are only asking $5 admission. Small price to pay for such a monstrous show. Seriously, check out this lineup. It’s a virtual ‘Who’s Who’ of some of the area’s top bands. Check it out, TEAM CYBERGEIST, PROGRESSIVE CHEMISTRY, THE DEFIANT, THE DOOD, SAHE, DIDGES CHRIST SUPERDRUM..It doesn’t get any better than that. So show your support for this amazing charitable organization, and SHOW UP on Saturday!! We’re involved with a lot of charity events, but this one is easily our favorite. Why? Because it ROCKS!!

So, I’m no longer doing a weekly blog. It’s going to be every two weeks OR when I get the urge to write. My work in the Industry and on the scene is getting a bit overwhelming these days. Before I forget, here’s the playlist from last week. This show was also our ’13 Year Anniversary On The Air’. The second half of the show was some of our favorite bands that had the number ’13’ in their song titles (We’re inventive like that lol)


TRIBULATION: Strains Of Horror (Century Media) debut track

ANURYZM: Humanoid (Melodic Revolution Records) exclusive debut

EXXILES: Dictator Of Trust (Nightmare Records) debut

THE HANDFUL: Last Man Standing (debut)

FINAL CURSE: The Definition Of Insanity (debut)

PANTERA: 13 Steps (Atlantic)

MEGADETH: 13 (Roadrunner)

SCUM OF THE EARTH: Hate Times 13 (Rat Pak)

ANVIL: This Is 13 (VH-1)

NONPOINT: Lucky 13 (Red)

*MOVIE REVIEW: MAD MAX, FURY ROAD: So, pretty much everybody on the planet has seen the new MAD MAX film. Being a huge fan of the first 3 movies, this was a MUST SEE for us. Since the Horror Film died an untimely death at the Theaters. We’re kinda forced to see the Summer Blockbusters. I was especially excited because this had a ‘R’ rating. I thank the Gods that this wasn’t a ‘tweenie’ remake for the Disney crowd. Like all the Horror Films these days. Anyway, here’s our take on it..

PATTY: This should have been called MAD MAXINE! Yes, chicks rule in this one. Young, runaway Brides join Max on their latest attempt to flee the Citadel from a deranged, masked, disfigured Warlord. This time, the escape vehicle is a ‘War Machine’. A combination of a Mack Truck, Volkswagon, and Gas Tanker (pretty cool). They are pursued by a host of raging sub-humans in incredible vehicles (In pure Mad Max fashion). But my favorite vehicle of them all was the ‘Concert Car’. A huge machine with a live band hammering out a ‘metal’ war cry. I loved the many drummers in the back, but my favorite was the lead guitarist called THE DOOF WARRIOR. He was ripping solo’s while flames shot out of his guitar. Perfect music for the ride along with a massive sound system to crack the Outback. He stole the movie for me. In real life, this freak is the multi-talented Aussie called ‘IOTA’ or SEAN HAPE (real name). For me, this was really exciting. Awesome ‘believable’ CGI and a great cast. This is the Movie Of The Year for me..

J-ROCK: I also loved this movie. It resembled a revved up, CGI version of ‘The Road Warrior’. But for the diehard Mad Max fans..there are changes. Actually, the lead hero is Charleze Theron’s Character ‘Furioso’. Max pretty much gets his ass kicked throughout the film. The first half of the movie, he’s captured and strapped to the front of a vehicle wearing an iron muzzle on his face. But he kicks some ass at the end. The cars were downright amazing. I’m glad because the vehicles were always a big part of the Max franchise. Not much has changed in the scenario of the franchise. They’re still fighting for Gas, Water, etc. 90 percent of the movie is one long, action packed car chase. It’s a simple plot. A crazed Warlord who rules over a post-apocalyptic legion of a barely human empire, is chasing a few of his escaped Wives. They escaped with the aid of the Charleze Theron character. OH, HERE’S SOMETHING that’s a twist. Her Character does ALL THE DRIVING. Max hardly does any driving at all. As much as I loved this movie. I still think the first Mad Max movie was the best. It had that Grindhouse B-Movie, Biker flick feel to it, and it bore no resemblance to the sequels. But the new one is action packed (sorta) and visually stunning, AND there will be a sequel. I’m assuming the new sequel will lean more towards ‘Thunderdome’. The new Mad Max is Rated R, but there’s really not that much gore, and no nudity at all. I’m assuming they went for a PG-13 (like all the Hollywood twits are doing these days) but the ratings board probably said it was too violent. I’m sure there is a much more graphic version of this movie. Hoping to see an ‘unedited’ cut on DVD in the near future. But I still loved it. Movie Of The Year for me as well..certainly the strangest..And I love STRANGE!!

NEXT WEEK ON THE ROCK SOLID PRESSURE SHOW: If you missed our Memorial Day Special, you’ll get your chance to hear it again on Monday night. We’re taking a week off from the broadcasting booth. We’ll be back with a new show on June 8th

That’s all I got..Cya at the ROCK FOR RAK show on Saturday



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